Peru-This post is dedicated to my parent:)

Peru-This post is dedicated to my parent:)

Many people haven been to Peru , thanks to the “over-rated” tourist attraction Machu Picchu. hmm….what? Did you just said it’s over-rated? ah yea, it’s not from me, it’s coming from MY DAD:) When my Dad arrived Machu Pichhu’s site, he only split out one word from his mouth-“chi”- It mean “nothing special” in Cantonese!! I have to tell you guys, my dad actually traveled to more places than me and if you want to know why he made such a comment, you guys really have to follow me, cus I am going to show you what me and my Dad’s SPECIAL LOCATIONS are :))

Anyway, whether you agree Machu Picchu is Breath-taking or not, it’s still worth to explore the local culture, food and the style of the traditional Peruvian. It’s as colorful as you can expected for all the tribal cultural.

Alpaca clothing, weaving, heavy embodied hang bag and clothes-

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