Venezuela- the place you need to go NOW

Venezuela- the place you need to go NOW

Before I planned my trip to Venezuela, I only know they have the highest waterfall in the world which is called Angel Fall. I also knew one friend went to Venezuela for hiking. So i understand there’s some beautiful mountains for people to hike. However as I am not an active hiker, I prefer to do something more similar when I was in South America so rainforest for sure is my choice. I researched online and found on Lonely planet that due to the political situation in Venezuela, there’s only 2 tour operators currently arranging tours for traveller. I picked Hike-Venezuela and their service are fantastic.

Angle Fall venezuela

I flew to Venezuela without needing a Visa because I hold a hong Kong passport. Being able to obtained several passports is an advantage for a crazy traveller like me. I always prefer to use my British and HK passport rather than American one because visa is ALWAYS more expensive for American( and you know why). Anyway, the first impression when I arrived is Damn, why is an oil rich country be so poor? It’s totally a 3rd world country. Streets were all run down and filled with garbage. So many stray cats everywhere. When I booked my tour , hike Venezuela suggested me not to stay at the capital city as Caracas is one of the most dangerous city in the world. Well, I believe in them because even the local guide wanted me to take off the smallest gold chain I have on my wrist-in order to avoid trouble. I arrived at night and went to the sea side early in the morning. I think it can be very beautiful but it’s not- cus this country is SO POOR with no tourist!. I see zero tourist!After that I headed to the airport. 


It’s way too early to check in so I had to get some food. The cost of living is CRAZY! If you checked out my Instagram (EDGYMIX) you will see how much I got in local money for USD$20! US $20 supposed to get me decent breakfast in Venezuela- as I was told. BUT, I wanted to get water and I wanted to get some nuts instead of some local fried food. A bottle of water cost me 3000 Boliver while a fresh smoothie cost 1700 Boliver. cashew nuts cost a whooping 8000 Boliver. So I understand anything foreign will cost a fortune! While people average earn USD $25 a month , their living standard you can totally imagine! It’s fuck up and I felt bad for them! I was only there for a few days but I saw so many mine(meaning so many local resources) and rich farmland. Needless to say how oil rich is Venezuela! 

OK first stop after I arrived Maturin was to take a taxi ride to San Jose De Bujais  where I could took a boat to Orinoco eco Camp. As an experienced traveller like me which haven’t been into the wild for a long time but traveling alone , my heart did skip a beat for a little 3 second :))))…….lol Wait WHY AM I taking a boat (not a tourist boat) but rather , its a local boat with local indigenous people who didnt speak english(nor spanish) at all. Anyway, I tried to asked them to help me take photo but obviously they didnt know how to use a phone! WOWWWW. This place is more primitive than Africa. I love it!!

Angel Fall Venezuela

When I arrived the camp, I found out I was the ONLY guest (and the only woman) in the camp.  WHAT THE FUCK was what came in mind! However, I slowly forgotten all about this as I was immersed by nature surrounding me! The camp is beautiful and fully equipped! Its much better than some of the camp I did in West and Central Africa and More like those of East Africa. Also, there’s so many birds flying around the camp made me SO happy! later the day we went on a boatride to see the sunset at Orinoco river. I saw Monkey(heard Howler monkey) and many other wildlife. I also saw indigenous family fishing on their special boat there. It’s just fantastic. 

This is my private room at the camp which they light up torches all night long so I wasn’t so frightened at night.  The eco friendly bathroom is right in front of me and well equipped. At dinner time there’s 6 men and me all together. Will you be afraid. I am not cus I had experience this while I was in Morocco the Sahara desert! However, there’s No wall on the side facing the river so any wildlife can flew and crawled over to me…lol. Well nothing happened all night and I slept like a baby. 

Below is one of the bird I saw at the camp and they are all so funny and not afraid of Human . Trust me I was really so happy to be surrounded by nature and seen so many wildlife in close proximity! The adrenaline effect just pumped into me and I felt like into the wild! 



















The next day I went on to a boat ride along the river again to explore more wild life and got off the boat to explore the rainforest. I remembered how the rainforest look like in the Amazon but I never really got out to actually walk along! it’s an experience that I would never forgot but didnt want to do it again ever! It’s just too dirty, too slimy and too erk! 

I did saw some very pretty plant along the way 🙂

An obviously saw something that I could easily spot in Africa also. 


We went piranha fishing later the afternoon and ofcourse I made it! 

Saw so many different plant only exit in the rainforest!

And went to visit local family. they eat everything in the wild including wild Boar! 


Later the day I was picked up by A german driver who settled himself in Venezuela and we spoke about politics! yes, politics which made me sad so I am not gonna write anything in here. After I dunno when, I arrived Cuidad Bolivar. I saw beautiful Sunset there that I will never forget. 

The other day was also crazy. I was transfer to a local airport which I noticed I need to board a small plane to a Canaima Tapuy Camp. I had been skeptical about Small plane as i had done Hand gliding  and there’s a lot of turbulence which I didnt like.  the plane can only fit 4 people including the “captain” and my heart was pounding! 

Ahhh….nothing happened!!! ahahhahahha. It’s smooth like a waterfall that I didnt feel anything! There’s nothing to be afraid and it’s so scenic! 

And I arrived this truly unique place called Canaima. Have you ever saw a lagoon with brown color water? I havent! I couldnt believe this ! 

The water is just amazing and it’s the same water leading all the way to ANGEL FALL!  I met my group over there and it’s 8 of us. The tour guide told me there used to be a lot more people and a lot more tours but due to the political situation , so little people would wanted to go visit Angel Fall. People think it’s dangerous there, even outside caracus. is it true?  I really dun know but I didnt feel any danger at all!

To get to Angel Fall we first need to ride a bus on an unpaved narrow road. It’s hilarious as the road is as wild as one small truck but is a 2 way road. It’s so bumpy and rough Just like Africa. Then we have to board a small boat with a tiny engine and started a 3 hours boat expedition to Where Angel Fall located.

It’s one of the most amazing journey of my life! It’s like experiencing What Indiana jones adventure! So many turbulence, so many blockage and so many epic scenery! This country is my favorite in 2016! 


We had lunch on a beach and had a little swim before we continue.

I had never saw something like this even I had been to over 100 countries.


And finally after 3 hours, we arrived but we still had to hike for 1 hour to reach the top part to have the best view of the Angel fall and to swim at a natural pool at the base of Angel fall.

angel Fall

One of the most amazing experience in my life!

Angle Fall venezuela

Adventure was NON STOP as after a couple of hours there taking photos and swimming and chatting.  We had to head down to the base camp but it was completely dark already. there’s nobody except us with NO light, NO nothing. Imagine trying to find your way hiking down a forest in the dark?? If you need to know the feeling you must go there! IT’S AMAZING!

We had dinner at the camp which is amazing and fun and everybody is happy. Out of the 8 traveller 4 were actually local Venezuelan living in Caracas. We drank, we sing and we had fun. At night we slept on a Hammock and this was totally a new experience for me. I could tell you I didn’t slept every well….lol. Woke up in the morning and spot Angel fall right in front of me………AHHHHHHH! What a life! I can stay here for months!if there’s a suite I can check into….:))

After breakfast is another thrilling 3 hours boat ride back to Canaima base camp then took another small plane back to reality! I sit by the captain this time and it’s so funny. 

I didn’t travel to Venezuela for a long time but I heard from other traveller that hiking the mountain in here was amazing!. I truly wish there will be more traveller to visit this country and truly hope one day the situation in Venezuela is better BECAUSE I just love this country. 





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