zhangjiajie-Hunan, China
zhangjiajie-Hunan, China

zhangjiajie-Hunan, China

China is one of the ancient country with so many historical sites and beautiful nature for traveller to visit. However, according to my mom-another world traveller. The historical sites had been profoundly modified by the government. I will show you in this article of how Chinese people is the king of creating fake masterpieces!!

Baofeng Lake

I joined a 7 days Hong Kong tours to Hunan province in China. It’s a luxury tour which included local meals and staying in 5 stars hotels. The hotels itself were NOT bad at all. They all have see through window which you can see the bathroom through the living room. (check out my photo on Intagram.) However, except for the big cities in China, all the toilet situations are STILL horrible. You can seriously smell the human pee 1 mile away from the public toilet. Needless to say it’s really dirty inside. This area is really not the best place to visit 🙁

hotel in hunan, China

This tour specified we would visited a newly discovered historical site- Red Rock National Park. My mom told me she had never heard of this place even tho she had been to zhangjiajie 4 times, ! Anyway, it’s exciting to hear that there’s newly discovered places in china.

red rock national park

So there it was…….some artificial rocks that appeared to be an imitation to the yellow stone park in America!…ahahahah. The tour guide kept saying those rocks are from billions year ago while I saw local workers craving those rock somewhere nearby!

phoenix ancient city, china

Second places to visit- phoenix ancient city. The first time my mom went to this place was about 18 years ago and my mom told me those wall you saw on the picture didn’t exit at all. But then the tour guide still kept telling us those wall are from like 200 years ago……speechless!!

phoenix ancient city, china

But afterall, this ancient city is still a very nice place to visit:)

phoenix ancient city, china

Then finally we went to the infamous Zhangjiajie Natonal Park. We got a 3 days pass to this place as there’s several famous mountains and lakes to visit.

Zhangjiajie, China

The movie Avatar was filming at this location.


This famous tourist site ofcourse is real but my mom told me the whole national park had gone under extensive renovation and make the road more accessible and beautiful.


The government had made so many hanging bridges for tourists to view the mountains clearly…including a glass one.


For some people, that’s pretty scary 😛


Ofcourse I had tried on the local dress at Ti MAN Mountain 😛 I think it’s so cute, isnt it?


Overall, I did had a great time because I was traveling with my mom <3 Cheers.

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  1. Of course it is all beautiful, but why all the phalacies?
    You look cute in that dress Tammy and I will be terrified of the glass bridge too!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Black and White BridalMy Profile

  2. oh my! The see-through glass is quite scary for me:))

    Looks like Hunan province is quite a serene and beautiful place to visit. On my travel bucket list *_^


  3. It’s really funny when you said you saw people carving the rocks near the spot where the park was! You should have taken their pictures! hahaha
    But I sure want to check out their hanging glass bridges.. I’m pretty sure it’s scary, but that would totally kick ass! are they 100% safe? 😀