Abbasi Hotel-Isfahan Iran

Abbasi Hotel-Isfahan Iran

To be honest, so many people are traveling around the world these days because plane ticket is cheap and traveling sometimes is cheaper than “living” in the western world!! However, to me I HATE BACKPACKING! I HATE CAMPING! I HATE DIRTY PLACES!! If I need to travel the world, I only want to travel comfortably. That’s why I LOVE nice hotel. Even if I can’t afford to stay in there, I would love to visit luxury hotel. Abbasi hotel in Isfahan was built more than 300 hundred years ago and I was told by the Iranian people that it’s the oldest hotel in the world. However, when I tried to google it, it was not really the oldest:) However, it’s one of the nicest hotel I have ever been:) So, do check it out people:)

oldest hotel in the world isfahan abbasi
oldest hotel in the world isfahan abbasi
oldest hotel in the world isfahan abbasi
oldest hotel in the world isfahan abbasi

I needed to pay US$10 just to get into the hotel!!! is it worth it?!….just look at the photos:P

oldest hotel in the world isfahan

To have tea there, you need to pay another US $15. But it’s really luxury inside:)

oldest hotel in the world

If you see how crowed inside the hotel are, you will understand it worth every penny just to drink tea over there:)

oldest hotel in the world

Afterall, who don’t like being being in such an exotic place???:)

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  1. One welcome back to blogging babe and yes I would pay anything for this luxury!
    I also hate backpacking and all that entails to it.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Postcards from RegensburgMy Profile

  2. Dearest Tammy,
    You were absolutely right for paying the $ 10.00 to get inside this luxurious and above all, historical hotel in Isfahan! Great photos, as always.
    Thanks for sharing them with all of us and stay safe.

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  4. Hi!! I did the dame itinerary in Iran last year, it is an amazing country!!
    I havent pay anything to enter in the Abassi hotel… Matbe my local guide managed to put us inside without charging

  5. It looks just perfect

  6. Very beautiful hotel. Looks peaceful sitting around the fountain outdoors, I bet it’s a great time
    Craig from New England recently posted..The Best Fall Activities in New EnglandMy Profile

  7. It looks very luxurious and warm. I’d love to have the chance to stay in such a gorgeous place. But I still need to keep my travels cheap. But some day.
    Fabiana recently posted..Top 5 bars for a night out in EdinburghMy Profile