Cage Shark Diving at Cape Town, South Africa

Cage Shark Diving at Cape Town, South Africa

I had wrote about the things to do in Cape Town South Africa before and Cage Shark Diving is definitely one of the main reason why I traveled to South Africa. It’s a MUST DO Thrillers and it should be on everyone’s bucket List:)

Cage shark dive-cape town

Due to so many tourist want to experience this Cage shark diving, there’s actually 2 diving tours everyday- one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I chose to experience this in the morning. Like I expected, the ocean were Jammed with Boats filled with Curious travelers!! The way how it works for tourist to see the Shark is very cruel to me. The staff prepared buckets filled with Seal Fat OIl and poured them to the ocean! This way Shark were attracted to the area closed to the boat! After these, the cage were ready to load with HUMANS!

Cage shark diving South Africa-cape town

Also, the SO-Called Diving was actually NOT like scuba diving!. When the staff saw shark/sharks came close to the boat, they would yelled out-“DIVE IN”! That mean we had to Get into the water to check out the Shark underwater!!

Cage shark diving at cape town, south Africa

It’s kind of funny and weird to see the Sharks this way but when the shark tried to bang the cage with their tails or body, it’s kind of exciting and fun:P Other than that, it’s very very cold!!! Also, the water was not very clear, it’s actually Not so much fun to do it.

Cage shark diving -cape town South Africa

After the cage shark diving, you can choose to just observed the shark jumping OUT of the water:) It’s pretty cool.

Cage shark dive-south Africa
Cage shark diving-Cape town, south afirca

The shark use a very special technique to get their meal. They will be very quiet underneath their target, then use full speed to attack the target so the whole body jump out of the water!

Cage shark diving-cape town-south Africa

After one long day, it’s almost dawn:) Life is so beautiful:)

after cage shark diving at cape town, south africa
beautiful sunset after cage shark diving


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  1. Wow, Tammy! What a memorable adventure. Those sharks look huge and really fierce. I admire your courage.
    Pamela RG recently posted..It’s Spring In The CityMy Profile

  2. WOW! That is crazy exciting! I love sharks so much. I don’t know if I’d ever have the courage to do this though but I definitely admire you for being so brave. I can’t even imagine an experience like this. Definitely unforgettable!

  3. What a unforgettable experience. Those sharks look large and really intense. I appreciate your bravery. Thanks.

  4. Wow! There’s not much I’m afraid of but being in a giant lunchbox is one of them! Kudos to you