Hopping on and off at Budapest, Hungary

Hopping on and off at Budapest, Hungary

I hate joining tour and I also hate being on a tourist bus with other tourists! However, I decided to join this Hop on and Off Bus tour in Budapest because I only have a few days there alone and because the tourist sights are so spread out with no public transportation. I have no choice but to be a tourist finally:P


It’s NOT a bad tour afterall because for a 2 and a half day unlimited Hop on and off tour, it’s only 27.5 EURO!  It’s nice not to worry about which bus/subway to take and just relax:) Also, since there’s too many different tour company operate similar bus tours, the bus was not always full so I can just relax and enjoy:)

danube river at budapest, hungary-imp
budapest sight seeing bus tour-imp

Saw some Beer Bus where you need to do cycling in order to get the beer…interesting!

work for your own beer car-budapest

The tour price also include a cruise touring the Danube River. It’s beautiful:)

budapest cruise

Ofcourse when you get on top of the mountain, the view of the Danube River is even more breath-taking.

danube river at budapest
danube river at budapest

See how many tourists are in Budapest??? Crazy:(


It must be nice to get married in such a beautiful place:)

wedding at budapest

This bus tour run through till night time:) I can say Budapest at night are one the best I have seen so far.

budapest at night
budapest-hungary-night tour
budapest, hungary at night
budapest-night tour

So, do you want to visit this place???

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  1. Dearest Tammy,
    Oh, I would be back to Budapest any time! LOVE that city and also love Hungarian music… very melancholic and also very passionate! Maybe that’s in our blood?
    Remembering one of Pieter’s Birthday’s when he was on the road, somewhere in a hotel giving seminars for the Campbell Soup’s staff (mushroom division) and I had the tape recorder ready for dialing at 6:00 AM and surprising him. He would know that it was me: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X9LvC9WkkQ
    We both think that such music can only be appreciated between two great lovers… the dancing of two souls. Brahms was a genius who could transform it into music.
    But as a whole, Budapest is a lovely city. Great food, great folklore. If you ever had the chance to go to a puszta farm for a horse show. WOW! We also had a ride through the vast puszta on a horse wagon. Fondest memories…

  2. Of course I do Tammy! Honestly, I always want to travel after having seen your posts!:) The tour is amazing, Budapest must be a beautiful city! Lol for the Beer Bus! Hugs and kisses dear, take care xo

  3. Beautiful pics… thanks for this amazing share <3
    actudejerome recently posted..Les 10 prénoms féminins les plus populaires de 2014My Profile

  4. Of course. I haven’t been to Budapest. Looks very historical and has spectacular architecture. That beer trolley looks fun. I would also enjoy the boat cruise.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Yorkville Christmas LightsMy Profile

  5. Hi Tammy – when were you in Budapest? I was there in the summer and you’re right… the city is so spread out. It took us 3 days to see most of the sites and we were hustlin’! I thought the city was pretty, but compared to other cities I’ve seen, Budapest came off as “another European city next to the water” to me. I suspect I may be in the minority with this view, though! haha
    Diana recently posted..Why I Should Have Skipped Budapest’s Szechenyi BathsMy Profile

    • I was in Budapest around end of July this year:)..what about you? I like Budapest and I think it’s one of the best out of all European countries:) but still Europe to me is nothing special anyway:P. yes, It is VERY spread out!!

  6. An amazing place . I will surely plan my upcoming vacation to this place.
    Best holiday destinations recently posted..Port Louis Offers A Great Collection Of Wonders To Be Explored By You During HolidaysMy Profile

  7. Looks very traditional and has amazing structure. That alcohol cart looks fun. I would also appreciate the vessel vacation.