Top Tips for Beating the Crowds this Winter

Top Tips for Beating the Crowds this Winter

It’s easy to see why so many flock to the mountains every winter, to enjoy their own piece of the piste, but unfortunately, the experience can be marred a little when the slopes are so overcrowded that you can’t truly enjoy yourself. While it won’t detract from the holiday as a whole, many people (particularly beginners) will feel on edge if there’s too many people zooming past them, and queuing for the ski lifts can be a real pain. If you’d love the idea of a skiing holiday but would prefer not to be fighting with other ski enthusiasts for the next gondola ride, there are plenty of ways in which you can avoid the crowds this season.

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Book Off-Peak 

While the winter season, as a whole, is bound to be a busy time for the snowsure mountains, by booking off-peak, you will see fewer crowds on the pistes and in the resorts as a whole. Half terms at school, and the Christmas holidays, will inevitably be a popular time for ski resorts such as Mayrhofen and Arinsal, being magnets for families looking for some fun when the schools are closed. Avoid these peak times if you want a better chance of peace.

Choose lesser known resorts 

By booking a resort that isn’t as popular as the high-flying ones, you will be able to enjoy high quality of skiing without running the risk of hordes of people. Borovets, in Bulgaria, for example, continues to be quieter than its alpine neighbours because as far as skiing holidays are concerned, Bulgaria hasn’t quite made it into the spotlight like France, Switzerland and Austria have. Over the next few years, the popularity of this affordable resort is bound to increase, so book now if you want to appreciate it when it’s still relatively unknown.

Hire in advance 

Even if you do end up in a ski resort during the peak time, there are ways to beat the queues once you’re there. By hiring any equipment that you need in advance – for example, by organising through your tour operator – you will be able to beat the masses that have to queue up in the hire stores once they’re there.

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Beat the crowds this winter with these tips, and you won’t have to stress about being

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