Kuwait City

Kuwait City

Kuwait City is my last stop in the great Arabia peninsula. I flew in to this country at night and found it to be very very modern and beautiful. Hotel are extremely expensive which I had no choice but to spent US $100/night at the cheapest hotel in the city:P Almost every hotel there include swimming pool as an amenity. I guess because most of the time it’s very hot over there and only business people will go to this country.

hotel view of kuwait city

The next morning, I strolled around the hotel and decided to walk to the Kuwait tower near the ocean front.

kuwait tower@ kuwait city

It’s less impressive than I thought it would be and as this is the ONLY icon in Kuwait, I really wanted to get up to the tower and checked out this only tourist attraction. Also, because of all the gunshot holes during Iraqi troops invasion, Kuwait tower is really a piece of history:)

kuwait tower

However, by the time I walked to the tower, IT WAS CLOSE FOR RENOVATION!!! And it won’t be open until 7 months later….@_@ Ok. So, let me just stroll around aimlessly…..!!!

along the ocean side of kuwait city

I met a swiss guy who came up to me and asked”what are you doing here?”. I told him I came to visit this country and he just looked at me in doubt and said” nobody come to kuwait for tourism!” ..Yes, it’s true, there are a lot of expat here and they all come here for one reason-to earn money:). Anyway, he saw I had nothing to do, so he drove me to the nearby old souk and talked to me for a little while because he was so curious about my adventure:). The old souk was pretty standard, nothing fancy, nothing special. After a while, I decided to call it the day and went back to the hotel.

old souk in Kuwait city

The next day, I went to the tea house in Sheraton hotel as this tea house was called one of the most luxurious in Arabia.

tea house @ kuwait city

To be honest, crystal chandelier and marble floor are not my style, so I just had a coffee and left:) After I left the hotel, I met an Egyptian guy- Shaheen who was also very curious about why I was alone walking around Kuwait city. I told him I wanted to travel to every single country in this world that’s why I came here to have a look.

kuwait city

Shaheen is one of the nicest people I have ever MET. Really, during my travel, I had had a lot of people who helped me, but he was one of the best. First he took me to his house and met with his family:) He had a wonderful Philippino wife and a very active son. They made lunch for me and offered me to stay at his house for the night. Unfortunately I had already paid for my hotel room which I wished I didn’t!!!! Then they drove me everywhere in Kuwait and insisted that I must took a lot of photos of Myself..lol. I was really shy with photos as I gained a lot of weight so, I just took a lot of photos of their very very cute son. We went to a park with an artificial lake. And they wanted to take me to the mall for shopping.

park at kuwait city

The next day I had my flight at around 2’o clock and Shaheen’s family insisted on giving me free facial and dyed my hair at their house. They bought all the supply from their shops(Shaheen own a hair salon and a facial shop) and gave me a very nice treatment for 4 hours!!! I was really really grateful for what his family had done for me:)

kuwait city sunset time

So people, stop worrying how dangerous is this world and start planning for the trip of your life. I guarantee there’s more surprise than you ever imagine:)

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  1. I’m impressed by the kindness of that family, they have been very nice with you! What a shame the tower was close for renovation! Hope you are fine Tammy, take care my dear! Kisses! xo

  2. Dearest Tammy,
    That sounds like an incredible experience, meeting an Egyptian who was so kind to take you home to meet his family. Oh we have had similar experiences world wide and it only adds to the lovely memories we gather form our travels. But most people only travel in groups and never get out of the main stream on their own… they miss so many golden opportunities.

  3. This is a very nice visit to Kuwait. Lucky you to have met those people especially Shaheen. During my trip to the Philippines, I was touched by the kindness and hospitality of the Filipinos.

  4. Taveel Ahmed Baht says:

    its would be a most beautiful experience to visit this lovely state and to work also.