Qatar-The richest country in the world 2013

Qatar-The richest country in the world 2013

When I first research on traveling around Qatar, I already know it’s an Expensive, Modern and small country. So, when I planned to travel there, I intentionally book my flight from Sana’s Yemen to Bahrain and selected an 12 hours layover over there. Why I can do that,? It’s because Qatar airway is a MAJOR airline in Arabia and almost all flight need to be connected there. This way, I can save myself Hotel fee and flight fee. My honest travel report was-YES..YOU CAN SEE EVERYTHING OF THIS COUNTRY IN 12 HOURS:)

Doha, qatar

When I arrived Qatar Airport, a guy approached me and asked me whether i wanted to take a cheap taxi to the city. I asked him why he would be cheaper, he told me because the traffic during rush hour was very bad. If I took his taxi, he will give me a very good flat rate of US$30. My first reaction is- DO I LOOK LIKE I HAD NEVER TRAVEL BEFORE?? Well, I do….ahahahhah. My look always give me a hard time on avoiding to be a stupid tourist! Anyway, I ignored him and went straight to the taxi stand. Since I had not researched on the “things to do” in Qatar, the first thing I did was ASKED people where should I go if I want to see qatar. It turned out the guy I asked was a manger from South Africa. He was on Business trip there and he told me he was going to the hotel in the city center. Oh Great, “can I share a taxi with you?” I asked. I am smart on saving money sometimes:P. And..he said yes. He told me Qatar is small and do not have a lot of tourist attractions. Well, I know:) But it’s good I started off at the city center because there’s a “shopping center” there and I could walked my way back to the airport since all the tiny tourist attractions are on the way. GREAT- I THOUGHT…..

doha shopping center

So, the traffic was really horrible and it took us 20 minutes for a distance of 0.7 km. But the taxi fare turned out to be just US$10! So, remembered everyone, never ever take any taxi outside the taxi stand. It’s always a scam! And ok, Let me take a look at this largest shopping center in Doha. My opinion is, DO NOT WATSE TIME TO GO THERE IF YOU ONLY HAVE A SHORT LAYOVER IN QATAR. It’s the largest in Doha but compare to the mall in Dubai and Hong Kong. It’s nothing special! It’s not particularly big and it’s not particularly luxurious. So, after 10 minutes, I decided to leave. When I tried to walk around the area, I found out that, it’s basically a commercial area with nothing much to see. I can walk to the Corniche-a long seaside promenade that curves around Doha Bay and affords pretty views of Palm Tree Island and the city’s skyscrapers. But it’s 42 Degree Celsius out there so, I decided I should take a taxi to Souk Waqif– a very touristic Arabic market quarter.

souk waqif, doha, qatar

It took me only 5 mins by taxi to get there and I was surprised by how charming this place is. Although I find this place to be made solely for tourist, it’s amazing to see all the colorful goods inside the souk.

souk waqif

You can almost find anything with middle eastern accent in this place. Very very entertaining:)

shoes at souk waqik, qatar

Or if you get tired, you can easily find a fancy restaurants for food, drink or just to have a coffee with Shisha/Sheesha. It’s a very very nice area to spend 2-3 hours there.

souk waqif in doha, Qatar

If you have a lot of money, there’s a gold souk right next to Souk Waqif. It’s an eye opening place over there since I have never seen so many BIG JEWELRIES before.

gold souk

One thing I do like about this area is, toilet amenities is excellant. When you encounter a hot day in the summer, going to the toilet will almost save your life. Because there is air-conditioning and free water for drinking inside the WC. I have to admit when I got in to the toilet, I almost didn’t want to get out since it’s really too hot outside, and the toilet is too luxurious.

public toilet at doha, qatar

Anyway, I stayed at souk Waqif for about 4 hours then I decided to head to the islamic cultural center closeby.

souk waqif and cultural center in qatar, doha

Nobody will suggest tourist to go to the Islamic cultural center but I will. It’s a lot of fun to me as I really in need for a place to put down my backpack, have a free drink and being in a place that is air-conditioned:P. When I arrived the cultural center, people greet me with respect and asked me if I am interested in knowing Islamic history. They said they would helped me to put away my backpack, and gave me a guided tour in the mosque.

islamic cultural center in Doha, Qatar

As curious and crazy like me, this tour was just a lot of fun because I am really into knowing islamic culture and people there was so friendly, they even told me about their life in Qatar. Everyone tried to talk to me so I was pretty happy. I got to know the local people more and know what’s going on in their life in Qatar. It’s just another expensive countries filled with foreign expats and everyday life is very very simple. After another 3 hours there, I was filled up with smile and definitely got to know Islamic culture better. Then I walked to the Museum of Islamic Arts by the Corniche.

islamic museum in Doha, qatar

Museum of Islamic art-houses artefacts from Muslim dynasties all over Asia, Africa and Europe. Very nice museum with FREE ADMISSION.  To be honest, I was fascinated by al the free things you can do in Qatar. If you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant or stay in a hotel, traveling around qatar actually can be quit cheap. Also, I was happy that this museum did showed a little bit of the islamic fashion back in the old days.

Islamic fashion art in Qatar
jewelry from qatar

After that, I did strolled around the Corniche and wondered whether I should still checked out more museum or cultural heritage site. But under the hot arabia sun, I really didn’t have the mood to see those boring weapon museum and heritage village. So, after spending 10 hours in Doha, I decided to call it the day and went to the airport early. My 12 hours layover in Qatar was accomplished:) And the most important things was, I only spent US$50 traveling around the most expensive country in the world. Awesome:)


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  1. qatar sounds very interesting indeed! good job on not getting ripped off by the taxis – i hate that! it happens a lot in my home country so i’m quite used to having to watch out for these guys when i travel too.
    steph recently posted..Leather bomber + a treat!My Profile

  2. Tammy, unbelievable you traveled around Qatar in such cheap way, even if for 12 hours, you rock girl!:) You have been right to avoid that taxi at the first, need to remember since it happens in every airport, so is a good tip, thanks! The Museum is what impressed me most, must be interesting. Have a good day dear, hugs! xo

  3. I like the sound of the place and taxi drivers really need to stop being this horrible.
    Thank God you aren’t a novice and I like all the free things you did and your going to the Islamic culture center.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..The Body Shop GiveawayMy Profile

  4. Dearest Tammy,
    You did give some real good pointers here. It should become religious for all travelers that want to stay safe and not get ripped off to always get an official taxi! If things would get lost; it also can get traced back.
    You had a very special visit all in all and a smart and savvy one.
    Don’t think you actually did drink the water ‘inside’ the toilet but ‘inside’ the rest room… That is a great tip for making use of such luxurious rest room stops!
    Thanks for sharing as always.

  5. Sure! I do agree it’s the richest country in the world. Omg!!! You are such a quick-witted person. Very smart Chic that what you are.Qatar is very interesting. I love all these photos.

  6. You certainly did more in 12 hrs than I did in 9 days in Qatar :p I liked Souk Waqif a lot though it’s a really nice place especially in the evenings. did you go to the katara cultural center?
    Anwar recently posted..Into the Eastern Desert – The Abandoned CityMy Profile

  7. The place looks very modern and new. The market looks very nice to explore. Good thing you had 12 hrs layover to be able to visit the City.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Valentino Rockin’ Style for FallMy Profile

  8. I’m flying with Qatar soon, I’ll see if I can have a quick tour !
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Le First, restaurant boudoir ParisMy Profile

  9. omg Qatar is fucked up did you ask about the hotel the apartment and the live style is just the pictured pls that pace is fuck

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    technologies therefore he must be visit this site and be
    up to date all the time.
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