The Most Alien Place on Earth-Socotra

The Most Alien Place on Earth-Socotra

Socotra-one of the most alien place on earth are actually isolated from mainland Yemen. It’s not only one of the weirdest place  I have been, it’s also one of the most beautiful and safest place I have seen. People there live a very simple life and because it’s a small island, everyone help out for each other. Being able to visit this amazing island really change my point of view toward Yemeni:)

yemeni eating on the ground-Socotra

The main dish for yemeni is fish and rice and most people like to eat on the floor. Almost everyone are fishermen over there. Check out the fish market on below picture….they are all really fresh and yummy:P

fish market in yemen

Dragon blood trees are unique to Socotra and you can never find anything like this in other places! Since I have traveled to so many places and nothing really surprise me anymore. A places like Socotra is really very special to me because when I got there, all I could have said is “WOW”.

dragon blood tree-socotra
dragon blood tree at socotra-yemen
socotra-dragon blood tree

The reason why those trees are called dragon blood trees was because of a Myth long time ago about how a dragon come and shed blood to heal a girl.  Nowaday, people use them as a dye for cosmetics.

blood sap of dragon blood tree-socotra

Traveling around Socotra is super hot and humid and the only way you will survive is dipping yourself into the ocean. Luckily the beaches there are one of the best I have ever seen. I will let you guys know about more about my funny stories in Socotra in my next post. Stay tunes:)

beach in socotra, yemen



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  1. wow the trees are incredibile!!looks an amazing place!!
    paola recently to wear vintage-the beginningMy Profile

  2. Woahhh! 🙂

  3. Hi Tammy! I’m saying “wow” as well now! What a place, the trees look stunning, never seen something like that! The beach is outstanding, wish I was there! Hugs and kisses my friend! Happy Friday! xo

  4. Dearest Tammy,
    Funny that those dragon blood trees actually do produce red sap! They are very typical for the landscape and I’ve never seen them before. Lots of dessert rose are also in the landscape, not blooming at the time.
    The beach looks indeed lovely and it will be bliss for being in the water.
    Fish is a good and healthy staple of food; far better than meat.
    Looking forward to your next interesting post.

  5. Such and beautiful and totally unique place~!!!
    I am overwhelmed by all the beauty and information!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Have a Beautiful Weekend with My Sneak PeekMy Profile

  6. Hello Tammy, those trees look like mushrooms. Looked so unique. The beach looks so inviting. Have a wonderful weekend!
    Pamela RG recently posted..The Lightness of BeingMy Profile

  7. Wow, Tammy, this looks beau-ti-ful. Can’t wait to read and see more!
    Michelle @ the World is a Book recently posted..Op reis met: MandyMy Profile

  8. Wow, Yemen looks like an amazing place! These are wonderful photos!