My feeling for Iran-ians

My feeling for Iran-ians

I arrived Tehran, Iran on May 19th and until now, I had already spent 14 days in Iran. My impression of Iran are so different from other countries I have been during this trip. It’s not the most beautiful places, it’s not the most dangerous place and it’s not the most tourist friendly place. However, it made up some great memories I will never forget:) Below are the reason why-

edgymix at shiraz, iran

(1) It’s difficult to get a Tourist Visa, esp during President Election period

Iran government selectively give out visa to tourist-this is a fact but it’s even harder to get a Visa now because of the president election date on June 14th. The Iranian government do not want any foreign media to come into Iran so they suspend ALL visas giving out to Tourist for June travel. I was lucky because I applied for the Visa early so I could picked up my Visa in Dubai. But it almost gave me a heart attack previously. This was because there’s rumors saying that the Iranian Government want all tourist to exit Iran on May 30th and anyone who wanted to travel from May 22nd till June 22nd might be deported. However, this is so NOT true and it was just a trick from the MFA to make tourists to reconsider traveling during that period. I had not heard of anything from the police to tell me to leave the country and the custom officers told me I can stay in Iran till June 18th. So, next time if you guys want to travel around to Iran, watch out for the Election period and tried to apply your Visa early. Otherwise, I suggest you not to travel during that period. Also, it’s better to apply your visa through a visa company to get a reference # for your visa. It’s normally easier to get your visa:)

edgymix at iran

(2) It’s a very conservative country?!!!!

I had been traveling around the Arabia Peninsula with no problem. No men ever bother me and I could wear whatever I want. However, In Iran , I had encountered so many men followed me around, some even pop the questions-SEX? I don’t know why. I had read about review for solo female travelers traveled to Iran with no problem but this was really a very strange experience for me. People always think I would encountered something bad in Africa -WHICH HAD NEVER HAPPENED!(oh wait except Morocco, but Iranian men is definitely more aggressive!). But isn’t Iran a STRICT AND CONSERVATIVE COUNTRY? Isn’t sex is NOT allow before marriage? Isn’t all their family prohibited their girls to go out at night and watched them carefully not to do something sexually?? But how come when I met some local they told me sex parties are very common in Iran?? I met one couple who traveled around Iran last October and they told me I need to be carefully If I EVER traveled with a Male because we cannot walked together freely and have to sit differently on a bus. They even said male and female will get stoned if they do something inappropriate! Well, I had not traveled with other Male traveler but according to what I saw, this is SO not true. Yes, there’s police who watch out people closely but local people find their way to do whatever they like. I saw local couple kissing on the street(ofcourse when there’s no police around), walked closely together and even sit together on a bus while it’s clearly the front is for men and the back is for women!!!!! I was lucky because I finally met a very nice local couple who became my bodyguard so I didn’t have anyone to bother me anymore. And they told me all young people hate their government! Although they are all born to be Muslim(it’s the LAW!), they do not believe in Allah!!! They hate muslim because girl have to cover their hair and Everyone cannot drink “freely” Whenever, I talked to some young people, they were frustrated. It’s really such a weird feelings for me.

masulei, iran

(3) It’s a very poor country??!!!

Most of the local I talked to like to Joke around and sounds very happy. They seems to have a very relaxing life until we talked about politics. The most common questions towards travelers is-HOW DO YOU THINK ABOUT IRAN? Iran had always been project as an evil nation but in fact the people there are not like that. Most of the young people are forced to be muslim and force to follow what the government want them to do! They are so mad that their country have all the resources but due to US sanctions, the economy of this country is collapsing everyday. Even though people tried hard to show me the beauty of their country and keep telling me IRAN is beautiful! They can’t help but said IRAN IS SHIT NOW. All the young people want to leave their country and goes somewhere else because they cannot earn good money. All the little money they earn are only enough for food and rent. BUT they are very proud of their country date back before the rise of Islam. They always said Iran should be a very strong country, just politics kill this great country. I really felt very very sad when I heard that because they hate America and europe in someway but they want to move there to have a better life. The normal income for most Iranian is only $300-$500 US dollars and sometimes even less. All young people I’ve met all do not have saving money at all.

at esfanhan, iran

(4) People have Twisted mind?!

When you read travel review or Guide book they always tell you Iranians are hospitable, polite, friendly, love their poetry, love music and dancing. They love very large picnics and they know their history. They have lots of traditions that aren’t bound to any particular religion and are proud of their culture( the traditional culture which dates back thousands of years). They love good food and sports, specially soccer. I mean I totally agree with all the above….except I also met so many Special people….

People #1- a highly educated guy who had just finished his MSc in university of Tehran. He  told me it’s a FACT that the Aliens were and are here on Earth! he also said the reason why our technologies became so advance these days was because we borrow the technologies from them. He also believe in everything regarding evolution(arh…what about god???hah:P) and astronomies.

People #2-Amir believe in the conspiracy regarding 911. He said it’s the American who put a bomb in World trade center so they can invade the middle east.

People #3-Mohammed said People here are Zombies, they live only for food and Sex…and that’s how he live his life……..

edgymix at shiraz, iran central asia

Anyway, this is just my personal feelings and everyone experience a country differently. But deep in my heart I really feel very bad for the people. I had the same feeling towards African people already because they also have all the resources but still so poor, but for IRAN….it’s a more complex feeling! African are more optimistic than Iranians …or maybe Iranian are much smarter than African people because they care about their living. I have 12 more days in Iran and hopfully I will learn more about this country and let you all know about it. Until next time, Cheers:)

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    It’s always scary to dive into the deep waters of the Muslim world, especially if you’re a woman. I’ve always loved to hear different stories from tourists about all those countries most foreigners would never cross. And your story is no exclusion.
    If you want to see another poor country (although I doubt it) visit mine 😀 Our minimum wage is about 200$, and most people live with even less.
    Keit recently posted..Nowistyle pink blazer and Facebook rantMy Profile

  2. Oh I loved your thoughts, very insightful!! I have missed your posts, stay safe and of course always praying for you.

  3. Hi Tammy!!! Where are you now? Hope you are safe and sound and soon reach your home! Btw, before reading your post I got the same belief about this country but now should change my mind! In particular what impressed me is the fact that there are men who ask for SEX, unbelievable! Take care dear, send you many hugs and kisses! Have always followed your adventures from the start with lots of interest:) xo

  4. Dearest Tammy,
    Sure, the ancient history of Iran (Persia) is very rich and it was a powerful nation.
    So sad that they now are being so deprived of personal freedom…
    Hope the elections will go well and that there is hope for the young people’s future!
    What do you mean with their personal income; is that figure per month or what?
    Stay safe and wishing you well.

  5. Wow, great post! I think it would be very interesting to travel to Iran someday, so it was really interesting to read this and learn about your experiences! Stay safe, and have a great trip!


  6. Hi Tammy,
    I’m an iranian who lives in LA, and unfortunately there are so many people who judge Iran, but I love how you went there and actually experienced life there and then gave your input. Good luck on all your travels!

  7. Hi Tammy! I was just wondering where the first and second photo in this post were taken?

  8. Tammy, you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts. Iran and Iranians haven’t made a good impression on you, that’s fine, but your line of reasoning is illogical. Take point 4 for example, you have met one guy who believes in conspiracy theories and another guy (a confused teenager?) who lives for food and sex and you apply it to the who nation. The same can be said about your other claims that sex parties are prevalent in Iran or that ordinary Iranians hate Americans or Europeans. We Iranians can take criticism, but when it is fair and balanced.

    • Hi Tehrani,

      Yes, you are right, i shouldnt applied my own judgement to the whole nation. However, i had spoke to too many iranians and i actually had been to Iran for so many times, i kind of understand a lot about the people here. Btw, I love Iran, i also love the people here:) People here are very very kind:) however just like i love my hometown Hong Kong. I always speak out the bad things about Hong Kong to my iranian friends too. I will tell them the ugly truth about the culture of chinese!!

      Pls dont get me wrong in a way that I had bad impression about Iran. But i did knew about some hidden matters in here. This is just my own feelings. Maybe next post i can tell people are the good part of Iran:)

  9. Thanks for the reply Tammy and wish you the best in your future trips and endeavors.