Things you need to know about Dubai

Things you need to know about Dubai

I was in Dubai for a couple of days only but notice something about this Super Modern City, below are just my personal opinion-

(1) Taking Metro is easy and almost all the tourist attractions are close the Metro.

metro in Dubai

(2) You cannot chew chewing gum in the Metro or there will be a fine-100 Dirham.

(3) There is a “Gold” compartment and Women and Children only compartment in Dubai metro system. The Gold compartment is more luxury than the regular one and it’s more expensive and the Women and children only compartment mean exactly as what I wrote-women and children only. You will be kick out by security if you enter the wrong compartment.

Dubai metro

(4) You can only enter the infamous Burj Al Arab by appointment(a tour or to have afternoon tea/dinner at a restaurant)…even you have millions of dollars. Personally I don’t give a shi* to get in cus it’s just too annoying and artificial!

Burj el arab hotel

(5) Dubai is more charming and pretty at night than the Day time–I THINK! You can most likely have a nap in the afternoon and step out for dinner/drink in or around the tallest tower in the world-Burj Khalifa.

Dubai at night

(6) you do not need to buy ticket(esp in advance which is cheaper) to go up to the top floor of Burj Khalifa, you can just have a drink at 122 floor which I THINK resembles to 163 floor of the building. IF you do care about the view is better when higher up…TAKE A PLANE INSTEAD!!!

Dubai at night with fountain show

In general, Dubai is a great place for a quick visit and easy place to get into if you want to visit the middle east. However, I will never recommend you to fly all the way from America/Asia/Australia all the way jus t for Dubai….IT’s just not worth the money:P

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  1. Dearest Tammy,
    Hah, you think it’s not worth the money… I’ve only been at the airport so I cannot judge it. We just got back from our lovely vacation for 10 days in Curaçao where we met with daughter Liz and her husband who flew in from Amsterdam on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. It was a great time and only very hard to be back home now. Cooler than usual weather here and so much to catch up on. Why is there always a punishment for being away? Can’t even start to think about how much you have to catch up on!
    Hugs and stay safe.

  2. Hi Tammy! Thanks a for your tips! You know, is a city that I’d love to visit soon cause I always stunned by the photos I see on web. I should keep your words in mind so:) Hope you re fine dear, take care! hugs! xo

  3. I admire your honesty. Some bloggers go there for a vacation and have highly recommended it. But I like your reviews more because it is more realistic. Looking forward to your next adventure. Take care!
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  4. Won’t get my ass there!
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