Reasons why I think Dubai Sucks

Reasons why I think Dubai Sucks

Dubai might look extravagant to most people’s eye. But to me, it’s just a bad version of Las vagas:P Here are the reason why-

EXPENSIVE-Why do people want to spend a fortune to go to an adult Disneyland far away from home? Is Dubai really that luxury? Is it just because Atlantis hotel was build on the palm island you want to go there? Just because Burj Al arab cost at least US$2000 a night you want to visit? Why do people want to go scuba diving in an aquarium while you have the Red Sea right next door?? Camel ride can be done anywhere-Prettier!!! OK, you might say, it’s a country that you can do EVERYTHING, even skilling..BUT WHY PEOPLE WANT TO SKI IN DUBAI? GO to France for a real ski slope for that price!!

diving in aquarium, dubai

ARTIFICIAL Dubai should have been called the city of artificial. Almost 90% of its population is an expat and its local produce is hopped up on steroids(seriously! When I went to the supermarket, I saw pepper the size of my head!!). It sells the image of a perfect, safe society but in reality the government hardly ever allows any negative news from being published in its newspapers. If news of a crime is published, it is always followed by a report of the perpetrator being caught. Always. The people are mostly materialistic, vapid and devoid of original thought, while the islands are man-made and the grass is synthetic. Also, I found most of the photos online of Dubai have been photoshop, which make people think of Dubai as an AMAZING PLACE! NOT TRUE!

Dubai marina

LACK OF CULTURE AND HISTORY You never really see local people because most people are from elsewhere….so, why do I need to come to Dubai and spent big money to meet with people from India, Philippine and Hong Kong.

RUDE PEOPLE and INSANE TAXI DRIVER-Most expat coming from Asia had terrible working hours and salary is low. Their misery will be release when there’s a chance! Example-I arrived Dubai late at night from Oman and tried to find a taxi driver who know where my hotel was. All of them do not know because my hotel is not in the central area! I have no choice but to tell them to drop me off at any metro station. Arrived the metro at 11:50pm(pls note the metro close at midnight!) I was rudely stopped by some staff and asked me where I was going. I asked them back– why asked? Then they said..Oh, OK, whatever. Then, when I got inside the gate and found out the train station was already close, they were all laughing!!! Oh yea, it’s funny right!!! No wonder you guys are only working for the metro station! And why all taxi driver do not know where they are going all the time?


It’s just a PR scam:P

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  1. totally agree, i just like architecture of there!

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  2. Dearest Tammy,
    So sorry for your bad experience after arriving… It is true about the local people being very few. So many from Indonesia etc. would go there for a job.
    Stay safe!

  3. Haha, your post reminded me of Zero Punctuation’s ( description of Dubai: “You know when a shithead wins the lottery and immediately buys a frozen champagne sculpture of his own scrotum and pack of Filipino slave boys to hold up his home shelving units? Well, if that person was a city it would be Dubai. ”

    So true 😀
    Keit recently posted..If you were a boy, would you be a looser?My Profile

  4. I’m sorry you didn’t like Dubai.
    I hope your next destination is great!
    Have fun! Take care!
    Demi Mist recently posted..5-minute every day make upMy Profile

  5. Well said. I never liked Dubai. What is there to see, in a place that has no culture or long history…
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark
    miss Margaret Cruzemark recently posted..UBICOUTURE – Christos Mouchas createsMy Profile

  6. Omg!!! seems you had a horrible experience in Dubai, so sorry about that, i have never being to Dubai but mehnnn.. this story scares me.

  7. Omg!!! seems you had a horrible experience in Dubai, so sorry about that, i have never been to Dubai but mehnnn.. this story scares me.

  8. I fully agree with you hun, I was there last month and felt the same type of experience. Hope you’re doing well 🙂
    Sam recently posted..Friday FrillsMy Profile

  9. I have never been to Dubai but I agree with your assessment. Too bad you that bad experience. Everything there is man made, nothing natural. As you wrote, very artificial. Good thing, you have moved on.
    Pamela RG recently posted..One Fine Spring DayMy Profile