Madagascar at the Moment

Madagascar at the Moment

Hi Guys,

If you have follow me on Facebook , you will know I am at Madagascar right now. Wildlife is awesome and I had my money (US$550) stolen by some hotel staff previously! Life is OK, miss home but how can I complain about traveling. However, life is really too hectic for me right now and I have loads of research to do for my Arabia peninsula travel! Iran is also a big problem for me since they are having their president election coming so I am not sure whether I can get into the country even I had spent money on getting the authorization code and visa!

Also, have some idea maybe to go to Afghanistan, India or North Pole later…BUT hey… I am NOT sure yet. Tomorrow I will be flying to Dubai. And after Dubai will be Yemen. There’s still loads of photos and posts I cannot make up to cus I have no time and internet is so slow in here. So, hopefully I can catch up later……BLAH!

See u guys soon and all the best:) Below is a “giraffe” I had seen IN madagascar:P…will update you guys soon later on things to do there:) Cheers

giraffe beatle

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  1. Tammy, really sorry for the money stolen, how horrible! Hope you are well! Stay safe and take care dear! Send you a big hug!:*

  2. Dearest Tammy,
    You better be careful; too bad your money got taken from you…
    Love your Madagascar ‘giraffe’.

  3. Hello Tammy, Wow, what an amazing adventure so far, those animals look fascinating. Very nice photo. Thanks for your comment on my Blog today. It’s nice to know that you are doing well. Keep on traveling. Take care. I miss you too. Pamela
    Pamela RG recently posted..Exploring BarcelonaMy Profile

  4. Have a wonderful time in Dubai and be safe dear!
    Too bad for your money but thank God you are alright.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Protect Your Skin and Yourself With Solene Suncare.My Profile

  5. Tammyyyyyy!!! So happy to have seen your comment! Thanks a bunch dear, have missed you very very much!!!:D Glad you are well, please take care, I followed all your amazing experience in Africa and have been really impressed:) You rock!!! Have a nice Sunday! Big hugs♥