Halali and Okaukuejo Waterholes, Namibia

Halali and Okaukuejo Waterholes, Namibia

My last post-Etosha National Park talked about the game drive in the park. However, most of the time you can just sit back and relax at a resort and check out the animal drinking water at the waterhole from time to time. I went to two different resorts when I was at Etosha National park and the viewing of animal is Fabulous. You can see elephants playing around with each other, spraying water plus mud to their bodies and posting for you! It’s such a great experience!

elephant-etosha national park
elephant at etosha, nambia
zebra at okaukaejo waterhole
springbok-etosha national park

I never really know how Giraffe drink water when I was on a Game Drive in Serengeti National Park but now I know because of the waterhole at the resort! Because they are too tall, they need to open up their leg! Quite Funny!

drinking giraffe-nambia
giraffe drinking water-nambia

But the best part staying at a resort with waterholes is, you can even view animal comfortably at night! However, I was told the fence was not that high couple of years ago and a guy who stayed late one night was eaten by a hungry old Lion!!!! hmmmmm…..

rhino at night-etosha national park
spotting giraffe at night-etosha

If you get tired of seeing animal, you can go to the swimming pool, it’s nice:P

okaukaejo waterhole resort at nambia

But Obviously I will tell you to get your ass to the waterholes 24/7!!! It’s beautiful over there even at night!!!! Cheers:)

waterhole nambia-sunset

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  1. sounds perfect for me

  2. oh Tammy these posts are amazing wish I could be there with you!! Thank you for sharing!