The Himba of Namibia

The Himba of Namibia

After so many posts without any fashion inspiration, finally get to visit the most famous tribe in Namibia..THE HIMBA!!!! I am so in love with their culture and clothing/Accessories. However, when I went to visit them previously, it’s the 3rd raining day of 2013!!!! lucky ME:P

edgymix at Nambia

See my face? See how happy I am? I love everything of the Himba, their hair, their clothes, their accessories and their skin color! Oh wait, ofcourse I love how kind and lovely hey are also:)

tribal women-Nambia africa

They tried to put on all the accessories for me to take photos! Believe me, those necklaces are really heavy! And when I tried to buy off some of the accessories from them, they refuse to do that and said that’s a personal things! mmmmm…it’s so different from the Masai I met in Kenya! I always bought off accessories from them and they were always so happy because that’s a lot of money to them:) I really really love their head bank and ankle bracelets!!!

nambian tribe-Africa
headpiece of the Nambian tribe

Himba tribe use butter and Ochre ( a reddish color stone) stone to wash their body and their body never touch water.  The mixture is also for applying to their hair. When the hair grew, they apply more around the root.

nambian tribal men and women
tribal woman of nambia

Some women look more reddish in color because of their age and the frequency of apply those Ochre mixture. I have “tried to touch them” ;P..their skin are really really soft and beautiful! I cannot believe they have never taken a bath ever! also, what they used to clean their genital is Scented Smoke! They really do not smell bad at all when I came close to them:)

nambian tribe
grown up tribal women in nambia
tribal kid in Nambia, Africa
tribal kid-nambia

I had a photo of a girl making the orchre  mixture but since my computer is dead and the internet is so slow in here, I will try to do that when I get back to New York!

cattle in Nambia

Their main source of income is farming and cattle raising but it’s been so dry in Namibia this year it’s a tough time for them so far. So, after the tour, I gave the kids some can food, water and chocolate and check out how happy they are!! They are running around to thank me and said goodbye to me!

beautiful Nambian tribe
nambia tribe-africa

Definitely some of the most beautiful people I have ever met:)


So, if you have a chance to visit Ruacana, Namibia, Do remember to visit the Himba Tribe! Maybe you can even stay at the lodge that I had stayed at this time!!! it’s extremely beautiful and had the perfect sunset view:)

edgymix nambia cabin
sunset in nambia

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  1. Hi Tammy! I didnt know about this tribe, it is really interesting and fascinating to see and read the traditions the people have. It is impressive that they never take a bath but use that butter:) You took gorgeous photos too! Kisses and hugs dear, happy Easter! Take care!:*

  2. Great post and very beautiful and interesting people!
    Your face is looking nice and I hope you are doing good.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Bioten Skin Moisture : Moisturising 24H cream with 100% Quince. ReviewMy Profile

  3. Did they smell like butter? 🙂 That’s the one thing I remember from when I hung out with the Himbas… they smelled like butter.
    Diana recently posted..Map Of The Most Dangerous CountriesMy Profile