Luanda, Angola

Luanda, Angola

A lot of people said Angola is dangerous! To me I will still tell u the same things— it’s definitely not a particularly dangerous country! All u need to do is to be more vigilant! I had met so many fantastic people in africa and I am not surprise I met great people again in Angola. Whenever I go, everyone were trying to help us:)

city center luanda, angola

It all begin from the day we arrived Luanda and trying to figure out how to get to the city center from the outskirts of Luanda! Some local bush taxi driver tried to charge us $100 which is ridiculous so we went to ask a local driver to give us the local taxi rate to get to the center. this driver’ s name is tony ( he work with the US military) and he told us it’s approximately $ 20 and he was scared we didn”t have money so he was trying to give us 2000 angolan rank(approximately $20) to get a taxi. We were thrilled by his action but we told them we didn’t need money. We only need to know how to get to the center. Then he thought for 1 second and said he could drove us there! OK, this is like the hundred time that friendly local generously offering to help us! To be honest, Angola have not enough of local transportation at all which make people difficult to go anywhere they like. After all this country  had just been recovered by war for 10 years only. It might take a while for the government to fully develop efficient public transportation. Also since oil is cheaper than water in Angola and government subsidized people to buy their own car, most people in luanda rather buy their own car instead!


luanda, angola

Tony drove us around the city for about 2 hours!!!! His English was not very good but he tried his best to explain everything to us as he can. We kind of felt that he did actually want to spend the whole day with us in his luxurious Lexus but we felt really bad on taking advantage of him. Also, I need to meet up my friend that I met in portugal. Anyway, we came across so many  Portuguese buildings. After all Angola used to be a Portugal colony.

protugese building in luanda

Even the sign is made with tile….just like Portugal.

street sign at luanda

Afterward we had the most expensive lunch ever in Africa! It’s US$ 45 per person just for grilled fish, desert and a beer! Well, after all, Angola used to be the most expensive city in the world since everything is imported after so many year of civil war but the country have one of the largest oil reserve in the world so there are so many investments in this capital making it super expensive!

lunch at luanda, angola

desert in luanda

And how cute is the menu showing people a collage of African men’s clothing. Super cool!

collage of african men's clothings in luanda

Afterthat we met up with my friend David. I met David the lawyer when I was in porto. He went to study university there and had been traveling around the world for his job.

When I told him I would go Angola later,  he offer to show me around. Unfortunately, my plan was just to stay there for a day and he needed to work. He did made his best to meet us after work at 4pm and show us around Luanda again. He want to take us to Luanda island which has nice beaches or take us to his house for nice dinner. But we are in a hurry to leave this expensive city so we can only promise to come back ONE DAY.

david at luanda, angola

He drove us around the mausoleum of Angola’s first President, Antonio Agostinho Neto Nobody can get inside yet since the building is still not finished!!!! And do you guys know there are only 2 presidents in Angola till now only….erk!


moseleuoa at luanda

 And the Basilica is still under cnstruction………also

basilica in luanda

 And the harbour front is just beautifully landscape with plants and chairs. Very very modern!

harbour in luanda, angola

Angola is filled with oil and diamond, hopefully the government will work hard on rebuilding the country with minimal of corruption.. And hopefully big company likes De Beer will help this country and not just taking advantage of the country. Also, the Chinese government had invested 2 billions US dollar to this country and so far I saw the infrastructure is building up really good. I hope to visit this fabulous country in the near future.

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  1. Hi Tammy! I’m very impressed by your photos! I’m curious to see it too, the buldings are very cool!:) Kisses and hugs dear! xo

  2. It’s great that you always find some friendly local people! Love the buildings in Luanda, that pink house looks really pretty!
    Stefani recently posted..You give me fever when you kiss me, fever when you hold me tightMy Profile

  3. Angola is brilliant, looks clean, loving the buildings and the food. Everywhere in the world is dangerous no where is safe, we just need to be careful and never act strange when you get to a strange city, act like you are part of them.

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