From Congo to DRC

From Congo to DRC

A lot of people might wonder how to travel around some part of Africa, esp those countries that are relatively unstablle and poor. I always wanted to write about the cost to travel around. how to travel around and where to go. I promise you guys, once I have “high speed” internet, my own computer and back to civilization, I will tell you all about it. So, right now, I will gigve you all a rough idea on the difficulty on traveling around Congo and DRC.

nasty road in congo
If you have read my last post regarding Gabon, you know most of my gear went flat!. Almost most of my clothings was torned or had a big hole on them! actully most part of Africa the roads had improved a lot but for Central Africa like Congo and DRC(democractic Republic of Congo), the roads are still pretty bad. When you come across bumpy and dusty road, they are certainly not the best for electronics or ANYTHING! There were so many times I found myself coverd with dusts, my whole face was brownish in color!, my feet was filled with mud and my fingernails were blackish in color! Obviouly I only showed you guys the best part from my past road:P
road in congo

There were days that I showered out of a bottle of water because there’s no water, no electricity what so ever(like internet?? hell no!)! If I came across a town, I will try to find internet cafe to do some research on my upcoming travel, it will take 20 mintues to load one page!) and some times I need to came across weird keyboard format, people trying to sepak to me while I am working and electricity blackout from time to time! BUT, this is still part of the traveling experince to me:)I am glad I am in Africa and I cherish every moment of it and I really want to share with you guys. I tried my best to take the best photos if I can, but I cannot rish to expose my big camera from time to time because of the dust and humidity. If my Nikon camera die, I die:P So I was using my waterproof camera that’s why you will sometime find some really bad photos on this sites. After my waterproof camera die, I need to borrow my friend’s camera to take photo which she put weird setting on it( vintage fliter mode in this post). Also, I went to DRC with ZERO photographs taken!) This is because police will stop us if we take photographs! They do not want anyone to take photos of their country!!!…hmmm

And, look at the road from above, it’s muddy, slippery and bumpy. When overlanders came across this kind of road..WHILE ITS” RAINING! It mean we will have to wait and pray for the rain to stop!!

rainy day in congo

Cus if the rain don’t stop, you are stuck! Why, because it’s too slippery there might be a chnace for your car to tip over. Because the road is too mud you car might sinked and get stuck!! Too many horrrifying possibilties you won’t risk car(or life) for that:P Also, like when we tried to cross the congo river by ferry to DRC from Congo and we had to try multiple spots! This is because some port will need a “crane” to carry your car to the ferry and there might be a possibility your car might fall into the river!  Finally we find a port that we could juswt rolled our car to the ferry and crossed the river! Check out below photo for the congo river…see the rapids? You can actully do rafting over there..NO KIDDING:P

rapid along congo river

There are just too many things I can never show to all of you by photos or writing, you all have to experience this by coming to AFRICA:P

beautiful day in congo, africa
beautiful sunset, DRC, africa

The sunset photos are the only 2 photos I had taken in DRC and the only town I went is called Matadi! People are lovely and most of the houses are built up on the hill! Other than that, it’s just a villag to some people without anything exciting to check out. But DRC is huge and there’s still gorilla at the eastern part of the country.Although some part of the country are still at war but some tour company still do Gorrilla pass for Adventurous people! So, if you are interested in visiting this country, do email me and I will try to gather some info for you:) Cheers

beautiful sunset in DRC

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  1. Hello Tammy. Beautiful sunset. What an adventure every step of the way!
    Pamela RG recently posted..Rhapsody of ColoursMy Profile

  2. So good to hear from you! Hope you have a blast and enjoy your time there!
    Michelle @ the World is a Book recently posted..Waarom wonen in Brussel geweldig isMy Profile

  3. Dearest Tammy,
    Those that never have traveled really inland cannot imagine the dangers and risks one takes. You still show us some incredible photos!
    Don’t worry about your readers too much; stay safe and guard your electronics.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics recently posted..International Sterling Rose Pendant on Black Raspini NecklaceMy Profile