People always think of Congo as a primitive jungle! Gorillas, rainforest, muddy roads and civil wars! Except for the animal part, not a lot of people can think of anything nice can come out from this country.

congo women

But like many other African countries, Congo is slowly rebuilding it infrastructure, with the help of the Chinese Government! Everywhere I had been, there’s loads of Chinese investments! The roads might be bad right now, but in 5 or 10 years time, I think it will be a whole new world in Africa. There’s just so many natural resources in Africa and if that country are not at war, that African country should be very rich. However, a lot of African countries are still under the control of a corrupted government with so many years of DICTATORSHIP! You can tell by how the government spent so much money on Big buildings but little money on people! Just take a look at this impressive Brasilica at the capital of Congo! It was built at the 70’s but still look really nice even for now.

basilica at brazzaville

The roof is made of tiles and the doors are made with copper.

copper door in the basilica congo
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edgymix at basilica, congo
basilique congo
basilica in brazzaville, congo


Brazzaville to me is just like any other city in the world. You can find anything in here and is not particularly  dangerous. There are some interesting buildings, e.g. The train station.

train station in brazzaville
brazzaville, congo africa

Many many ‘ impressive’ statues:p

brazzaville, congo
statue in brazzaville

This capital city actually is a port which connect both side of the congo river. Right ross the river is DRC’s capital – Kinshasa.It look like a modern city with many high rise to me which is really surprising. Some part of DRC are still at war but their capital city have more high rises than the capital of Republic of Congo!!

kinchasa from brazzaville

People seem to have a very peaceful and relax life in the Congo after many years of civil war. Fashion is still one of the main things in this African country:)

vlisco shop in brazzaville

Even the man dress up nicely like the other African country.

mens clothings in Brazzaville

I am fascinated by the safety seat belt of the local taxi! They made the clip at the side of the window so the seat belt actually fit better and will not get onto your neck!

seat belt clip in brazzaville

Afterall, Congo, or maybe the capital of Congo–is just like any city in the world!!!It’s not as primitive as most people think! Cheers:)

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  1. wow, congo is beautiful!!! the pictures of the buildings are brilliant..

  2. Hi Tammy! Is for sure a great and interesting place to visit!:) Great photos dear! Take care! Kisses!:*

  3. Dearest Tammy,
    You name St Anne’s Basilica, built in 1949 by Roger Erell, wrongly by ‘Brasilia’…
    Guess a cathedral built during the French Congo era, cannot be mentioned in one sentence as the Government spending money on big buildings. I don’t know of ANY government that built Churches or Cathedrals. Those were probably mainly sponsored by the French Catholic people as is often the case that they supported their colonies. So please try to separate religious buildings from government buildings of prestige!
    Those photos are really impressive and building a good infrastructure is THE way to go for the future!
    Love the green tiled roof of St Anne’s Basilica with all its copper work! That will last for ages to come.
    Hugs to you and stay safe.

    • Thanks for correcting my spelling mistake…internet is so bad in Africa it’s driving me crazy and I do not have my computer with I am using weird keyboard in some weird places for a short period of time!. Anyway. African president did build churches themselves, a good example will be the one in ivory coast’s capital. That was built by their last president which was so corrupted but he was to built somethihg really big in the town he was borned.

      Also, I do not have time to do any research on the internet at all, so what I wrote are solely by what I heard from the local, hope you understand:))))