Bafoussam, Cameroon

Bafoussam, Cameroon

All the Kingdoms in Africa is unique in some way, but somehow they are all connected. I was told that People from Dahomey kingdom are the same people in Bafoussam. They are all originally from Nigeria and migrated over there to start their own kingdom. The palaces might look different from the way of building the palaces were so similar. There’s always a main building, an open courtyard for people to gather and some other compounds. The Chefferie(or Palace) in Bafoussam is a place that you cannot miss:)

bafoussam, cameroon
palais royale bafoussam
chefferie at cameroon
cheferie at bafoussam

The roof of most buildings in Bafoussam are shaped like above! This kind of roof used to be unique to the chief’s house(and wives). However, people like it so much they copy this roof everywhere! When I passed by town, almost all the houses have this kind of roof which is really interested to me!

cheferie at bafoussam, cameroon

We went to the “Live museum” which the Chief’s Sister told us there’s spirit inside!

museum at Cameroon
inside of the chefferie at bafoussam

They still do ceremony in here and the chief’s sister told me she got 17 fiancée to choose to be her husband!

at bafoussam

All the Kings was listed on the wall!

cheferie at bafoussam cameroon

And if you want to the be the wife of the chief, you only need to get through the above door!

museum de palace royal-bafoussam
stamp painting at chefferie, bafoussam

You can see the stamp painting of the above wall, it’s unique to the where the chief wife’s live.

bafoussam, cameroon africa

I did find all the other paintings and cravings very interesting:)

palace royal at bafoussam

And once the King Inaugurated, he needed to spend 9 weeks in the Jungle with 7 women to make them pregnant. The jungle is right pass this gate!

palace at bafoussam, cameroon

This is the African way:)

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  1. Very nice architecture. I think the triangle shaped roof is also for air ventilation, to keep the inside cooler. Have a good weekend Tammy,
    Pamela RG recently posted..Wonderful and WhimsicalMy Profile

  2. Dearest Tammy,
    Indeed this is the African way of palaces and primitive behavior. Corrugated roofs and mud roads leading up to the so-called palaces…
    Hugs to you,

  3. Very interesting, I just love how you share culture and traditions. Thank you!! The pictures are beautiful like always Tammy!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..OrdinaryMy Profile

  4. beautiful pics!

  5. Wow awesome pictures tammy cameroon looks super beautiful, so sorry didn’t see you share your post on google+ so i thought there were no new post, as i kept on visiting google+ and found the same old post. I hope you are enjoying your tour.

  6. These photos are amazing!