My Adventure in Benin

My Adventure in Benin

Benin is definitely one of the best West african Country for Solo female traveler. Since Martine and I always needed do our own stuff, I was on my own again to travel to this wonderful country. I met so many great people who helped me with everything because I do not speak a word of French. I am really really so grateful for every single one of them:) Below are some of my beautiful experiences in Benin-

(1) Cotonou

-I arrived this modern city in the morning hoping to find internet connection to do some work. I asked a man regarding wifi connection at the restaurant. He told me there was NO internet at this area but he can had his Driver to take me to the nearby Novetel Hotel which I could get excellant internet connection there. His “driver” even buy me a drink for me- AT NOVETEL!! The price is not normal for normal african people there !!

-I arrived Cotonou again after traveling to Abomey and this time I arrive back to this city really late. I forgot the name of the hotel I stayed at last time so I called this “driver” again, he came all the way at the taxi stand for me and took me to the hotel I wanted!!!

-I need to go to Nigerian Embassy for some visa information but I do not speak french and I was scared the taxi driver do not know the way(it happened when I tried to get to Ganvie and taxi driver do not know the way back to my hotel)So, I called this “driver” again! He said he could took me there….period! OM man, This driver really become my “driver”!!!!

-Whenever my “motorbike” driver do not know the way, I call “him” for help!!! he was always there:)


(2) Ouidah

I need to head north to Abomey from Ouidah and some local told me I could go straight from Ouidah to Abomey. The beach resort people   took me to the taxi station with his motorbike and help me explained everything in french for me there! also, when I arrive Abomey, whenever I need to explain to someone in French, I called him for “help”. He would always be there for me:)

When I was on the brush taxi to Abomey, the taxi driver is so kind to bought me water and food for free since I do not have”small” money:P He also helped me to arrange a motorbike to take me to the center of town:)

(3) Abomey

You guys have no idea how many time local people were yelling at me while I tried to (kind of) take photos of them:P But When I was in Abomey trying to get a brush taxi back to Cotonou, I met many nice people who told me there would be no problem to take photo of them. Including this “chief” in Abomey, I am not sure whether he really is a chief but he seems to be an important person. He also told me his daughter is a warriors of the Dahomey Kingdom and gave me a photo of her:)

man gbannoukouin-abomey
photo from abomey benin

He was so funny that he took me to his house and changed his clothes for me to take photos!!

at abomey
at abomey benin

During the taxi ride, he even bought me an ice-cream!!! What an awesome experience:)

Travelling around Benin(actually most of Africa) is NOT Cheap at all. At the center of Cotonou a “normal”hotel can cost me US$60 for a night and a regular meal cost me US$12. If you ever want to travel around Benin, do budget yourself(except for backpacker who is really tough:P)

cost of food in benin

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  1. Very nice photos.i have never heard about this place. So sweet of that guy to bring ice creams.:)
    Niesha recently posted..Everyuth Ultra Mild Scrub Review with Apricot and PapayaMy Profile

  2. Hi Tammy, grat pictures and great post, like always at you! 🙂
    Ako recently posted..“Crêpes Suzette” i święto "La Chandeleur".My Profile

  3. Wow – sounds like you are having a great time in Africa. I heard it’s not cheap, I need to save a bit before heading there but I can’t wait to go!!
    Angela recently posted..Sorry Phuket, I didn’t fall in loveMy Profile

  4. Dearest Tammy,
    You certainly did mean the Novotel, that is a French chain so sure they got good Internet connection set up. Great to read that you got such excellent courtesy from the people in Benin. Still you wonder, how in the world could those Kings back than ever have ‘sold’ such nice citizens as slaves… Sad!
    Enjoy your journey and stay safe.

  5. Yup it’s always confusing when meeting new cultures and wondering “should I try to photograph or they will kill me with sticks”. Glad to see some locals opened up 😀 You make the most interesting photographs, I really like them 🙂

  6. I love reading your posts Tammy 😀
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Op reis met: bloggers gezocht!My Profile

  7. such a great experience… yesterday my taxi asked me who my favorite singer was, and when i was visiting he went to buy a Michael jackson CD for me… It s not an ice cream but I felt it was soo nice from him 🙂 Take care Tammy
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..MauritiusMy Profile

  8. It’s great that you met so many nice people! Love the photos!

  9. It’s so nice that you met good, friendly and helpful people there. You will remember them forever.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Chanel Cruise 2013My Profile