Limbe Wildlife Center, Cameroon

Limbe Wildlife Center, Cameroon

My visit to the Afi Mountain Drill Ranch was a failure and I didn’t see any Drill Monkeys at all. In Cameroon, I am able to see this endanger animal finally. Although I didn’t see them “in the wild”, it still make me very happy:)

limbe wildlife center, cameroon

Check out the Beautiful butt of the Drill Monkey!!! Aren’t they AWESOME?:P

drill monkey at Limbe, cameroon

They are just so unique we REALLY need to try hard to protect them:)

drill monkey at limbe- cameroon

I also saw Silverback Gorillas at the wildlife center and I cannot believe how big and muscular they can be!

silver back gorilla at cameroon
Gorilla, Cameroon
gorilla at limbe, cameroon

Africa is fill with wildlife, lizards, birds and all kind of animal. I just wish mankind can protect them well and educate the local people NOT to eat BUSH MEAT for some silly excuses/reason!

lizard at cameroon
bird nest at cameroon
bird at cameroon

We need this world to remain beautiful so we can enjoy them:)


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  1. wow!! Beautiful and I agree:)
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..mama momentsMy Profile

  2. Lol they are Tammy! And I agree with you, we should protect them and all the nature there! The photos are amazing! Kisses dear! xo

  3. amazing pics, I love reading your posts 🙂
    Mademoiselle Kier recently posted..Marseille encore une foisMy Profile

  4. So true Tammy. We have to protect and take of our environment and the animals too. Beautiful photos. The gorillas are beautiful.
    Pamela RG recently posted..LFW 2013: So IrresistibleMy Profile

  5. wow very impressive animal 🙂 love your pics
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..unforgettableMy Profile