Limbe, Cameroon

Limbe, Cameroon

I love Cameroon, not just because my travel partner is from there. It’s also because the place is so clean, the air is so fresh, food have so many varieties and many people grow fruits and vegetables everywhere!! I can see people do really love life and love to eat. That’s the 2 things I feel it’s very important. Just check out the first Rubbish Bin I have ever seen in West/central Africa and you will understand:P

rubbish bin at limbe, cameroon
The day we arrived Limbe, Martine and her Family friends took us to a famous fish restaurant by the beach. We took a bush Taxi which normally take up to 8 people in one car!!! It’s a joy ride:P

sharing bush taxi at cameroon
beach front at limbe, cameroon

There’s so many european tourists came over to Limbe for holiday and  enjoy the local cuisines.

grilled fish from cameroon

We ordered fish, shrimp and a local delicate made with Casava! IT’s taste really amazing esp with the secret peper source!

lunch at limbe, cameroon

You can ride a horse for fun by the beach..

beach at limbe-cameroon

Or buy souvenirs at the local shops there.

slipper at limbe, cameroon

Cameroon have this unique house dress for women which is big and flare! It’s call “gle-du-rrah”. Unlike other african countries which like tight custom made dresses, this is really “special’ to me:P

cameroon loose dresses

I saw some Nollywood production over there so you can imagine how beautiful the place is:P

beach at limbe, cameroon

It’s a beautiful day in Limbe, Camer0on:)

dawn at limbe, cameroon

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  1. Dearest Tammy,
    You point it out so well about the trashing of those countries! What a shame that you encountered only in Cameroon your very 1st trashcan! That speaks volumes… sadly.
    Stay well and make the best of everything you both do.

  2. Wow! What a cool place to visit. The weather seems fantastic! I am glad you are meeting lots of wonderful people. Be safe!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Black and YellowMy Profile

  3. Hi Tammy! Wow what a beautiful place! the people there seem very nice and friendly! Great photos, take care dear! Kisses!:*