Interview with Martine Ekango from London

Interview with Martine Ekango from London

Martin Ekano is my Traveling partner in West Africa at the moment and she always want to have a good time and explore the night life of that local city. She was born in Cameroon but had moved to London since she was 3. She said she love africa but she also love the diversity of london because you can meet anyone from anywhere in this planet. Here is an interview with her to find out more about her life in london before we HIT Cameroon:)

Martine at Nigeria
(1)What do you think of London?

London is a Multi-culture place with Lots of things to do. You can taste different cuisines and meet up with different people from all around the world.

(2)Where do you suggest people go to meet up different people from around the world?

Bars or Night clubs in London are fun place to meet up different people from around the world since a lot of people traveling to London want to have fun at night. They want to hang out and know more interesting people. It’s a totally different experience than clubbing in many part of the world because you can meet both local people and people from elsewhere. If you want to see the nightlife of London, you definitely need to go to a club in London.

late night london

(3)Do you have the names of the club in London you can suggest people to go there?

Tiger Tiger, Ministry of Sound or the Lounge are all amazing.

(4)What is you favorite Club? And why?

My Favorite club is Tiger Tiger because there’s 2 different levels inside the club. The Top level is for people to talk and mingle up! You can definitely meet up some new and fun people at that level. The second level is for those who really want to dance and party! The music is also excellent which range from Pop, R&B, hip Hop to Seoul! Different day they have different music theme so people will never get bored over there.

tiger tiger

Thanks Martine the Clubbing Queen for letting us know something about london. If you are interested to visit London later, do check out the night life in this vibrant city:)

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  1. Nice interview Tammy, she seems a cute and funny person! xo

  2. Nightlife in London is the best in Europe. Interesting interview. I’m glad you met Martine during your trip there in Africa.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Weekend In TangierMy Profile