Foumbam, Cameroon

Foumbam, Cameroon

Foumbam is located at the West Region of Cameroon and it’s so different from the rest of the country. The main religion in Foumbam is Muslim and people here dress more like in Zagora and Senegal than the rest of Cameroon.    

foumbam, west Cameroon
muslim from foumbam, cameroon

The sultan’s palace is the main attraction of this area and like many part of Africa, this Palace is NOT original. The orignal Bamboo and wood palace was burned down ages ago and was re-built later. There’s a lot of arabic influence to this palace I find it fascinating:)

southern palace at foumbam, cameroon
southern palace--foumbam

The museum inside(which photos is prohibited) showed a lot of interesting things about the Kings of Foumbam. The local guide said that this is a “live” museum and whenever there’s a ceremony, they will still use those Hats, Drums and Masks inside the museum. I wish I can show you all the “secret society” clothing which are really interesting Due to limited internet access, I will try to tell you guys more about this later:)

kings of Foumbam, cameroon

The more I traveled around Africa, the more I learned that people really live their life differently in many parts of the world!

southern palace, foumbam cameroon
southern palace of foumbam, cameroon

Tradition should never been forgotten but DO choose what you want to believe in(Cameroonian do believe in Transformation and Black Magic)!

music from foumbam, cameroon

Afterall, I did enjoyed the traditional music of Foumban very much:)

tradition from foumbam, cameroon

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  1. Dearest Tammy,
    You sure get quite a different cultural taste with your travel. Great post and this looks neater in a way. Love the buildings and the clothing too.

  2. Great photos, it all looks very colorful and pretty 😀 Have fun!
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  3. Dear Tammy, it seems a gorgeous place! In particula the sultan’s palace is really impressive, what a building:) You took such great photos! Hope you are fine, love and hugs!:*