Cameroonian Lunch at Limbe

Cameroonian Lunch at Limbe

Cameroon had been colonized by the German, English and French. It’s cuisine is unique and delicious and I am so happy to have a chance to taste the national dish-Ndole at Martine’s family friend house! I believe it’s the best experience I had so far because unlike eating it at a restaurant, I saw how this national dish is made from Scratch!

at limbe, cameroon
Rhonda is from the Caribbean Island-Trinidad and Tobago and she know a lot about the history of slavery,voodoo and West African Cuisine since her family were those slaves coming from Ghana/Benin. She said her family still practice voodoo back in Trinidad and the Caribbean cuisine and West African cuisine have so much in common  She is also traveling with me right now so I aam so happy that I can learn a lot from her and Martine.

cooking Ndole, cameroon food

The national dish they are making is Ndole- a stew consisting of fish or beef, peanuts and bitter leave. It’s very labour intensive since it took 4-5 hours just to make this dish from scratch.

ndole, cameroon food

Everyone is wearing this Kaba dress called”Gle du-rrah”.

family friend at limbe
kaba dress
auntie at limbe, cameroon

And to make Miondo(it’s grated cassava wrapped in forest leaves) need 4 days. It’s chewy and yummy!!! I am so in love with Miondo I declare I love it more than FuFu!

cassava from cameroon, miondo
cassava noddle from cameroon

The best part was to eat the Ndole and Miondo! The Ndole had Peppers and Onions inside and it tasted so delicious.


It’s another beautiful day in Cameroon:)

family house at limbe, cameroon

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  1. That seems so great, what a wonderful experience! I love the dresses 😀 Enjoy your time in Africa Tammy!
    Michelle recently posted..De 10 tofste steden tot nu toeMy Profile

  2. It is really fun to taste new dishes. Good thing that the people you met are so kind and generous.
    Pamela RG recently posted..MFW 2013: Stepping OutMy Profile

  3. Aww so awesome!! Those dresses so vibrant and with love!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..Gluten free and a miracle…My Profile

  4. Dearest Tammy,
    Good for you that you LOVED those special dishes. Sure, those slaves did take their food culture with them and it will be almost a parallel culture still.
    Enjoy your time with those two special guides; makes all the difference!
    Hugs to you,

  5. Hi Tammy! What a cool and unique experience! Im always interested in finding and trying new and different food too so just wonder how it was! Lovely photos! Kisses dear and stay safe! xo

  6. So amazing! I love that you where able to see and experience this dish from scratch.

    Sonia recently posted..MIDSUMMER DREAMINGMy Profile

  7. Beatiful pics. It all looks so relaxed.


  8. Now I am super hungry!
    Great pictures!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..One Look, Two Shoes and Many Stripes.My Profile

  9. Omg Tammy this looks incredible! Fantastic work miss! We used to follow each other on my old blog, Professor Barbie…but I would love it if we followed each other on bloglovin for my new website, The Blonde Silhouette. I will wait for your comment on my blog.

    Love Ashleigh,
    The Blonde Silhouette