Benin City, Nigeria

Benin City, Nigeria

I have not stayed in Nigeria long enough and I didn’t even go to the capital and Lagos! But My feeling was-West African countries who have been colonized by the French definitely have a better vibe than other West African countries. At least those places are more clean and food are much better! In Nigeria, the food variety is terrible and they seems not to be interested in Farming at all. Needless to say the local fashion is boring and westernized! Everyone seems to like wearing tee shirts and pant rather than traditional African clothing. Road is not terrible but during a rainy day can be really disturbing.

rainy day in benin city

Tuk Tuk is the main mode of transport for most Nigerian. So as cheap motorbike from China.

tuktuk at benin city
tuk tuk in benin city, nigeria

Nigerian Movies are BIG in among Africa. Every household watch TV and movies from Nigeria. There’s Nigerian Idol, Nigerian lifestyle channel and Nigerian Stood Up comedies. If you are interested in these Nollywood movies, do search them online and you will be “impressed”:) I admit, I watched a lot of them while I was in Ghana:)

Benin City, Nigeria copy

And Guinness is Big in nigeria also. Almost everyone drink this beer:)

guiness, nigeria

There’s quite a few monuments in Benin City for you to check them out, but other than that, tourist attraction is limited.


benin city
benin city, nigeria

But being in Nigeria ia already an Adventure. I am so lucky, nothing really have happened to me and I wish to come back to this country very shortly:) Cheers

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  1. Lovely pisc =D
    Amina recently posted..Webcam PicsMy Profile

  2. Dearest Tammy,
    Sad to read that they are still not farming or cultivating anything for better food provision. the road looks awful. They don’t seem to be that industrial and Guiness beer is not helping them along much, neither does their Nollywood production as that is not for the betterment of mankind.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Hopefully your stay there went fine:) Looks as interesting place to visit, but I hope the situation will improve soon.. thanks to see it from your lenses:) Tammy dear, miss you!! Take care lovely:*

  4. Fascinating place and Nigerian Idol sounds pretty cool!

    Rebecca recently posted..Scarf-print SkirtMy Profile

  5. Great photos; looks so cool 😀
    Michelle @ the World is a Book recently posted..Op reis met: bloggers gezocht!My Profile

  6. Every journey you take is an adventure. Very honest feature Tammy.
    Pamela RG recently posted..NYFW 2013 Bags ReviewMy Profile

  7. Love reading about your trips! This one looks like it was enlightening . . .

    oxoxoxo from San Francisco

  8. As a Nigerian abroad away from home I can totally understand you, we have a very hard situation on farming in Nigeria and most of us are all westernized in everything.
    But If you had chance to visit the southern part of the country, there is a lot on tourism in Lagos and the southern states.
    I am glad to see your honest post and I hope you can visit with me Next time I am going home.
    I am glad you are safe because honestly speaking Nigeria is not a safe place jokes aside.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..One Look, Two Shoes and Many Stripes.My Profile

  9. Did you feel unsafe at anytime in Nigeria? It looks like you had a good time but I’ve heard different stories about this place…
    Diana recently posted..Map Of The Most Dangerous CountriesMy Profile

  10. Oh No!!! Tammy Benin city is a village, just like kent and outside of every capital of a country.It’s still very rural area and people find so much peace in rural area than the city. I have never been to Benin city but Lagos and other places in Nigeria are far better than this i tell you. You should have visited places like Lekki and Lagos. ABuja. You would want to visit again.

  11. The First Monument, 3 standing stones & a Calabash is in Cross River state not Benin please. Correct it…