Lome, Togo

Lome, Togo

I am currently in Lome, Togo staying at a beach resort again. To be honest, I am sick and tired of waiting for visa approval but traveling around West Africa required you to obtain tourist Visas before you enter their countries and they make it really hard for you to get it. I do not want to say why they do that but that’s the fact. Even after you pay huge amount of money, they still do not want to give it to you. Anyway, I like lome afterall:) It’s a much cleaner country than Ghana and people are less agressive. They sell many different kind of vegetables in the market and the food are delicious there. Togo used to be a French colony afterall so I found all the African countries that used to be a french colonies tend to have really really good food!

market at lome, togo

People farm by the road side which I found very interesting! Although the town is NOT as dusty as Guinea or Ghana, there’s still many dust floating around!!

farm by the road in lome, togo

And there’s a big LCD Screen in the middle of TOWN…awesome:)

big screen TV in lome, Togo

There’s nth much to do in the city but I did went to the museum there-Musee Du International Golfe De Guinea.

museum at lome, togo
at lome museum
african jewelry in lome, togo

And I love to have this swimming pool in the museum because it’s truly African Style! If you have check out my Heart Heart African campaign page, you will know my sunroom are decorated in African style also….I LOVE IT:)

cute museum at lome
museum in togo

I haven’t seen much of Togo yet but I hope to show you guy more about togo later, cheers guy:)

lome, togo

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  1. I have learned that sometimes in life our plans change and are not what we wanted but in the end it ended being better than the path we had set out to walk. So glad it is going well and those pictures are wonderful!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..CherishMy Profile

  2. Blah, didn’t know it was so hard to get visa. Bueaucracy is a bitch!

  3. Dearest Tammy,
    It is annoying those visa procedures but I’m afraid that is the MAIN problem with anything in those countries. That way nobody wants to do business with them or invest for that matter… But you got yourself a nice pool again. Enjoy Togo!

  4. Hi Tammy!! ahhh I am soooo behind on your blog..
    That resort looks nice..& good luck getting your visa!
    Tiffany recently posted..309. Randoms from INSTAGRAMMy Profile

  5. The big LCD screen in the middle of the town is really cool!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Hi Tammy! Sorry you still havent gotten your Visa, this place looks great btw, I’m in love with the pool! This houst is really heavenly:) Kisses dear and take care! xo

  7. Visa is a big deal in West Africa for so many reasons, people from Africa also suffer a great deal to visit any other country , so many African Country make it difficult for others too as a payback even though its quit silly, I can totally understand and yes Beraucrasy is a bitch!
    I hope you get your Visa quick dear.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Review: Lierac Sensual oil with 3 white flowers for moisturizing face-body-hairMy Profile

  8. I was just reading the news about the situation in Algeria and I immediately thought of you. I know you are not there, but still hope you are being careful and safe. Wish you all the best Tammy <3
    lalipops recently posted..Cyclam H&M CoatMy Profile

  9. I hope you will receive your Visas soon. For the moment, just relaxin the pool. The Resort looks nice. Have a good weekend.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Surprising MalagaMy Profile

  10. wow!!! togo is beautiful, lurv the cycling art, funny and sweet.