Elmina, Ghana

Elmina, Ghana

Elmina, formerly known as Gold Coast house the oldest European building in existence below the Sahara-St. George’s castle. It is historically and indisputably the most important and oldest european building in the entire tropical world and americas. It was build by the Portuguese ten years before Christopher Columbus set foot on the “New World”. I was told Ghana used to have the biggest slave trade in Africa and St. George Castle is the biggest slave trade market.

elimina, ghana africa

Slavery happened to many countries in the past-for example Ancient China, Ancient Egypt, etc. The start of African Slavery is by the Arabs but the amont is SO Small when compare to the Atlantic Slave Trade. So nowadays when people talked about Slavery they usually refer to this horrific event! If you are from the US, Caribbean and Brasil, it’s best to know the root of where YOU are coming from and you most likely undertand a lot better when you are in Ghana. The story is very long and complicated so I will just let you guys look at wikipedia:P But If you check out the photos I took in here, you can never imagine such horrific slave trade event can took place in such a beautiful place!! The castle had 280 degree of sea view!


And the beach and village next to i was absolutely amazing!

peep of the elimina castle
elimina-ghana copy
elimina castle, ghana africa

The castle was first build for European trader to trade good with the African trader. The Dungeon used to store goods was turned in to Slave Dungeon later. If Slave did anything bad, they will be put in a punishment cell and the cell have no window, no ventilation, no light whatsoever!!!

the punishment cell, elimina

The “Door Of No Return” was very small to prevent escape of the slave! It’s so different from the one in Goree Island-Senegal

door of no return

You can see the Fort at a distance from the Castle and Fort is build to protect the castle from Enemies because it’s up on the hill and spot enemies easily.

fort and castle in Elimina, ghana
fort in elimina

School tour are arranged to visit the castle every now and then.

elimina castle, ghana

Elmina is a beautiful town with absolutely beautiful setting! Almost all the beaches there are gorgeous and I happened to see pigs running around the beach while people were playing football-Funniest every!!

pig in the beach-elimina
pig playing football on the beach, ghana
pig in the beach-ghana
beach in elimina

If you happend to be in Ghana, do spend time and visit Elmina.Cheers:)

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  1. It is an amazing place indeed! Stunning photos Tammy, is must be heavenly! Happy weekend and take care! xo

  2. haha pigs running on the beach, that’s a new one ! Love it 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your adventure 🙂
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  3. Breath taking ! Such a sad story slavery, yet these people seem to be stronger and kinder !!
    Thank you for sharing your travels
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..opportunityMy Profile

  4. Thank you for this wonderful post!
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  5. Gorgeous photos! It looks really fun there! 🙂

  6. Beautiful beach. Such a historical place too. Looks like you are having fun over there. Keep safe.
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