Busua, Ghana

Busua, Ghana

There’s just too many beach towns in Ghana but Busua is definitely one of my favourite. Why? because it is the safest(and maybe the smalled) beach town in Ghana. Not too touristic and not as dirty as other major town. I can really relax over there:)

beach in ghana-africa
The town closeby is MUCH cleaner than market in Accra and Kumasi… relatively!!!!

market in busua, ghana

And you can find a lot of colorful accessories and clothing:)


accessories from busua, ghana
dress from ghana

You will be amazed by how many things sold in Africa are “MADE IN CHINA”!!!! Fabrics, slippers, earrings, tiles, food, etc,etc. Well, at least many clothing here are tailor made by African!


fabric store-ghana

You might find a tailor station over at your beach resort to help you tailor made your clothes.

Ghana tailor
ghanian tailor

men's shirt from ghana

Or you can just sit by the beach/pool to relax:)

life is a beach in ghana africa
life is a beach in ghana
life is a beach, ghana
beach resort in ghana, africa
beach resort, ghana africa
beach resort, ghana
african room in ghana

Or enjoy some seafood and alcohol!

lobster for lunch in ghana
boiling losbter in ghana
lobster lunch
beach resort in ghana

If you are brave enough, you can try some local “cuisine”. Smoked fishes are everywhere…covered up with flies:P

smoked fish in busua, ghana

I suggest you all to buy other local food in other places instead:P Afterall you want to enjoy your holiday not getting sick right? Cheers

lizard from ghana

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  1. Lol for the food! The place is gorgeous though, take care Tammy! Hugs!!:***

  2. Dearest Tammy,
    There must be plenty of seafood available; looks yummy.
    Even the beach is kind of ‘reddish’ like the dirt roads you show.
    Enjoy this color feast.

  3. Everything is so colorful. The beach looks really pretty.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. wow Tammy ! this capture so beautiful!!!!

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    Carola recently posted..Pre Collection FW 2013/14 MantùMy Profile

  5. love this color!!! amazing place!
    Carola recently posted..Pre Collection FW 2013/14 MantùMy Profile

  6. Great place!
    Hope you are staying safe love!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Beauty Bag from Lierac Hellas and Phyto HellasMy Profile

  7. So colourful and the food look so fresh!
    Pamela RG recently posted..Al Fresco MalagaMy Profile

  8. Such a nice place, I love all the pretty colors!

    Paola recently posted..The Art of StencilingMy Profile

  9. Wow, that looks beautiful. I love all the colours!