Ngor Island, Senegal

Ngor Island, Senegal

After 2 week of separation since Morocco, finally I got to see Martine again in Senegal! She went through Mauritania to Dakar while I flew from casablanca to Dakar! First, I called Heidi-the contact I got from the pilot I met in Casablanca and we all went for a lovely lunch around Dakar.We had a lovely talked then she drove us to the ferry station where we can took the ferry to this beautiful island named NGOR.

to Ngor island-senegal

People can do all sort of things in here- Water-ski, wakeboard,surfing and Scuba Diving.

Diving in Senegal
Edgymix to Ngor island

We then walked around the island with a “tour guide” around. One thing you need to know about traveling around Senegal, you can never get rid of people trying to be your guide. If you make one go, the other will come to you. Also, people will try to sell you things all the time! So, you better just let it go and be happy. At the end of the day when you think of people from senegal, you will think they are really nice and hard-working because at least they are NOT begging you for money or Robbing you:)

edgymix at Ngor island-Senegal

There is a surf camp over there where you can just learn surfing and relax.

Surfcamp at Ngor island-senegal
surfing at Ngor island

Martine is trying to taste the fruit of Cactus! She just love to taste everything she saw and I kept telling her it’s DANGEROUS! Well, the guide said it’s safe and he tried that himself for us. So, we all got a chance to taste it 😛

fruit from Ngor island
from Ngor island senegal
having fun at Ngor island senegal

We went to play drum and chilled out at the bar afterward:P

playing drum at Ngor island senegal
playing drum in Ngor island
beautiful Ngor island-senegal

at Ngor island-senegal

chilling out at Ngore island
at Ngor island, senegal

This island make me felt like I am at the Caribbean(esp Jamaica!) People act like, dress like and sounds like Jamaican.. or the other way round:P and the island is just too beautiful! The beach is clean and the water is clear.

statue at senegal

If you see the photo above clearly, you will see the infamous African Renaissance Monument. The people we met on the island said they will never visit this monument because they think the president spent so much money on it(it cost US$ 27 million) instead of helping the senegalese people! They really really dislike the idea but there’s nothing they can do. I actually passed by this monument again when we took a taxi back to our hotel and it’s really amazing to see that at night with all the lights on. Well, at least senegal is a comparatively less corrupted country among west africa-that’s what I think!!!!

sunset at Ngor island senegal


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  1. Fabulous pictures, it must be a wonderful experience 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Shopping de Noël à Paris !!My Profile

  2. Fabulous pictures, it must be a wonderful experience 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Shopping de Noël à Paris !!My Profile

  3. Wow I never knew that about the monument !! Looks like your having a great time and the pictures are wonderful!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..Day of RemembranceMy Profile

  4. Hi Tammy! Seems you are having a great time! Keep to enjoy it! Nice photos, never saw the fruit of cactus:) Kisses dear and happy monday!:*

  5. Amazing photos Tammy. You did some fun activities over there. I would enjoy the drum playing. I love your photos of the sea.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Holiday Sweets TourMy Profile

  6. Amazing photos as always! So much fun too, love you playing the bongos!


  7. Dearest Tammy,
    Great post with lots of interesting photos again. Sure, how many inhabitants in Jamaica did originally come from West Africa? No wonder there are still traces of the very same culture.
    Enjoy your journey and stay happy and safe.

  8. Beautiful and I am so ready to jump in that water. You look amazing and thanks again for sharing…xoxoxoxo

  9. what beautiful pictures. they make me want to pack up my bikini and jump on a plane right now.

    allyssa recently posted..UNDER THE SUNMy Profile

  10. oohhh sun and sea!i’m so jealous!
    great pics my dear!
    evi mili recently posted..Looking For The Perfect Outfit With Firmoo GlassesMy Profile

  11. waow sounds like you’re having a lot of fun in Senegal too ^^
    Do you know how to play drum like them 😉 ? I’d like to learn that !
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Santa Firmoo tu connais ?My Profile

  12. Really amazing photos, especially the last one… I wish I could swim in it now!

  13. What an interesting post especially regarding the monument! It’s funny that most tourists would probably love to see it but local people view it so differently, Senegal looks fun and relatively safe, so far everyone on your trip look fun and genuine and friendly! You look so happy dear and I hope you have a happy new year where ever you will be!
    sukipooki recently posted..~ louis vuitton lumineuse pm ~My Profile

  14. Hey Tammy,

    thank you for providing me with wonderful pictures of Senegal. I have nerver been there. But Senegal is more than a visit worth. Beautiful beaches and friendly people. That are enough arguments?