Lac Rose-Senegal

Lac Rose-Senegal

So, If you have read my Previous post or follow me on Facebook, you know I am DETERMINED to go to this pink lake in Senegal. I found the information online before I went to Senegal and found this truly amazing. When I saw the lake in real life, it didn’t FAIL ME AT ALL. It is absolutely one of the most beautiful lake I have seen in my life….cus I Love everything PINK:)

Edgymix at Lac Rose Senegal
I hired a tour guide which I found on Lonely Planet Website and he is highly recommended! He is also the tour guide who help JAPAN NHK TV to film a documentary in Mali and he had traveled around West Africa for many many time. It’s a one hour drive from Dakar to the Pink Lake and when I first saw the Pink Lake from the distance I was like…WOW.

lac rose-senegal

The lake is Pink in color which is caused by some harmless halophilic bacteria that thrive in the lake’s high-salinity environment. The color is particularly visible during the dry season which is right NOW. If you swim in this lake, you will never drown!

Lac Rose Senegal

Many salt collectors work 6–7 hours a day in the lake, which has a salt content close to 4%, or 40 PPT (Parts Per Thousand). In order to protect their skin, they rub their skin with “Beurre de Karité” (Shea Butter), which is an emollient used to avoid tissue damage

salt worker at lac rose-senegal

The men are responsible to get the salt from the Lake on a boat and the women will help to transport them to the truck.

exporting salt in lac rose-senegal

And there are some local trying to see you African Accessories.

women selling jewelry at Lac Rose

After that we had lunch at a hotel/restaurant.

hotel in Lac Rose-senegal

This lake is also the end stop of the Africa Race, so many car racers signed their name on the wall of the restaurant:)

restaurant in Lac Rose-senegal


This is my Tour Guide Mamatou. He is always saying Faster Faster, too slow, too slow! If everyone work like him in Africa, then I think Africa will be a Rich Continents:P

my tour guide in senegal

To my surprise, RICE is the main food in Senegal! They were imported from Vietnam or Thailand! 

rice and chicken-typical senegal food

My day so far have been great in Senegal, although they always raise the price when I tried to get a taxi or tried to buy something. But so far, I feel safe and happy. So, until next time, cheers:)

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  1. Hi Tammy! Ahah I was just visiting you!!:) Love everything pink too so I’d love to see this lage too! Awesome pics! The hotel/restaurant looks great! I just want to be there, seems really so relaxing! Happy monday dear, take care!!:***<3

  2. Wow, I’ve never seen anything like the pink lake before, its quite magical and amazing!
    Sam recently posted..Looks of the Week – 08/12/12My Profile

  3. Great post dear and the lake look so beautiful!
    I m reading this with my mum and she said she have been there too.
    We are both wondering and praying for the African countries leaders, it is really is a blessed Continent, but the corruption of the leaders is what is making it so poor.
    Praying for your safety always dear.
    Love you
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..The Litlle Plum Dress with Lace DetailsMy Profile

  4. Very interesting post, I’ve never seen about this lake 🙂 bon voyage 🙂

  5. Great pictures, looks like a really interesting trip!
    Beauty Follower recently posted..Selective colour: STERLING SILVERMy Profile

  6. Wow, I didn’t know about this lake! Amazing!:)
    Stanislava recently posted..Christmas SpiritMy Profile

  7. Wow, this post is absolutely great!!!
    Thanx to your posts I feel like i’m travelling with you!^^
    Wonderful photos!
    S recently posted..WINTER IN BLACK AND WHITEMy Profile

  8. That’s really cool that the lake is pink!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. The lake is amazing, looks really beautiful! Love the pink chairs in restaurant too! And of course,you look lovely 🙂
    Stefani recently posted..Got you stuck on my body like a tattooMy Profile

  10. wow!!! this is so beautiful, i love the pink lake, senegal looks very lovely.
    miss u dear.

  11. Beautiful photos, Tammy!!!
    Have a good week!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
    Marcela recently posted..Accessories XL!!! thank you Antiquity Travelers!!!!My Profile

  12. Wow I have never seen a lake like that! Really weird, but beautiful!
    Foodloveandhappiness recently posted..Elivents winactie: and the winner is…My Profile

  13. Your choice is always the right one
    milex recently posted..ffgfggfMy Profile

  14. Pink lake! That is so cool! I can see why you were determined to see it in person! So amazing!


  15. Tammy, I’m so excited you finally made it to the pink lake. Gosh it looks so pretty. I’ve never seen anything like that before and can just imagine how wonderful it looks in person.
    Erica recently posted..DIY: Holiday Cheer ChandelierMy Profile

  16. You are so lucky to travel all around the world !!
    I love your life 🙂

    New post – Kisses ♥
    mademoiselle mode recently posted..Happy Days Diner !My Profile

  17. wow so different culture!
    so lucky that you have the chance to visit so many places!
    great photos!
    evi mili recently posted..MY STYLE #22My Profile

  18. hey Tammy , this looks pretty awesome ! Lake Rose is one of the things I’d really really like to see in Africa ! Your pictures are great !

    When I’ll go, I’ll make sure I’ll call your guide !
    Sounds like you’re having a lot of fun 🙂
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Horus, music & le saut du loupMy Profile

  19. beautiful photos!!



  20. Dearest Tammy,
    So you have come already from Dakar to the Lac Rose in Senegal. That looks indeed like a very worthwhile MUST SEE place! Interesting story and about the food staple being rice. Well, it is easy to transport and economically, compared to potatoes for instance. It must make you feel a bit more at home.
    Enjoy Senegal and be safe.

  21. never knew about this lake. looks amazing !!!
    just me recently posted..Christmas tree 2012My Profile

  22. wow, Tammy! What a wonderful adventure! You look beautiful!


    Erin @
    Erin recently posted..Gift Guide: Wine-OMy Profile

  23. That Lake is so unique. Good thing you were determined to visit it.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Le Cartier ChristmasMy Profile

  24. A pink lake? What else does a girl need 😀

  25. You had me at PINK LAKE! This truly looks like an amazing place to visit – from the colors to the food to the culture. There are very few posts I read and think I just HAVE to go there, but this is one of them! I’m jealous.
    Koren @ City Gal recently posted..The Yacht Week Launches Nautical Brunch at Beauty & EssexMy Profile

  26. Beautiful pics. The lake looks so pretty. I’ve never heard of it.
    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Last week’s InstadiaryMy Profile

  27. this place is so “strong”!! very beatiful!!
    kesses from Italy
    tatty recently posted..ESTEE LAUDER MAKE UPMy Profile

  28. Really, pink lake! beautiful pictures, but we have a snow now in Polen

  29. wow that pink lake is so pretty!
    as I look through your posts I get more and more amazed how you’re doing this trip all by yourself! lol I would love to travel through Africa someday too but can’t even imagine how to book everything..especially for those places that aren’t as touristy
    Tiffany recently posted..302. dbar + ONEMy Profile

  30. OMG, I never saw a pink lake before, didn’t even know it existed! Looks beautiful though! Love the photos 😀

  31. Hi Tammy im Mamadou the tour guide who took you to the pink lac tanks for the good think so say about me i realy apreciate.i realy want to see you against may be one day
    if some one want to come to visit Senegal here is my Mail:
    thanks Tammy
    kinds regards
    Mamadou Dia

  32. This is wonderfully beautiful – you are blessed… thank you for sharing inspiration.