How to Travel Around Morocco

How to Travel Around Morocco

I had stayed in Morocco for a little bit more than a month and below are my experience so far to travel around Morocco.

(1) Train

I had took the train from Rabat to Morocco and from Casablanca to the Airport. It’s by far the most comfortable and fastest method to travel around Morocco. You won’t be afraid to get lost because friendly moroccan will for sure tell you what to do:). However, my train ride from Casa to Casa airport there’s a little delay due to accident. I don’t know whether accident happen very often but YOU ALL NEED TO KNOW YOU ONLY NEED ARRIVE ONE HOUR BEFORE THE FLIGHT DEPART- INCLUDING INTERNATIONAL FLIGHT! Amazing right????

Train from Rabat to Casa
(2) Bus

I use inter city bus to travel around most part of morocco and they are the cheapest mode to travel between cities. However, there are often many police stops and UNKOWN stops in between so the travel hours are usually much longer! I had experienced bus drivers arguing in the middle of nowhere and all passengers had to waited for 2 hours just to wait for them to resolve the problem!

(3) Air

There’s is intercity flight between big city and if money is not a problem, then go for it because it will save you a lot of time:) However, my only experience in a Morocco Airport was just to fly out from Casablanca to Dakar-Senegal. My experience so far is SUPER POSITIVE! Why? Very funny:)

-they allow me to carry FRISH FRUIST ON A PLANE!

-they allow me to bring a 1/2 litre bottle on a plance

-when I asked them how many bottle of alcohol and cigarette I can buy if I went to Dakar, they said.. AS MANY AS YOU LIKE!!!

-I paid $390 for my flight from Casablanca to Dakar but I seat right behind the pilot! He offered me Wine and gave me Mosquito Repellant s as a Gift:). Due to security reason, I cannot take photo and mention the airline I was traveling in here. But  If you have follow me on Facebook, you knew this is because I met a Chief Pilot in Casablanca during my final stay in casablanca. I met him because I rented out one of his apartment in the city. And when he found out that I am flying to Dakar through his Airline company, he introduced me to his pilot friend who would operated my flight. It’s just an amazing experience because I got to see how the landing of the flight and got to be the first passenger to get off the plane!


Traveling around Morocco was just amazing because Moroccans are really really friendly people. although some moroccans might hassle you to make you buy in one of their shops, but they are genuine people in their heart:) My experiences in Morocco are awesome and it’s such a SAFE COUNTRY TO TRAVEL TO. The pilot who rented me the apartment not only gave me the best apartment with the same price I paid for a standard one; He also gave me contact for Senegal ad invited me to his house to Lunch:)

Living room of a house in Morocco

The house(or Mansion) is just so beautiful and grand. I love the touch of Moroccan design a lot.

huge living room of a moroccan family
mansion of a moroccan family

I would love to have this kind of Door in my house:)

doorway of a moroccan family

And there’s a gym and swimming pool in the house which are still under renovation!

backyard of a moroccan family in casa

There’s 2 maid who prepared the Couscous for us! IT’s decious:)

kitchen of a moroccan family
dinning place of a moroccan family
having couscous in casa

There’s salad and Fruit afterward. Tea served after dinner at the backyard:)


I have to say, I love Morocco so much and I will definitely go back sometimes later for sure. Cheers:)

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  1. Hi Tammy! Thanks for your tips, I wish to travel to Morocco soon! From what I saw from you is an amazing country! The pilot was very kind, how cool he invited you also in his house! Happy sunday dear, take care! Hugs!:*

  2. really interesting!
    cute places

  3. Wow, Tammy, that was an amazing experiences. All of your photographs showed how much fun you had and how friendly that Moroccan people are. The mansion is beautiful! Have a safe trip.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Spectacular Christmas LightsMy Profile

  4. Morocco seems like a great country! And pilot’s house is so beautiful, I really love it!
    Have a nice day,Tammy!

  5. Morocco is not the first country I would think of to travel too! It looks really really amazing, I’m surprised it so safe to travel in 🙂
    Elise recently posted..Brussels – Christmas marketMy Profile

  6. The house is so beautiful!
    What a great experience to travel next to the pilot!
    Kisses! Have fun!
    Demi Mist recently posted..Make up look with my new Avon productsMy Profile

  7. Dearest Tammy,
    Morocco sounds like a very interesting country. It is vast but the way you describe to travel, is great. What a difference for letting you have a bottle of water on the plane! It is silly that they confiscate those items here in the USA and in Europe… Glad you experienced once more the luxuries of the past. The residence of your pilot looks very attractive with its marble floors and so many details. Love the food as well and it is healthy.
    Enjoy your next leg of the journey and this is great and helpful info.

  8. I like your travels and I love to read your posts.

  9. WOW!! Amazing!! I wish I had just one maid more or less two!!! So glad travel is going well and you are having an amazing time!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..PeaceMy Profile

  10. Thanks for the tips! Morocco is definitely high on my list 😀 Loving the photos and have a wonderful trip Tammy, stay safe and happy!
    Micelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..The world in writingMy Profile