Goree Island, Senegal

Goree Island, Senegal

Goree Island used to be an island to transfer Slave to America, Caribbean and Brasil! Me and Martine spent a night in this beautiful island and had fun time over there knowing about the history and relax on the beach.

senegal-goree island
Just like any other place in Senegal, you can never get rid of people try to be your tour guide! We met an American couple and they had this amazing point of view:

-If local tried to rip you off and make the price 10 times more than it used to be, just see that as a Generous Donation!

-If local tried to sell you stuff and be your tour guide, just be happy because at least they are not trying to rob you or beg money from you!

Funny but TRUE! When we got on the island, a guy tried to show us around and we just let it be! He showed us around the island

goree island,senegal
main street of goree island

and took us to his house:) His house used to be an underground storage center of the french army-amazing!

house in goree island
underground-goree island

Then we went to the big CANON and discovered an underground center over there. Local now live inside and we found it SO AMAZING:)

canon at goree island
under the canon, goree island
goree island-senegal

Then we went to the slave museum(the slave trade is relatively small in here compare to other places but i will show you all when I get to the biggest slave trade center when I get to Ghana!)

Slave museum, goree island senegal
slave museum of goree island
slave trade-goree island
Slave trade in Goree island senegal

The door of NO RETURN. When slave leave this door, they never had a chance to come back to Africa again!

the door of no return-goree island

Martine is kind of SAD, so went to see how the local make painting out of sand!

painting using sands -senengal
sand painting from goree island senegal

And tour around the beautiful island:)

Goree Island, senegal
ocean view at goree island senegal
goree island

This island is small but beautiful and it remind me so much of the Caribbean again…except people dress up beautifully:)

beautiful goree island senegal
island living senegal

And it my turn:P

edgymix at goree island, senegal

After a long day we relaxed in the beautiful terrace and have a long chat about africa. The situation is complicated and I hate to talk about politics. But I can tell you all it’s NOT dangerous at all in some part of Africa, you just need to be street smart as you are in your own country. If you all want to know more information about senegal, feel free to email me. Until next time, Cheers:)

Edgymix at a hotel in Goree island, senegal

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  1. Hi Tammy! Please stop to make me miss the summertime!:P This island sounds amazing! Lol the underground houses look so cool! Never saw a think like that! I like the pic of you wearing that dress!! have a good day and take care!:*♥

  2. Awww love this and thank you for sharing the history even if it is sad, we all need to know the history!! Beautiful pictures and your looking good!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..Christmas Program 2012My Profile

  3. The beach and water look amazing!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. The view from the coast Tammy is so beautiful. You look good in those dresses! 🙂 The advices from the Americans you met there are so true. I guess, the people over there are really eager to work. At least they wish to work rather than rob people. Enjoy and stay safe.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Whimsical Christmas BagsMy Profile

  5. Great pictures of the Island dear and I love you wearing the African attire you look so cute!
    Be safe and have a great time!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Holiday GiftCard Giveaway from Blue Bird Bride and Discount Code for allMy Profile

  6. Dearest Tammy,
    Sad fact about the slave trade… but their own people SOLD them! Could you imagine us being sold by some higher ranking persona and being shipped off…?!
    But I guess that over the ages not many have ever returned back to their country of origin; not even as a free person.
    It looks exotic and yes, those people are trying desperately to make a living. IF they over charge than you only can blame that on the image that Hollywood is selling to the world about Americans. We are NOT all wealthy like in the movies… You only ever will be confronted with that fact while traveling like you do now and interacting with the locals. Or as we did, working as International Consultants and being invited into the homes of the locals etc. That is real life, not like a hasty tourist who’s only on a tour with others. Than you only tip-toe through a country without ever tasting its culture!
    Send me a visit from Senegal please: http://mariettesbacktobasics.blogspot.com/
    Hugs to you,

  7. Beautiful photos. Happy Holidays!

  8. Must def. be an interesting and moving place, I so want to visit 🙂
    Love your pics, thanks for sharing my dear !
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Santa Firmoo tu connais ?My Profile

  9. So much incredible history, good and bad. The sand paintings are really fantastic!


  10. wow so much culture

    frances O

    frances O recently posted..ROMEO BECKHAM NEW FACE FOR BURBERRYMy Profile

  11. Wow!!! what a beautiful world we live in, amazing photos tammy, i lurv ur tie and dye outfit, i got one like yours. must say, goree island is very beautiful.
    merry xmas sweets, miss u loads.