Funeral at Senegal

Funeral at Senegal

Traveling to Africa is amazing because you will never know what kind of situation you will bump into. People there are friendly and they will invite you to event you will never dream of. The other day I was invite to attend a funeral ceremony in Senegal and learned a lot about their local culture. Because most senegalese are Muslim, their body need to be bury on the same day or within a week. Then they need to have a ceremony for that person and if the town is small, almost everyone will attend the ceremony.

funeral in toubab diabalaw

As your can see from the above photo, everyone will put on their most expensive and beautiful clothes to attend the funeral ceremony. Its’ a kind of respect to the death. Therefore, when I know I was invited, I had to put on my tailored made African clothing.

heading to a furneral in senegal
attending a funeral in senegal

If I do not know there’s a funeral around and I see people dressing up like these: I probably though people are having a party instead but it’s just their culture to dress up for funeral also. Being in Africa , you really will experience differently from other travel experience! I was persuaded by Martine to go to St. Louis the other day because she kept saying St. Louis is very beautiful and the beach there is amazing. We had to jump into some local bus with the local and the experience was “super awesome”. There will be saleman on the bus trying to sell people some “magical” stuff. They will tell you the toothpaste will rejuvenate your teeth or a soap will make your clothes look brand new. But the funny things is , people BELIEVE THAT!. I will write about a post on how to travel around Senegal later so stay tune.

local bus at senegal

For now, check out the beautiful photos I had took from the national park in St. louis.

national park at st. louis
national park at st. louis

I want to name the below photo Iust “in” time but however, I missed the chance to have a photograph of the sun rise right in the middle of the baobab tree!! This make me realize how difficult it is to be a good photographer because it really need loads of time to wait for the best moment! Right now, I just want to enjoy and relax but I hope all of you can still see how beautiful Africa is.

just in time

Until next time, Cheers everyone

sunrise in senegal

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  1. Beautiful pictures Tammy. You look great in that colorful clothes.
    Wish you all the best!

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Last week’s InstadiaryMy Profile

  2. Have a nice Xmas darling !
    Sounds like you are very happy in Senegal and have great opportunities to explore the culture 😉
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Merry Xmas !My Profile

  3. Dearest Tammy,
    Some incredible photos you show and you really did live through some cultural things.
    Stay safe and Merry Christmas to you!

  4. very interesting experience! you look lovely in african clothing 😉 I was catching up on your blog and I am so happy to read all those wonderful posts!

    Merry Christmas, dear! May all your dreams come true!!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Brown BlazerMy Profile

  5. That so wonderful they made feel at home a home and even invite you.
    Merry Christmas love!!!
    be safe and enjoy Africa
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..MERRY MERRY MERRY LOVEMy Profile

  6. The scenery is breathtaking!
    Merry Christmas dear!
    Fashionthroughtravel recently posted..December Magic: Merry Christmas!My Profile

  7. Hi Tammy! Never seen a funeral like that, must have been an unique experience!:) Beautiful photos dear! I also want to wish you a very Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful time and stay happy! Hugs!:*♥

  8. I’ve missed a lot of posts! I’m catching up now 🙂

    Lali pops of colour
    lalipops recently posted..Happy New YearMy Profile

  9. I love the photography, and great descripyion, but I don’t like that you talk as Africa as a unit, and only a few times did you say the name of the country.