ERG Chigaga, Morocco

ERG Chigaga, Morocco

If you have read my Zargora Post, you will know I was so unsatisfied with the baby sand dunes around that area:P. So, right after I hit Zargora city center, I went into a tour company and negotiated a price with them to go deep into the desert. The original plan was to take a 4×4 and tour around the desert for the whole day and come back to Zargora and stay for the night! The price is 2000 Durham(Around 200 euro) and it would included staying for the night in a Riad after I come back. However, the  owner of the company kept saying it will be better to stay in the desert for one night because I will see the sunset and sunrise of the desert. Also, it’s spectacular to see the stars at night time without any light pollution. I need to tell you all, I was in a dilemma when I heard that. First, I need to pay 500 Durham more just to spend that extra night in the Desert. Second, I need to stay alone in the Desert with 6 Berber men!! One of the Berber man will be the same guide as my Zargora desert tour. My gut was telling me I need to do it because I really want to see the big dunes! And I actually felt that the owner and his staff are genuine and honest:) So, after 30 mins of negotiation and explanation, I jumped into a 4×4 vehicle and head to one of the biggest Sand Dunes of Sahara- ERG CHIGAGA….without regrets:P

4x4 to ERG CHigaga, morocco

It’s a 4 hours drive from Zargora town to Erg Chigaga and we passed through the last town-M’hamid before we hit the Desert. We stopped for lunch at a really pretty restaurant and I had a wonderful lunch over there:)

M'hamid lunch hour
lunch at M'hamid

After this town, there’s no more paved road and it’s pretty rocky at the beginning. An hour drive alter, I started to see Sand Dunes and some motorcyclists driving insanely fast around the sand dunes!!!

motocyclists in Chigaga desert, morocco

Then BOOM, all of a sudden a SEA OF SAND DUNES appeared right in front of me and they just get bigger and bigger!! After 45 min, we arrived our tents in the middle of the desert.

tent in Chigaga desert, Morocco

After I put my stuff in the tent, I went for a walk with my Guide Ali- a 26 years old berber who grew up in this desert.

sahara, morocco
big sand dunes in Chigaga desert
ERG Chegaga, morocco
big sand dunes in Chigaga desert, morocco

We climbed to one of the biggest Dune in the Desert and the view is Spectacular:)

big sand dunes in ERG Chigaga

staying in Sahara desert, morocco

We saw more motocyclists playing around the DUNES!! IT must be so much fun that I really want to try that some day:P

biking in ERG chigaga
biking in sahara-ERG Chigaga

And so as the Sunset…..

sunset in ERG Chigaga

Check out the Camel Hair slippers that I got from my driver:P. It kept my feet warm from the sand:P

camel slipper from morocco

And below is my cute little Berber driver. It’s so funny everyone there were trying to persuade me to be their wife but they are all very good person who didn’t harm me at all!! We all just spent the night talking about our life:P

berber from Shahara, morocco
berber from Shahara desert, morocco

The night ended with great dinner and lying on the sand dune (with blanket underneath) with stars above me:) IT’s just an Amazing experience that I will never forget:) Now, I am back to casablanca for a week and will take some rest over there. If you want to know my funny experience over there, do follow me on Facebook and I will tell you all about it. Thanks for visiting and cheers everyone:)

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  1. Hi Tammy! Wow! I’d love to see the Dunes too! So fantastic photos dear! Hope you are fine, wish you a happy sunday! Big hugs and kisses!:*

  2. Hi Tammy, wow beautiful place! I want to see Dunes too! have a nice sunday! kisses chris

  3. these Sand Dunes of Sahara are amazing
    I see You spend great time there:)
    Mademoiselle Kier recently posted..MonacoMy Profile

  4. Wow, it must have been amazing! I suppose it was very cold during the night, but I’m sure it is worth seeing! Cheers!:)
    Stanislava recently posted..Quick AnnouncementMy Profile

  5. Tammy those pictures look like they are painted!! I love them I am so glad that you got to see the big sand dunes!! What an amazing time!!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..wonderMy Profile

  6. Wow, Tammy, the sand dunes look so surreal. They look so fine and perfect. Amazing photos!
    Pamela RG recently posted..Let It Snow Christmas!My Profile

  7. Those dunes look amazing, I’d love to see them too! I’m glad you had fun 🙂
    Stefani recently posted..Baby,you’re the right kind of wrongMy Profile

  8. Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I’d love thi live sucha great experience, magnificent view!!

    Francesca Romana Capizzi recently posted..In love with Pepitosa BijouxMy Profile

  9. WOOOOW!
    Impressive dunes!
    I have to say after all this you definitely need the rest.
    Take care hunny!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Clinique High Impact MascaraMy Profile

  10. God! This is the end of the earth! Sands! Such vast desert! I love it! You are beautiful!
    Diana recently posted..Monochrome mix in shades of khakiMy Profile

  11. Wow, amazing pics. You have so much fun there and it looks so beautiful!

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Outfit | Casual FridayMy Profile

  12. Wauw, what a view and what a spectacular pictures!
    Foodloveandhappiness recently posted..Lunch bij Picknick RotterdamMy Profile

  13. Amazing photos!
    You aren’t afraid of anything!
    The dessert is endless!
    I’m going to announce my new giveaway right now!
    Demi Mist recently posted..Winners of eye slices giveaway and new giveaway announcementMy Profile

  14. wow the desert is spectacular! and how cute are the camel hair slippers 😉 when in rome.. i mean morocco.. 😉
    stephanie recently posted..HeatwaveMy Profile

  15. Dearest Tammy,
    Those sand dunes are absolutely breathtaking to SEE; not to live there of course. What a strange combination to see that Berber guy (26) in jeans combined with their ancient garb. Obviously they don’t have periodontists there… What a different world!
    Be safe and enjoy your rest.

  16. fantastic <3<3
    antonella leone recently posted..insta sunday #4My Profile

  17. looks like an awesome experience!!! amazing photos!! Have a lovely week!!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Time for a CoatMy Profile

  18. Tammy your incredible adventure and bravery is astounding and ever so inspiring! I wish I could do half the things you have done!

    Sonia recently posted..celebrating 1 year of bloggingMy Profile

  19. Such wonderful pictures, especially sand and a man in black clothes. Super.
    Lenusik recently posted..Green shineMy Profile

  20. fabulous place with sand dunes.:)))
    Niesha recently posted..Lakme Absolute Lipstick Briliant kiss review swatchesMy Profile

  21. Wow, such a girl you are! So brave and adventuourous! 😀
    These photos in the desert are breathtaking!!!
    S recently posted..ARMY STYLEMy Profile

  22. Wow, the splendor of the desert and those glorious sand dunes! You are such a great adventurer Tammy!
    Sam recently posted..Things I’ve Learnt About BloggingMy Profile

  23. Wow, the pictures of the sand dunes are SO amazing.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  24. Antonella C'est moi says:

    beautiful photos, kisses doll

  25. Great photos!!


    thechilicool recently posted..Viola e mostarda: un turbinio di colori nella giacca De’HartMy Profile

  26. Wow, that is seriously awesome. Gorgeous pictures! Those are amazing!
    Francesca recently posted..Salted Caramel Hot ChocolateMy Profile

  27. the slippers are so cute!
    beautiful captures!

  28. These photos are absolutely incredible. Please take me there!

    EMA recently posted..The Need for TweedMy Profile

  29. Wow! How incredible are those sand dunes! Spectacular view!


  30. I adore your camel sleepers. But i have one question. I think that you must be the new Ian from the Travel Channel, Globe Trecker, why don’t u make a tv-show???
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  31. Awesome pictures, the place is wondeful !! 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Liste de Noël à la nuit tombante…My Profile

  32. What an exhilirating experience but that sunset was amazing and worth it, also seeing the stars while sleeping on the sand, wow. How do they navigate in the dessert?!
    sukipooki recently posted..~ iphone photos – november 2012 ~My Profile

  33. this looks/sounds SO amazing!! I really would love to see the sand dunes as well..(taking a photo there is like one of the “ultimate travel photos” for me lol) wow being able to sleep under the stars there must have been such an awesome experience too..ah so jealous! such cute slippers!!
    Tiffany recently posted..301. dripping in goldMy Profile