Zagora, Morocco

Zagora, Morocco

When I think of Morocco, I always think of Sahara Desert. It’s like a must go destination for people visiting Morocco. As some of you might already know I have already been to the Sahara Desert in Tunisia but it’s just around the edge of the actual desert; so the Dunes are really small. Now that I am in Morocco, I aim at hitting the BIG SAND DUNES of the Sahara. So, right-after my visit to this really european look-alike town called Agadir, I hit Marrakech again and hoping to join some adventure tour. When I got to the travel agency, a guy introduced me to a town called Zagora and helped me to sign up for a 2 days Zagora Desert tour:)

mosque in Zargora

So, the tour started in Marrakech and it costed 550 Durham(55 euros). It’s a 2 days trip passing through Ouarzazate to the desert by Zagora. I was not interested in the Merzouga 3 days tour since I have been to Gorge Todra and Ait Benhaddou so I don’t want to go there again and Zagora sounds like a nice place(and it’s indeed very pretty)

beautiful zargora

It’s an 8 hours drive from Marrakech with a 1 hour lunch stop in Ouarzazate . However, I don’t know WHAT have HAPPENED and it ended up taking 9 1/2 hours to get to Zagora. When We arrived Zagora, the sun almost half disappeared!!

zagora Camel ride

I see NO SAND DUNES in 10 miles distance at all and the funniest things was, it get really dark after 15 minutes of Camel ride!

riding camel under the moon, morocco

After another 15 minutes, all of a sudden we stopped! I found out it’s time for Muslim people to pray and 2 girls from the tour are actully Muslim from Pakistan originally (but they actually grew up in London). The Berber guide got them from the Camel and told them to pray together!! This is such a unique camel ride experience since whenever I checked out photos from my friends who did the Sahara Camel tour; THIS HAVE NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!

riding camel in the dark, morocco

Anyway, the night ended with GREAT Dinner and Music Party:) It’s still a great night we spent at some tents in the Desert:)

dinner at sahara, morocco
zargora dessert tour

The Next day we woke up to check out the sunrise and then everyone had to head back to Marrakech. BUT wait, was this really Sahara?(I said to myself!!!) Am I really gonna told everyone I did went to Sahara after this? Ofcourse NOT. If you know me long enough, you will know once I am determined to do something, I need the best out of it! So, I talked to the local guide and they told me I could actually join a 4×4 tour to one of the biggest sand dunes in Morocco-Erg Chigaga. I tried to persuade other to go with me but with NO LUCK. But, I won’t give up, even It will cost me 2500 Durham and I have to sleep in a tent alone with 6 Berber men in the Desert!! I was determined to go there:P So, did I go? If you have follow me through Facebook, you should know I DID and it’s AMAZING! So, until next post, please check out the photos I took in the baby desert in Zergora! I tried my best to make it as spectacular as possible but I failed:P The sane dunes it’s just too small:P So, please do check out my upcoming post regarding Erg Chigaga:)

sahara dessert tour
desert near zargora,morocco
zargora dessert tour, morocco
Zargora dessert-baby dunes
zargora dessert, morroco
zargora dessert-morocco

Also here are some photos of the beautiful town-Zargora:)

Zagora City

Local women are all in colorful Muslim clothings:)

women's wear in Zargora
women's wear in Zargora, morocco
Female Berber clothings in Zagaro
Downtown zargora

Except below are the real berber clothings:) You should have seen me dressing like this in here🙂

berber clothings-Zargora

I have to tell you all it’s really difficult to take photos of local people because whenever I took photos of them, they will start yelling at me!

unique architechture at Zargora

So either I need to pay them some money or I would have to pretend I was taking photos of something else:P

Zargora bus station

The building in Zagora is so UNIQUE, and to me it’s look more beautiful than Marrakech:P The trims, the moldings and the design are just amazing:)

kasbah, zargora

Thank you once again for visiting and I hope you guys will stay with me for one more post in Morocco(the biggest sand dunes in morocco) before I hit WEST AFRICA😉 Cheers:)

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  1. Hi Tammy! I need a bit of this beautiful sun! So freezing here! Gorgeous images and place, hope you are doing well! TC:) Kisses and hugs!!!:***

  2. The picture with the camel and the camel shadow is really quite awesome.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Beautiful pictures!! How awesome was that dinner??? I hope you make it to bigger sand dunes soon;)
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..wonderMy Profile

  4. Wow! Some of the photos look so unreal!
    Fantastic colours and places!
    I’m looking forward to your next post. I feel like I’m watching an adventure series and I want to find out what will happen next.
    Kisses! Take care!
    Demi Mist recently posted..Beauty tag and the last autumn awardsMy Profile

  5. Beautiful photos, Tammy!!! hope you are fine…
    Have a wonderful weekend! and my G+ for you…

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
    Marcela recently posted..Donna Karan y los collages de Derek Gores!!!My Profile

  6. Love reading about your exotic adventures in the countries I have never been to =)
    You photographs are amazing and I love that you are sharing all the details with us. Can’t wait for your next post 😉


    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Time for a CoatMy Profile

  7. The pictures are all beautiful and I can’t wait to see the great Sahara post!
    Hope you are holding up in there .
    Miss you too dear and take good care love.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Blogger Spotlight: Cosa mi metto???My Profile

  8. Dearest Tammy,
    Very colorful photos you show us here from this great camel and dessert adventure. I LOVE the Moorish architecture, it is very unique and beautiful in the landscape. Enjoy your stay and good luck for your travel into West Africa.

  9. Tammy, breathtaking pictures. I love your photos of the dessert dunes. That must have been a fun camel ride! The town is beautiful too. The architecture is so amazing. I will checkout your photos on FB. Have a sunny weekend over there! 🙂
    Pamela RG recently posted..Let It Snow Christmas!My Profile

  10. ahh I am so behind on your blog!
    Loving all your photos/stories..looks like you’re soaking up lots of exotic cultures!! 😀
    Tiffany recently posted..299. Harbour SixtyMy Profile

  11. Love Morocco, always wanted to see it. Love your beautiful photos and this adventure Tammy, must be such an awesome experience!


    Sonia recently posted..have you entered?My Profile

  12. Charming photos! I like to trip with you!)))
    International glasses giveaway
    ViktoriyaSener recently posted..International glasses giveaway!My Profile

  13. love the carmel ride, great pictures. morocco looks interesting.
    miss u sweets.

  14. That camel trip sounds so interesting!
    I wish i’ll do it too some day!
    Amazing photos, so charming!
    S recently posted..LBD: storyMy Profile

  15. Hi Tammy! Morocco looks and sounds awesome. I wanted to ask about prices in Morokko on food etc. my hubby and I are thinking to go there soon. Thanks in advance

    • Hey,

      The price on Food, Accommodation and tour all depend on your own standard. If you have follow my blog long enough, I am actually NOT a backpacker type of person but I like to mix up affordable travel with Luxury travel so I can pamper myself in between the difficult travel lifestyle:P. BUt I can give you a rough idea here-

      (1) FOOD- you can spend as cheap as US$3 for a meal on the street or US$20 in a good restaurant for authentic Moroccan cuisine:)
      (2) Accommodation-depend on the city you are going but roughly $35/night for an average room in the city center but if you want a relatively good room(like 4 stars) it might cost you up T US$70. I myself have rent an apartment in casablanca and Marrakech and the both cost me from US$70-US 100/night. The apartment is very spacious and modern. You can check out my facebook photos for reference:)
      (3)Tour-depend on what you want and how many people are sharing. Do go online to check the price:) I have list out the sahara desert cost in my Zargora and ERG Chigaga post. You can check it out. Traveling from town to town you can take a bus/train, the price is relatively inexpensive($15/ride).

      Hope this help:)

  16. I never went to Morocco, I hope one day I will 🙂
    Nice photos ♥

  17. I think you’re such a cool chick! Going in to the desert (I think that is pretty cool) and even being there in the complete dark (even cooler)!
    Foodloveandhappiness recently posted..Guilty pleasure?My Profile

  18. Very nice pictures in the desert ! You must really enjoy your trip =)

    Melolimparfaite recently posted..un peu de fantaisie…My Profile

  19. Hi Tammy, I named that set on my blog after you and your blog! The camel ride and desert experience looks fantastic, wow, I don’t know if I would be brave enough to it myself. You’ve really introduced us to the best Morocco has to offer.
    Sam recently posted..Looks of the Week – 01/12/12My Profile

  20. Beautiful pics. I love the pic with the camel/shadow!

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Outfit | Casual FridayMy Profile

  21. Tammy,
    you are crazy beautiful woman with a lot of positif energy! 🙂 how beautiful trip again! amazing pictures!
    Ako recently posted..Avenue de TervurenMy Profile

  22. I love the desert! shades of sand unforgettable! especially beautiful camel in the desert, he looks so poetic!
    Diana recently posted..Dress in the style of "Treasures of Montezuma"My Profile

  23. You lucky girl, that looks freaking awesome! Great photos and enjoy! 🙂

  24. It is just like a dream !! Fabulous experience 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Liste de Noël à la nuit tombante…My Profile

  25. This is so fascinating dear Tammy. You must feel so enriched by the wonderful views and cultures you are taking in. A big hug! Coco
    Coco recently posted..Grab the deal – ModclothMy Profile