Rabat-the capital city of Morocco! I can say it’s definitely not the nicest town to be sticking around too much! However, if you want to do Trans-Africa, there’s no way you will not be spending weeks over there because you can find almost all West African Embassies there:)

rabat morocco
So, yesterday when I arrived Rabat, I immediately went to Guinea Embassy to apply for a visa. Luckily I have this Girl -Martina who was born in Cameroon(but grew up in London) to go with me! Since she speak French, it’s a lot easier for us to talk to communicate with people over there! However, the Drama started there…….

city center rabat
city center-rabat, morocco

We started to look for hotel right after we handed in our passports to apply for the visas. At first we found a SUPER NICE HOTEL but the price is almost $250/night. S0, I guess you all know we then tried to look for a cheaper one and we finally found one in the city center:) Moroccan are really, whenever we tried to ask them for a room they always said it’s full at the very beginning! Probably they thought we are of a really funny combination-one Asian and one Black girl!! Anyway, they gave us a room and we took showers and charged our electronics right away. After that, we wanted to get something to eat and walk around town.

at rabat, morocco

However when we get down to the lobby, the “receptionist” asked us for passports! We told them we didn’t have them because we gave the passports to the embassies! Then, he shake his head and said no no no, we couldn’t stay here! Since I actually brought my HK and UK passports with me(I used my American passport to travel), I tried to convince him to accept that passport but he refused because there’s NO ENTRY STAMP ON IT!. Sigh..we really do not know what to do. He said we have to leave or he will call the police!! He refused to let us stay even we tried to pay him more. He said the police will come every night to check on the hotel!! Sadly, we have no choice but to leave the hotel!!!. Well, at least we had a shower and we charged some of our electronics:P

So, at the end of the day, we ended up spending the whole night at the lobby and today we finally get our passports back! YEA!!!!!! However, there’s 2 more visas to go but we will probably stay at the same hotel over and over again:P Hopefully there won’t be much surprise going on later. Until then, enjoy the funny photos I took previously:) Cheers

Medina, Rabat
at rabat beach, morocco
Matines-lunch at Rabat
moroccan restaurant at rabat
sunrise in Rabat


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  1. waow I’m really sorry for this bad surprise. hopefully everything will be better now !
    Take care !
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Y’a des jours, comme çaMy Profile

  2. Dearest Tammy,
    What a fate! Legally nobody has the right to take your passport but we’ve traveled to certain places where the DEMANDED them as well, in order we could spend the night. Not the greatest feeling. Let’s hope you get all your Visa cleared. That at least is a good start for your Africa trip.
    Hugs to you and thanks for the humor in your pictures; always keep a positive attitude and laugh…

  3. Now I have understand because this isn’t the nicest town for you! I love your travel stories ;)!
    Shopping Lady recently posted..Haul Hello Kitty Deluxe Collection: uscite 22°,23°,24° e 25°My Profile

  4. love your stories 🙂 you can write a book :)))..nice pictures as always 🙂

    just me recently posted..Love this cityMy Profile

  5. The pics are really gorgeous and it looks like you´re having a lot of fun. Although that´s probably not the case. If he thrown me out of the hotel I would have probably cried.
    Wish you luck with your next stay!!!!
    Mira recently posted..OOTD: H&M Skirt and TOPSHOP Boots orange and brown for fallMy Profile

  6. oh Tammy I am so sorry for this bad experience ! I hope you are all ok now!!

    Francesca Romana Capizzi recently posted..Little white dressMy Profile

  7. wonderful places that you are visiting!
    carola recently posted..Prewiew : new Post is coming ! Hipoxi for Me!My Profile

  8. Hi Tammy! I really enjoy to follow your trip! Sorry for the little drama at the hotel, hopefully you got your passport back and could stay there at the end! Lol the last photo is awesome! hope you have a great weekend dear, take care:) Much love<3

  9. Oh my definitely dramatic stay in that hotel. I am glad you met Martina. I am enjoying your trip. Thanks for sharing. Take care.
    Pamela RG recently posted..La Société BistroMy Profile

  10. Morocco look stunning (I wish I could go there) and your jumpsuit on first photos (that’s you, right?) is amazing!
    Lyosha recently posted..VFWR: Day 2My Profile

  11. Beautiful! I’ve been to Morocco and I adored it! x
    Rachael C recently posted..Friday Find #8My Profile

  12. i love your outfit and the photo that you jumpin!
    evi mili recently posted..TR2 Trunk ShowMy Profile

  13. You’ve got so many interesting stories to tell!
    And I love to see your outfits during your travels, are all so original and funny!
    You look so pretty dear!

    S recently posted..Surfer style: beyond floral printsMy Profile

  14. your photos are so beautiful! but the way they treated you two I think it’s not fair at all.
    lalipops recently posted..DIY- Studded Leather JacketMy Profile

  15. Aw hopefully the rest of your stay there is drama free! Love that last picture of you.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  16. This place is beautiful!!!
    Stanislava recently posted..Friday TrackMy Profile

  17. I hope you have a relaxed trip from now on.
    Great pics.

    Jennifer | My Scrambled Style.nl
    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Wish you all a happy weekend!My Profile

  18. Oh gosh, I hope everything else works out to a better time. I have found it easier in some places to travel with other passports if you hold them. Happy weekend dear.

  19. Hi sweety, i was in Rabat earlier this year and stayed at the Golden Tulip Hotel, Close to the waterfront, it was quite nice if you want to try there? I remember they can be quite picky about having your passport on you if you want to make a booking…hope it all gets sorted out. Love your vibrant outfit, you fit in with the colourful culture!
    Sam recently posted..Looks of the Week – 10/11/12My Profile

  20. Wow! That is just crazy about all your trouble! I hope it gets easier! Cute pic on the beach!


  21. Beautiful look!!! nice photos!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, Tammy!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
    Marcela recently posted..Custo Barcelona y las hermosas pinturas de Anna Bocek!!My Profile

  22. Very cute pants! I really like your blog!
    Raindrops of Sapphire recently posted..The Leather Sleeve Blazer & Lace Print JeansMy Profile

  23. łove it!
    milex recently posted..Make The World MoveMy Profile

  24. OH MY!!! So glad you got your passports back and can actually sleep in a bed!!! Loving all the pictures!!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..QuietMy Profile

  25. Hi Tammy, lovely pictures from Morocco! You look great! I am sorry to hear about this bad hotel experience! I hope you are doing well! kisses chris

  26. Love the stories & the photos, hope you have a great time!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Happy Friday!My Profile

  27. i like you so much tammy, you are so friendly and accommodating!!! *sigh* its a pity you weren’t given a room to stay just because you had no passport with you, omg!!! some countries are so cruel, this can never- ever ever happen in the uk, they even said they were gonna call the police, heady me!!! i would have allowed them and cause a scene lol, silly me sometimes i love to prove i have a right lol. thank goodness you both got your passport back, you imagine, how you can feel like a motherless child in a motherless home in some countries, atleast you enjoyed a bit of morroco looooooooooool.

  28. Morocco is on my list, I’m so fascinated with this country!! Great pics as always hun!
    GlamFabChameleon recently posted..new look: "Pumpkin Plaid"My Profile

  29. Nice photos,love those on the beach! I’m sorry you had a bad experience.Hope everything will be okay now 🙂
    Stefani recently posted..Suspicious mindsMy Profile

  30. Oh sorry about the drama, I am glad things are working out, praying for safety and favour on your way as you travel.
    Great pictures dear!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Getting to know LEO the man behind so many thingsMy Profile

  31. very beautiful landscapes, vibrant, colorful! loved your pants! super!
    DianaDaron recently posted..Favorite dressMy Profile

  32. morocco looks really interesting – really enjoyed your photos 😉
    stephanie recently posted..Peaches + creamMy Profile

  33. What a sad story that they almost kicked you out because of that. I am glad everything got sorted. I like the photos. Travelling with you must be so cool and full of adventures =)

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..City LookMy Profile