Fes, Morocco

Fes, Morocco

I do not know how to describe how crazy my days was in Fes, Morocco. The Medina there was huge and it’s like a maze. But I do not buy those crap that you need a guide to travel around Medina because you will get lost. There are so many gates in the Medina and taxi is really cheap. If you get lost, just find a taxi and get to the gate. I think it’s so much more fun to walk around on your own and discover the Medina by yourself. Ofcourse you will say how do I know the history of everything, Well, I got my tricks and I think it’s Not dangerous at all to walk around on your own. You just need to know Arabs are the most hustling people in the universe and they will either try to sell your something or help you with all their hearts.

mosque at Fes, morocco
Fes, morocco

Once you enter the Medina, people will try to come to you while you walk around on your own. Some will ask you whether you need a guide, other just want to talk to you and help you…esp you are a single girl..like me.

Fes Medina, Morocco

So, it was Friday when I walked around the Medina. From noon till 3pm most of the stores are going to close because they need to pray. I arrived at 11:30 in the morning and my plan was to keep running and asking people where is the Tannery(where Moroccan tanned the leathers). This method worked because people kept pointing the correct direction for me and in 10 mins, I arrived the Tannery!

Tyrannies, morocco

People gave me some mint leaves to cover up my nose so the smell from the tannery are NOT that bad. But whenever I go, Moroccan men will always ask me…SEX? Sex?….ahahahhha! and I will always said LATER:P

palace at Fes-Morocco

In order to impress me, they will do their best to be my GUIDES:P Some showed me around the main tourist attractions and take me to some famous museum and palace!

morocco, fes
riad house in morocco-Fes
at the jewish sector of Fes, Morocco
Edgymix at a palace in fes, Morocco
palace in Fes-morocco
Riad, Fes

And ofcourse I went shopping….and I shopped like crazy! I got a very interesting Antique Berber camel leather bag. So many Silver Jewelries got stitched on it and I LOVE IT!!

shopping in Fes Medina

And the Shop owner served me Moroccan lunch at his store:P

Lunch at the Antique shop

Afterward..I went to do more shopping and checked out how local make Argan oil. It’s just too amazing how soft you skin can be after applying this oil:P

making argan oil at Fes
stores at Fes, Morocco medina
at Fes, Morocco
at Fes Medina, Morocco
colorful morocco

Below jewelry store attracted so many Japanese women!!! The Antique Silver jewelries from the dessert are absolutely stunning!

jewelry shop at Fes, Morocco

One very funny story happened 2 days ago in Fes that I needed to tell you guys. When I was strolling around in Medina again the other day, one guy came up to me and followed me around. He kept trying to be my guide even I said NO to him so many times and insisted to have me visit his family! Then all of a sudden, 2 guys tried to talk to me also and that jumped into a huge fight. People are surrounding them to check out what happened and I just wanted to stay out of this! Then the fight stopped after the guy’s family showed up and took me to his house!

visit a moroccan family at fes

The decoration in the house is SO pretty! I really like the Moroccan style furniture:)

moroccan family's furniture

And look at the food they served me!!! It’s some kind of soup and sheep meat!!!

Dinner with moroccan family at fes

And after dinner, they took me to a SPICE MARKET and some local market. And ever time I told them I want to go back to my hotel, they would said THERE’s STILL MORE TO SEE!!! They took me to one door of the palace and I took couple of photos. Then afterward, they said there’s another DOORS! I mean it’s really amazing to check out the 7 doors at night but I REALLY WANT TO GO TO BED!!!…lol. Sometimes, Arab people really drive me crazy!

palace in Fes, Morocco

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  1. Wow, these images are wonderful!

  2. Hi Tammy! Wow it must be an unique experience! You took such gorgeous photos:) Im sorry for the fight you get involved, hopefully it finished well and you got also a meal!:P Happy monday my dear and take care! Big hug!:*

  3. Wow Tammy, Morocco is just so colourful from the streets down to the privacy of their homes. The bag you purchased is a great find. It is good that you are meeting very kind and generous people over there. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Love seeing your photos and reading about your trip.

  4. Ha, so funny! I didn’t know this Arabian feature! Anyway, this place is amazing! I was wondering why you haven’t posted lately, but now I see. Keep on going! It’s VERY interesting!:))) And have a nice stay!
    Stanislava recently posted..Autumn inspiration part 3My Profile

  5. Haha you’re so funny! I love how big this post is: so many beautiful pictures! Keep ‘m coming babe! And have a blast 😀
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Stuff Dutch people likeMy Profile

  6. Unbelievable! Everybody wants to be your guide!
    Very nice photos! Some of them reminded me of our walk in Plaka.
    Stay away from weird guys!
    Have fun!
    Demi Mist recently posted..Cute make up (step by step photos)+my new hairMy Profile

  7. I love how colorful all the buildings are!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. wow Tammy this capture are magic! love! xoxo

    new post!Le divorce de Balenciaga!
    carola recently posted..Si cali il Sipario! Nicolas Ghesuierè dice addio a Balenciaga!My Profile

  9. Love this:) Please don’t stop blogging I love to read them:) Glad people are being nice to you and trying to impress you;)
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..Red eyeMy Profile

  10. Dearest Tammy,
    Quite an adventure again; as you live through many and ongoing. But those people can be pushy but they mean so well. So many cultures are that way! You did well I guess and got to see some real life of real people aside from the usual sight seeing.
    You still do all on your flip-flops?
    Wishing you Godspeed again to wherever your next destination leads you.

  11. Morocco looks amazing, especially all of the mosaics and the painted wooden roof.
    Nico recently posted..The Other Inca TrailMy Profile

  12. Fes is such an amazing city! The photos you took are insanely beautiful, love the ones with the houses on the hill, the tannery and of course those with the shops! All that mix of colors and smells in the Medina is breathtaking!
    I would’ve been quite afraid of that fight! You managed very well, it was still quite strange though!
    Fashionthrougthravel recently posted..L’Invitation au Voyage: Louis Vuitton Ad CampaignMy Profile

  13. nice place!
    hope to have a nice time!
    evi mili recently posted..Vintage Fashion Festival by A.N.G.E.L.O & McArthurGlenMy Profile

  14. I am sure it was an unique experience, your photos are stunning! Everybody want to be your guide :)) Argan oil here it is very expensive, I am sure there you can find it on each corner 🙂
    Manases Andrea recently posted..Blue degradeMy Profile

  15. amazing pics, magical place
    Mademoiselle Kier recently posted..CannesMy Profile

  16. I just love all the vibrant textiles in the market. Also, the ornate tiles on the buildings are stunning.
    Erica recently posted..DIY: Wedding Keepsake HangerMy Profile

  17. Great post Tammy! I love the pictures. Looks so beautiful there.

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Outfit | Oh Mickey, you’re so fineMy Profile

  18. These photos are breathtaking!

    <3 Melissa

    Melissa recently posted..Tumblr Tuesday #8My Profile

  19. Thank you for amazing trip! I feel like I’s there just now!
    ViktoriyaSener recently posted..Leopard scarfMy Profile

  20. Antonella C'est moi says:

    amazing place!!kisses

  21. Tammy you are living such an amazing experience and you look like a princess!!

    Francesca Romana Capizzi recently posted..Some inspiring pieces from the webMy Profile

  22. This is definitely a place I would love to visit!!! Great pics 😀

    Ileana recently posted..Beauty routineMy Profile

  23. I’ve always wanted to go to Fes for ever! It’s a dream on mine and have loved every minute of this post Tammy, though not sure about getting followed by men wanting to take you home LOL!

    < Sonia recently posted..black outMy Profile

  24. This looks like a place I would like to visit! Great shopping and the tannery looked pretty cool!


  25. Wow great post!!! nice photos!!! you look so pretty!!!
    Have a good week! and my G+…

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
    Marcela recently posted..Viva el color con Marc Jacobs!!! y las pinturas de Emil Nolde!!!My Profile

  26. You have the weirdest of adventures and still handle everything quite gracefully!
    I would freak out for the fight and the guy insisting to take me to his family.
    You are so brave and just wonderful.
    Great bag you got there and the pictures are all incredible.
    My love and prayers as your journey continues.
    Love you and a big hug from a far
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Polka dots LoveMy Profile

  27. Wow! They sound OVERfriendly! Be careful there, dear! Your life is so risky but so juicy and adventurous!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..City LookMy Profile

  28. I dream to go to moroco !

    Kisses ♥

  29. Hi sweety, loved hearing your tales about Fes…how crazy is the Medina – i would be far too scared to walk around alone, I did also notice the guys or guides that follow you around everywhere. And did they also nag you to buy a leather bag at the tannery? I told them I was a vegan! i hope you managed to buy some argan hair oil to bring back home, its amazing! Your photos are brilliant!
    Sam recently posted..Twilight Stars Style EvolutionMy Profile

  30. I went 3 times in Morocco and still I wonder how crazy but amazing it is!^^
    Great pics dear!

    S recently posted..Surfer style: beyond floral printsMy Profile

  31. Looks such a buisy city!
    Great market… so colorful.
    Beauty Follower recently posted..ΣUMMER IN GREECE: windows… balconies…My Profile

  32. beautiful photos! I think this is an amazing place!
    sveva recently posted..Different Cara!My Profile

  33. Great photos,Tammy! Love that you always have some funny stories to share with us :)Btw,you look beautiful!
    Stefani recently posted..Tough loveMy Profile

  34. Your pictures are magical! I loved making Argan oil when I went, did you try some of the Argan paste that you can eat? It’s just like peanut butter to me. So yum. Also love moroccan tea! x
    Rachael C recently posted..Halloween Outfit: Princess Aurora with OASAPMy Profile

  35. I have always wanted to go there! Thanks for sharing your experience, and I adore the photos. Fabrics and prints galore! xo/Madison
    FASHION TALES recently posted..Night Owls: Leather and LaceMy Profile

  36. sounds like you’re having some fun adventures there..that’s cool you visited the family’s home! that’s the perfect way to experience their culture..
    hahaha that’s so funny about the fight..they were fighting over who got to talk to you??
    Tiffany recently posted..295. Praha | déjà vuMy Profile

  37. colourful and funny pictures and stories just like you 🙂 xoxo

    just me recently posted..PendantsMy Profile

  38. Hi Tammy, what a beaituful place! You look great! I love the images!
    kisses chris

  39. Fes is a fabulous city, my parents were enchanted during their trip in this place 😉
    Caro* recently posted..Gordes et Roussillon.My Profile