Chefchaouen, Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

I arrived Morocco from Spain by Ferry. It took me 1 hour to cross the “ocean”, went through custom and arrive Chefchaouen. However, it looks like I am going to spend at least 3 weeks in here. First of all, I have to travel all the way from North of Morocco down to the most Southern part of Morocco. Then, I need to get couple of visas( Senegal, Guinea and Ivory coast) before I hit Mauritania. To all of you who do not know, the government of Mauritania actually dislike American, so I need to get everything well prepare before i arrive this country. Anyway, before I arrive Chefchaouen, I have no clue what this town is all about. Now, I can tell you all it’s a beautiful town surrounded by mountain and Mountain people have a different dress code than the Sahara people.

at chefchaouen morocco
If you noticed, man dress like “a wizard” and girl dress like “a regular muslim lady”:P

man and woman at chefchaouen morocco

And most of the buildings are painted in the shade of Blue- very beautiful:)

chefchaouen morocco
blue houses at chefchaouen morocco
blue walls at chefchaouen morocco
edgymix at chefchaouen morocco
blue doors at chefchaouen morocco
chefchaouen,morocco Africa
spice at chefchaouen morocco
I ran into this very nice Hotel Owner whom he let me went to the top floor of his hotel. There’s a panoramic view of the whole town and a very cute little white cat!!:)..Muah<3

hotel at chefchaouen morocco
cat at chefchaouen morocco
panoramic view chefchaouen morocco
blue houses in chefchaouen morocco
street view chefchaouen morocco

And ofcourse I WENT SHOPPING!!!! and I went really crazy!, I took 2 week of spending money in Morocco but I spent them all in just one day:P

stores-chefchaouen morocco
shop at chefchaouen morocco
jewelries at chefchaouen morocco

I bought 3 pants, one scarf, 2 bracelets, one Djellaba, hat and Argan oil! If you know me well enough, you know tribal and ethic clothings and accessories always drive me crazy!:P

store, chefchaouen morocco
shopping time at chefchaouen morocco
shopping at chefchaouen morocco
moroccan lamp at chefchaouen morocco
I met this shop owner who used to live in the Shahara. He saw me wearing the Djellaba and insisted I should tried the Turban from the Dessert:P. It’s just a lot of fun to do shopping in Morocco:)

at a local store of chefchaouen morocco

UNTIL next time..which I have no idea where I will be:P..cheers guys:)

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  1. Hi Tammy! I was wondering where you were!:) Glad you reached Morocco safe and sound! Wow it is an amazing place, the colors impressed me so much:) lol you look so cute with the hat! please do a huge stock of Argan and Moroccan oil also for me! Have a good day and take care!:*

  2. great shopping 🙂 have a nice day in Morocco 🙂
    Mademoiselle Kier recently posted..Aix-en-Provence part 2My Profile

  3. This is amazing! I’ve always dreamed to go somewhere in Africa! It’s so different, isn’t it?

    Have a nice stay there!

    Stanislava recently posted..Ride the Palace – SofiaMy Profile

  4. Love how the buildings are painted,so unusual! Have fun in Morocco 🙂
    Stefani recently posted..Not a trace of doubt in my mindMy Profile

  5. Fabulous pictures 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Firmoo Lunettes !!My Profile

  6. Hi Tammy, it’s wonderful that this Trans Africa is happening! This town looks so dreamy beautiful. I would be crazy like you seeing all those pretty pieces, but you look cute :). Seems the internet is pretty good there? Thanks for bringing the world in front of my eyes, I am flying my dream along your travel, have fun for the next destination:)

    • YUP, internet is perfect in Morocco:)..actually most part of the world have perfect internet access you have no idea;P

  7. Haaa i would have spent it all in one day too!! Iam glad you made it safe and having a great time!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..2012 electionMy Profile

  8. I love how there is a cat in almost all of your posts! I’m not sure if I would want to go to Morocco as a girl alone. Be safe!

    Elise recently posted..Japan: towering over!My Profile

  9. Amazing photos!
    Everything is so traditional and the view unbelievable!
    You look so cute!
    Take care!
    Demi Mist recently posted..Recycle your old jeansMy Profile

  10. Hi Tammy! Glad to see you again 🙂
    I really love this blue on the walls… looks like a beautiful place to visit^^
    Hope you are having fun !
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Nouveau petit jeu, gagnez des mini-vernis Yves RocherMy Profile

  11. Amazing as usual! I love the beautiful blue that the buildings are painted and I really love that there is a cat in almost every picture!


  12. Tammy, I love your pictures in their national or tribal wear. You are so adventurous. The whole town is just so beautiful in the blue colour. They are so creative. Enjoy your trip there and be safe!
    Pamela RG recently posted..Tiffany InspirationsMy Profile

  13. Excellent you are finally safe in Morocco, enjoy every bit of your time!
    You look so happy and I love all these wonderful pictures, they houses are so beautiful!!!
    Be safe and have a wonderful time dear!
    Love you and kisses
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Mix of colour and a smile is always contagiousMy Profile

  14. Dearest Tammy,
    Great that you arrived there. Wish you luck with all your Visas as that can really be a pain in the… But you could stay here, with your outfit you already DO belong! Your photos look inviting and it would be awfully hard NOT to buy things. But the stupid limit of suitcases is killing most of that joy…
    Enjoy your top room with the cute white cat. Great view.
    Hugs to you,

    PS my newest country following my blog is: # 186 Burkina Faso… Are you going there too?

  15. What an interesting country! Your look is so cute =) Enjoy your experience there 😉

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Ted Baker PlaysuitMy Profile

  16. the colors of this city are so beautiful!
    have a great time sweetie!

    evi mili recently posted..My favourite and great moments the last month!My Profile

  17. Your in Morocco, wow beautiful place, how I see it in your photos. You look amazing in the last one, interesting clothing! Why are all the houses painted in blue, is there a point? I am very curious were you will go from there next. Have a great time! Btw. I always wanted to ask you, did you visited Romania?
    Manases Andrea recently posted..French with flowersMy Profile

  18. I love every single one of your posts. They are so amazing and your stories are just out of this world. I need to tag along next time with you and get to know the world. LOL but right now I thank you for sharing these amazing post that sometimes take my mind out of reality. xoxoxoxox
    Berty Morales recently posted..Seven Ways To Wrap-Up This Winter!My Profile

  19. Picturesque countryside and great narrow streets!

  20. Hi dear! Such an amazing place! Lots of cats and blue color!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  21. The buildings and everything looks so colorful!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  22. Wow, those pictures are stunning! It’s so colorful there! I love the blue buildings.
    Francesca recently posted..Patent Boots with a TopknotMy Profile

  23. i liked the tribal jewellery a lot.:)
    Nice pictures dear!!
    Niesha recently posted..NBBN Weekly Round-up of Favorite Posts (29/10/2012 – 04/11/2012)My Profile

  24. Aamazing to travel to all these beautiful places. Thank you for sharing it with us:)
    frances recently posted..TOP FIVE ESSENTIAL PIECES FOR FALL WEATHERMy Profile

  25. you look so sweet with that turban!
    lalipops recently posted..DIY- Studded Leather JacketMy Profile

  26. Your pictures are absolutely stunning. Did you visit the Kasbah in Morocco where they filmed Prince of Persia? It’s aaaamazing! x
    Rachael C recently posted..Friday Find #8My Profile

  27. Wow Tammy! Amazing pictures. This town looks beautiful.

    Jennifer | My Scrambled
    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Wish you all a happy weekend!My Profile

  28. The blue buildings are so stunning. Is there a reason they paint them blue??

    It’s also so interesting to see how they dress in other countries too. I guess you must have to change your wardrobe when you travel to different places so that you “fit in”, huh?
    Erica recently posted..Awwww Shucks, Thanks!My Profile

    • Quote from the internet–

      Chefchaouen was founded by Moorish exiles from Spain, in 1471, as a small fortress to fend off the attacks of invading Portuguese forcess in northern Morocco. After the Spanish Reconquista, the small mountain town became one of the largest Moriscos and Jews refuge sites, and during their stay they managed to leave their mark on it, one that makes the modern city so special.

      The name Chefchaouen comes from “chauen”, which is Spanish for horns, and refers to the shape of the two mountains overlooking the settlement. But it’s not its strange name, the beautiful and unique handicrafts sold by local craftsman, or the delicious goat cheese that attracts the majority of tourists to Chefchaouen. It’s the blue-painted houses and buildings of the city, a tradition inherited from the former Jewish inhabitants. In the Bible, Israelites are commanded to dye one of the threads in their tallit (prayer shawl) blue, with tekhelel. This was an old natural dye, processed from a species of shellfish, but in time its production collapsed and the Jewish people eventually forgot how to make it. But, in honor of the sacred commandment, the color blue was still woven into the cloth of their tallit. When they look at the dye, they will think of the blue sky, and the God above them in Heaven.

      While the Jewish population of Chefchoauen isn’t as numerous as it one was, practically everyone in the city still follows this old tradition and frequently renew the paint job on their homes.

  29. Looks so beautiful! I love the colors in these pictures. Have the best time!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Happy Friday!My Profile

  30. oh wow the streets are so colourful..& I love seeing the way they dress there
    I’ve always wanted to visit Morocco! very beautiful photos 😀
    Tiffany recently posted..295. Praha | déjà vuMy Profile