Have you ever heard of someone telling you they dislike a place that you LOVE so much??? Oh yea, I got that a lot:P Different people have different traveling experience and it depend on a lot of different elements like weather, people, season and the mood of YOURSELF!!! When I got to Casablanca, the weather was beautiful and the city was SO CLEAN. After the shitty weather experience in Fes, my first day in Casablanca was just like Paradise. I have to admit Casablanca is my favorite city so far! If you disagree, please let me try to explain myself:P

edgymix at downtown casablanca
So, my first day was just LOVELY…I have not done anything but slept for 11 hours straight at the hotel!!Ahahahhahahha! That’s really amazing and LOVELY:P

casablanca city center

Then the next day, after having a LOVELY breakfast downstairs at my hotel, I went straight to the great mosque-la moschea Hassan II.

great mosque by the ocean at casablanca
la moschea Hassan II, Casablanca

It is the third biggest Mosque in the world and it’s beautiful. However, please do pay attention that this mosque no longer allow people to get in by themselves and you must join one of the guided tour(9am, 10am, 11am and 2pm) in order to get in.

tour to great mosque-casablanca
grand la moschea Hassan II, Casablanca

The inside is really grand and amazing but I really have been to so many mosque I really do not feel anything:P

tour to the inside of the great mosque-casablanca
inside of la moschea Hassan II, Casablanca

There even a washing lower level at the mosque:)

washing room in la moschea Hassan II, Casablanca

So afterthat I went to the Medina to check out the “shopping” opportunities:P.ofcourse I bought dresses, necklaces,etc,etc,etc:) I will definitely show you guys later:)

medina at Casablanca

When I was trying to get a snack and drink in Medina, I met up with a really Nice guy.He helped me out to order food and offer me advice to tour around Casablanca. He have a motorcycle and took me to some really nice area by the beach.

beach at casablanca
beautiful beach at casablanca
sunset at casablanca
sunset at casablanca

And local people tried to help me take photos with the pigeon and they put corns on my hand to attract the pigeons. I really like the photo they took. It’s just an amazing experience:)

Casablanca, morocco

The other day I went to the brand new Morocco Mall which opened this year only. You can do any shoppings there and the mall is overlooking the ocean again !!!! I have to tell you, Casablanca is JUST too beautiful. I really don’t know whether the nice the weather make the Huge different!!!

aquarium at morocco mall, Casablanca

I really LOVE casablanca and I feel like I can live over there. Everything is so modern and clean…unlike the other town. Well, wait until I get to Marrakesh and I will tell you Casablanca is STILL my number one:) Until then cheers guys:)

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  1. Tammy Casablanca sounds divine, I won’t argue with you! And that pigeon shot of the birds taking off in flight is amazing.

    Sonia recently posted..berry eton messMy Profile

  2. It looks really beautiful!
    The photos are amazing!
    And you were lucky again to find a nice guy to show you around!
    Have fun!
    Demi Mist recently posted..Bracelets with memory wireMy Profile

  3. LOVE IT!!! it looks so amazing that mosque is beautiful!!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..Who likes coffee, tea and gift cards??My Profile

  4. wow! your trip so interesting and magic! thanks for sharing Tammy! love so much this post e this capture! magic Casablanca!
    have a lovely weekend!
    carola recently posted..Post Preview ! In arrivo una collaborazione molto Speciale!My Profile

  5. Casanblanca sounds and look amazing!!
    I have heard it from so many people I think I am missing out on something Grande.
    Hope the rest of your journey will be this wonderful!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Lace details and a rainbow on a cold November afternoonMy Profile

  6. I’m so glad you had such a fabulous time!!! I love those pics with the birds. There are so many of them and they just come right up to you!
    Erica recently posted..Spotlight On: claireabellemakesMy Profile

  7. Dearest Tammy,
    So glad you found your PARADISE. And great dreams when you did sleep for 11 hours!
    We know how exhausting traveling can be. New foods, new cultures, new people… it never ends. You have to shut off for 11 hours once in a while!
    Good for you and hope you enjoy many more of such days.
    Hugs to you,

  8. Hey Tammy,

    People keep telling me casa is the best city in Morocco!
    Looks like a lot of pigeons though ^^
    Thanks for sharing =)
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Avant-première "Comme des frères"My Profile

  9. Gorgeous photos! In particular the photo of the mosque is stunning!
    Bree recently posted..LEATHERMy Profile

  10. beautiful photos. it’s cool that you always find new people 🙂

    just me recently posted..PendantsMy Profile

  11. I need to go and see it! fab!
    Lyosha recently posted..VFWR: Day 3, Liza RomanyukMy Profile

  12. i have never been to casablanca so I could never disagree with you!
    It seems to be a beautiful place!

    Francesca Romana Capizzi recently posted..That leopard dashMy Profile

  13. Thanks for sharing! It look like an amazing place!:)
    Stanislava recently posted..Tsvetana PironkovaMy Profile

  14. Hi Tammy! I’d love to visit Casablanca now! From what you say it is a great place! And also you took beautiful photos! Love the ones of you with pigeons, too adorable! take care dear, happy friday! love and hugs!:*

  15. The mosque is really amazing! I’m sorry to disappoint you, but when I visited Casablanca I thought it was my least favorite city in Morocco! First of all, I was there in August – terrible heat around 50 degrees and even more on the road towards the mosque without any trees or places in the shade. I got a rash on one of my legs because of the sun and I was even more dissappointed because the Casablanca I had in mind was the one from the 40s movie haha! I should have known better! The mosque was about the only thing that I really liked about this city. Maybe it’s time I give it another shot, but definitely not in August haha!

  16. In the end it always comes down to the way you interpet things. Many people have a boring time and are overall damn dissatissfied by places, which I find extraordinary and fulfilling. Different people different experiences 🙂 Overall, you seem to have had a great time! And let me state the obvious here- you are so darn pretty!

  17. I love your first picture with the doves, very cute one. I envy you sometimes, you see so many beautiful places and meet so many interesting cultures. Great post!
    Manases Andrea recently posted..Manicure for a special eventMy Profile

  18. The 2nd to last picture is pretty awesome!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  19. Guess it depends on pesonal taste and right moment (maybe visit Morocco in full summer could be very stressful), but i liked Casablanca and Medina (I did a alot of shopping in markets^^) too!
    You are so cute in the pic with doves!!!!
    S recently posted..Surfer style: beyond floral printsMy Profile

  20. whao, Wow!!! looking at the pictures just wanna make me visit that mosque, omg!!! i had goose pimples starring at the gawj pictures, i feel in lurv with casablanca instantly, i bet this is the most beautiful mosque ever and the most beautiful place i have ever seen, the decor is marvelous it tells a story and 11hrs sleeping aint bad come onnnnnnnnnnnn…..

  21. Cosmo girl Tammy, great pics from Casablanca, i wish i could see more of you in this town.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    miss Margaret Cruzemark recently posted..Amazing streetstyle volume 2My Profile

  22. Great pics. Casablanca looks amazing. I love the pictures of the Mosque.
    Happy weekend!

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Outfit | New jeansMy Profile

  23. Love the picture with pigeons! Casablanca really looks amazing!
    Stefani recently posted..Tough loveMy Profile

  24. Wonderful pictures and the first one is so funny 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Gordes et Roussillon.My Profile

  25. Beautiful post!!!!
    Lima Ché recently posted..My New Cosmetics 🙂My Profile

  26. All is so wonderful

    Kisses ♥

    mademoiselle mode recently posted..Jolie lingerie colorée BabalùMy Profile

  27. Hi sweety, so happy that you loved Casablanca and it was a great experience for you….I only saw the mosque from the outside, but it looks even more incredible on the interior! Great images and enjoy your time there!
    Sam recently posted..Looks of the Week – 17/11/12My Profile

  28. I’ve never been there) Thanks for new trip! I love photos!
    ViktoriyaSener recently posted..One weddingMy Profile

  29. Wow! I would really love to go there. What a wonderful place!

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Sunset in Santa MonicaMy Profile

  30. Wow great post, I love the photos! You rock that pigeon photo girl 😀 It’s true though that you always remember a city or place the way you experienced it and it can be quite different for different people. Maybe we should go back a second time to stupid places just to figure out if it was indeed the weather or our bad mood or if it really is a sucky place 😉 Have fun!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Stuff Dutch people likeMy Profile

  31. wow incredible photos, I love the shot of the birds flying up in front of you! the interior detailing is stunning in all the buildings..
    hahah regarding your first paragraph..just like me loving Prague & you not 😉
    Tiffany recently posted..298. Staycation | The GrandMy Profile

  32. hey, i im love your pictures!!! can i use thrm in a essey about casablanca?