Postcards From Santorini, Greece

Postcards From Santorini, Greece

So Many people have asked me why I have been to so many places but have NOT yet been to Greece:) Well, I always thought Greece is such a romantic place that I really want to go there with the LOVE of my Life:P(well things don’t always goes as planned!!:P) Also, I feel like I should go to all the remote places when I am still young before going for a Vacation paradise:) But somehow, I still set foot on Greece this time…..ah…LIFE!

Sunset at Santorini
I arrived Santorini by Ferry on the 14th and luckily this time there’s noone trying to squeeze me over! Superjet have designated seat for everyone so I slept like a baby on the whole journey:P The first day I arrived I went to this beautiful old town called Fira and had the most amazing brunch:)

Lunch at Fira, Santorini

The bread was so soft but yet crusty! Butter had carrot and herd inside which made the whole combination perfect. Normally I seldom talk about what I eat during my journey but this is one of the highlight cus normally I am NOT very excited while traveling around Europe:P

Best brunch in Santorini

The Octopus I had was just perfect:P.It make me so hungry NOW:P If you guys want to know what I had ate through out my journey, I will normally post them on Facebook or Google + 

octopus-Fira, Santorini

The next day I went on a cruise to the Volcanic Island- nothing special:P

Cruising in Santorini
Cruise to Volcanic island-santorini

Then I took a Donkey ride up to the village of Thirasia! I am SO SORRY! I know I am so Un-humain!!!! I felt really bad I kept telling the Donkey I am so sorry for my Fat Body leaning on you and you have to carry me up to the TOP! It’s freaking 150 steps! I really hope your master treat you well afterward!!!


The Color of the photo is a bit weird because the camera I used was my Tough camera which still have underwater setting:P Anyway, I had a beer up on the mountain top!!!

had a beer up to the village of Thirasia

Then I headed to the SUPER TOURISTIC PLACE in the universe-IA. I did what I needed to do-fought with others for a spot to take amazing photos:P and I DID IT 😛 …..Santorini really is a very beautiful place I have to admit!

IA Santorini Greece
Sunset in Santorini
Sunset in Santorini Greece
Sunset santorini Greece
Sunset in Santorini, Greece
sunset santorini, greece
Sunset Santorini
Santorini Greece
Dawn-Santorini Greece

I also had a sunset dinner over there:P-Greek Salad

Sunset dinner at Santorini

However, to tell you the true, I actually love Mykonos MORE! There’s a more peaceful, cosy and intimate feelings about Mykonos that’s hard to explain for me. I know a lot of people will disagree but I seriously feel like I can live there in Mykonos and NOT Santorini:P BUT afterall, when compare Greece to The Africa Land- I will definitely tell you THERE’S NO OTHER CONTINENTS CAN BE AS MAGICAL AS AFRICA(oh well, not those war zone shit hole:P) I have complete confidence I can show you all how beautiful some of the places in Africa are:))) Staty Tune and  Cheers everyone:)

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  1. Wow, Santorini is awesome! And you did amazing pictures! 🙂
    Stanislava recently posted..Memories from GreeceMy Profile

  2. Beautiful place !!!
    I have to go there one day !!!
    Ola recently posted..Just inMy Profile

  3. Wow! Your photos are amazing! Really? You like Mykonos more?
    You look very cute on the donkey and you aren’t fat!
    Demi Mist recently posted..HALLOWEEN CONTEST-VOTE NOWMy Profile

    • yea…I do like Mykonos more;P..and hey…you got yourself a GRAVATAR!!!! Finally I can see your face show up on my comment:P

  4. Wow wonderful photos!!!!!
    Have a good week, Tammy! and my G+ for you…

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
    Marcela recently posted..50 años de James Bond!!!!My Profile

  5. Hi Tammy, wow these images are amazing! I ´m in love with the first picture/with the pink flowers and the sun!
    Also cool to see you on a donkey:)
    have fun, kisses

  6. fantastic pics <3<3
    antonella leone recently posted..Giveaway inquiry from Estarer fashion jewelry 😀My Profile

  7. Antonella C'est moi says:

    wonderful kisses

  8. Foto favolose (: Reb, xoxo.

    *Nuovo post sul mio blog,
    fammi sapere cosa ne pensi 😉 eccoti il link:

  9. Hi Tammy, I know you say you like Mykonos more, but Santorini looks beautifully picturesque as well, I guess you have to physically be there to tell the difference in its character and nature. Thats so sweet of you to rate Africa as the most magical continent 🙂
    Sam recently posted..Jessica Alba’s Biker Street StyleMy Profile

    • OK, I think the most important reason I love Africa is I LOVE ANIMAL!!! ahahaha where ever there’s animal I am super happy:P. BUt the landscape there is JUST amazing:) trust me, I love South Africa:)

  10. Tammy, I felt the same way as you about going to Greece with the love of our lives. But then it may or not happen… Santorini is absolutely gorgeous. So breathtaking. I am glad you had the courage to go there now. I love all of your pictures. They make me happy too. Have a great time.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Fragonard Parfumeur Factory TourMy Profile

  11. Wow. Always adored this blue white building of Greece!
    Your pics are so damn good! Love it all!!!
    Great Travelogue dear!!!
    Hope you check out my blog too.
    Would love it if you’ll follow as well!

  12. Hi Tammy! Oh I’d love to be there! Santorini is actually one of the destination I always want to visit!! Must be so stunning! You took great photos dear, I’m very happy so I can pin them now!^^ Especially the one I’ve just saw on your G+, is so artistic! Hope you have a good day and take care my friend! Much love!:*<3

  13. Wonderful!

    Hanna & Christel recently posted..Setareh Mohtarez inspirationMy Profile

  14. I am sooo glad you went!! You can always go back;) Your beautiful, don’t worry!! So glad your having a great and safe trip!!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..thirty yearsMy Profile

  15. Beautiful pictures! I especially love your meal pics…makes me hungry!


    Josephina recently posted..Mid-week Obsession – Sweater Chic!My Profile

  16. Worderful!
    (show video at site

    thechilicool recently posted..Naj Oleari make up: La vie en rouge collectionMy Profile

  17. Just 1 word: stiunning!!!
    Incredible photos, pure beauty!

  18. Santorini is a fabulous place, you are very lucky 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..My pretty blue coat !!My Profile

  19. These photos are so incredible! Greece is beautiful and I miss it so much! I just went last summer for the first time!
    Ema recently posted..Boston Fashion WeekMy Profile

  20. Awesome pictures. It looks so lovely there. The weather is great and so much beautiful things to see. Enjoy!

    X Jennifer

    P.s. Got a call from a tired donkey. He said he had the worst tourist ever on his back :-P.
    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Outfit | Aztec cardiMy Profile

  21. I don´t know what to say… I love to read your blog! It´s always a little travel around the world to me 🙂
    Love your photos, dear Tammy <3
    xoxo Lola

  22. Greece is so amazingly beautiful!
    Carmen recently posted..Dark is the new BlackMy Profile

  23. Oh, Tammy… I am dying to go to Greece. My husband is convinced I’ll like Italy more, but I don’t know. What do you think?? (Of course, you’ll try to convince me to go to Africa instead…lol!) 😉
    Erica recently posted..Sneak peaks.My Profile

    • lol…it REALLY depend on what you like:) I mean I hate ……hate to be in a place with TONS of tourist!! And it’s already post-season in Greece, but STILL….it’s super crowded there!! I mean I will love Santorini more if there ‘s NOT too many people over there:P..I saw many people fighting for a spot to take photos of THEMSELVES!!. And when you try to enjoy the scenery, you kept hearing people talking and laughing! To me Italy is super touristic also, don’t go there during peak season if you can:)…Different cities in Italy offer a lot of different things. Both country are beautiful but super touristic!:P

      • Thanks for the advice Tammy. Decisions, decisions… lol! I know what you mean about tourists everywhere… ug! I might just have to brave the crowds though. We’ll see. Hope you’re having lovely travels this week 🙂
        Erica recently posted..DIY: Sequin HairclipMy Profile

  24. Beautiful! Food is also a highlight sometimes 😉
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Things I’ve learned so farMy Profile

  25. What a beautiful place, the view of the water is stunning!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  26. Such a beautiful pictures! Love photo of you on a donkey (you’re not fat at all! )
    Stefani recently posted..Take me home tonightMy Profile

  27. I went to santorini some years agot and I LOVED it! I love volcanos and I love sunsets!!
    < Francesca Romana Capizzi recently posted..Naughty Monkey Isla Bonita shoesMy Profile

  28. your pictures are breathtaking ! I really love to travel by your side through this blog
    Thanks girl !
    And thanks for the laugh (I can imagine you talking to the donkey…)
    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Restaurant Les Zazous à MontparnasseMy Profile

  29. these photos are amazing <3 and you look so sweet!
    lalipops recently posted..London and Firmoo SunglassesMy Profile

  30. Dearest Tammy,
    So glad you really got to visit Greece on this trip. Well, the advantage of seeing more places is that you can compare. We certainly look forward to the rest of your journey. We have only been to South Africa… Enjoy your next leg of the journey!
    Hugs to you,
    Mariette’s Back to Basics
    Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder recently posted..20th Century Vintage Beau Cherub Angel Brooch Sterling SilverMy Profile

  31. This is the first time I heard someone like Mykonos more than Santorini and I am stunned Tammy!
    I love all your pictures and yes the food in Greek Islands is more more than amazing!!!
    I am so loving your journey and can’t wait to discover Africa with you (cyberwise of course)!
    Kisses dear
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Style Inspired: Serena Van Der WoodsenMy Profile

  32. So beautiful I have always wanted to visit Greece, you are so lucky! and the food looks delicious.

  33. Your food photos just made me super hungry. I’d love to visit Greece one day and your photos of the country are amazing!! Have a great day wherever you are now 😉

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Skull NecklaceMy Profile

  34. Santorini is one of my favorite places in the world! Your photos are incredible!
    CRAVING FOR BARNEYS recently posted..My first weekend in MiamiMy Profile

  35. Santorini is such a scenic island, i’ve seen amazing sunsets there and the food is so delicious! lovely pics!

  36. Oh wow, I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about Greece lately! It seems like several people I know visited there this year. It seems like such an amazing place that I had never really noticed before, but now it’s on one of my “must see” places whenever I am fortunate enough to travel. Loving your pictures and & adventures, as always! 🙂
    Victoria recently posted..Eye Can’t WaitMy Profile

  37. WOW amazing photos you did 🙂
    just me recently posted..New inMy Profile

  38. Just absolutely stunning hun. When i am travelling good food is definitely part of the highlight as well. xo 🙂 Thanks for your comment dear. Enjoy your week. Madison

  39. Lovely pictures! I really like those white-blue buildings, for me that’s really the look of Greece…and that sunshine…I want it too!
    Foodloveandhappiness recently posted..Boy or girl?My Profile

  40. I have to visit Greece soon, so many beautiful places there, remembers me to Mamma Mia movie you en that Donkey climbing the hill.
    kisses laia
    laia recently posted..Five things pinterestMy Profile

  41. I’m glad to hear you enjoyed your visit to Greece. I agree that the islands are magical and idyllic. I for one, though I love travelling, always prefer to spend my summers at home because there is nothing more wonderful than summer in Greece. I’m more in love with the Ionian islands myself… However there are so many other beautiful places one has to visit in Greece besides the islands. Lovely post!!


  42. amazing place!
    sveva recently posted..Air France MadameMy Profile

  43. Santorini looks like a dream! When I will go to Greece, I’d want to explore its many different islands! But I have to agree with you, Africa is magical and beautiful. The feelings you get there are amazing.
    I would have loved to meet you in Malta 🙁 Maybe you will come again some other time :p Btw where do you live? NY?
    The Martha from Malta Diary recently posted..Living a real African experience- going on SafariMy Profile

  44. Hi Tammy, you are the sweetest, you stop by even though you’re on holiday!
    Sam recently posted..Decked Out In Dannijo JewelsMy Profile

  45. I love your pics
    they are amazing
    Mademoiselle Kier recently posted..Bandol & CassisMy Profile

  46. bravo!!! this is one of my favorite post u know? oh that chunk of toast makes me melt. fantastic pictures. i love the pink flowers they amazing!!! and one more thing tammy, you are not fat, okay! i love the way u re 🙂

  47. Another blogger I follow has been in Santorini for like a month now. And the more photos I see of this place, the more I realize I totally should vacation in Greece. It’s on the top of my list now.
    Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..On My Mind: October 2012My Profile

  48. ok i dont have a words..amazing capture Tammy!!!!
    big kiss

    carola recently posted..Cheap vs Chic #8My Profile

  49. Wow! Just wow! You’re making me up Greece on my travel bucklist!


    Sonia recently posted..oreo funfetti cookiesMy Profile

  50. i have a friend thats going to greece next month! i told him to check out ur blog 😉

    i love the pictures!! 😀

    Liz <3
    The Red Lil' Shoes Blog
    Liz Albuquerque recently posted..Active C La Roche-Posay! Testei!! Resenha!My Profile

  51. Amzing pictures, my dear!



  52. We Greek people are so much fun. What do u think. And we have also an endless, non stoping summer….Miracles are happening!!!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark
    miss Margaret Cruzemark recently posted..Zimmermann Swim 12/13 CampaignMy Profile

  53. Wauw, awesome pictures! Would love to go there sometime!

  54. Your photos make me the hope to go there!! compliments!!
    tatty recently posted..PARIS FASHION WEEK #2My Profile

  55. Wow such incredible photos! Greece has always been a dream destination for me, It’s always been on my top 3 places to visit <3
    Bree recently posted..Marilyn Monroe MAC Cosmetics Product ReviewMy Profile

  56. lovelovelove these photos!! I’ve been to many parts of Europe but haven’t been to Greece yet! Seeing your photos makes me want to go next time 😀 looks like a true paradise
    Tiffany recently posted..287. Courvoisier Collective: Culinary MasterpiecesMy Profile

  57. so wonderful…… 🙂

  58. yummy Tammy!!! and mythos – my favorite one!!!
    great photos 🙂

    Greetings from Berlin

  59. seeing these photos remind me of when i was there last summer, so perfect ! glad you had a great time 😉
    steph recently posted..Falling in lineMy Profile

  60. Omg I need to go… this looks absolutely amazing!
    Rachel recently posted..{Bows, Patterns & Chains} + Giveaway!My Profile

  61. Gorgeous pictures! I love traveling and have never been to Greece, I have always wanted to!


  62. ADORE!!!!! Everything is so close and familiar to me, like I was there with you!:)
    GlamFabChameleon recently posted..Some recent pretty giftsMy Profile

  63. So beautiful the photos and about talking about the food, don’t you worry…it is impossible to have traveled to Greece and not to talk about the food….it is so delicious.