Goodbye Acropolis

Goodbye Acropolis

I don’t want to talk about politics:P But when you are traveling, it’s a topic you can never avoid because you need to know your safety. My first impression when I arrived Athens was-DREADFUL! There’s tons of concrete block buildings and Graffiti all over the place! Even the Acropolis cannot make this city shine:P My Taxi driver told me couple of years ago Athens was a city that never sleep. But after the economy crisis, a lot of people lost their job and crimes in the city increase dramatically. People couldn’t afford to go out and spend money so a lot of shops closed. But was Greece very dangerous? To me, it’s just like any city in the world, shit do happen:P But luckily, nothting happend to me:)…..YEA!

Athens at night
So, remembered previously I told you guys I did met up with The Most lovable Blogger friend Demi Mist🙂 She kept telling me the city center is not safe at night, but we did wandered around the city for a bit during the day:)

Shop at Athens

She also gave me a bracelet as a gift and I bought a pair of earrings for 35 Euro:)

Soveniere from Greece

And I was supposed to meet up with another Blogger Friend –Adeola but the bus company is ON STRIKE so she couldn’t come to Meteora to meet up with me. Well, afterall, Meteora is breath-taking:) Much better than Athens:)

Monastery at Meteora
Monastery at Meteora, Greece
Meteora, Greece
Meteora, Greece
at Meteora, Greece

So, if you guys really want to travel to Greece, I suggest you all either head to the islands or head up north to visit Meteora or Delphi:) These places are much more interesting than staying in Athens:)

Delphi, Greece

Delphi is a place 2000 feet above sea level and the mountains are beautiful:) Below Remains become very famous lately! Why? Because of the title-“Acropolis Adieu, You’ve got to go“.

Goodbye Acropolis-P

That’s why there’s a Strike in Athens some times ago before I arrived! However, Athens is on General Strike every other week anyway!!! To me, this is really nerve-wrecking because how can a tourist go anywhere without public transportation from some times? I myself didn’t have internet access because of this in the hotel for 2 nights!!

Acropolis at night

BUT, to me Greece is still a great place to visit:) Because of the richness in culture and history. I myself is a Huge Fan of Greek God stories, needless to say I cannot get my eyes off the characters from the movie”300” !!!Greek is SO HOT:P(i know those actors are NOT greek but still I think Greek is hot..ok:P)

300, Greece


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  1. Hi Tammy! I’m very curious to visit Greece now, you know I didnt expect it could be dangerous at all, but hopefully nothing happened to you! Going to pin some photos as usual dear:P Love them and the one with you is so lovely! Happy friday dear and take care! Lots of hugs and love you to!:*<3

    • yea me too….but Actually I don’t think it’s dangerous at all. It’s just like any other big city:)…you just need to be cautious with your belongings:)

  2. Oh wow, the mountain top homes are just breathtaking!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    • oops…I forgot to mention those are monastery on the mountain tops. Normal people actually live at the foot of the mountain:P

  3. Meteora looks so nice! I agree that there are many strikes!
    I hope you also have fun in Portugal and the other places you visit.
    It was fun meeting you!!!
    Demi Mist recently posted..10 mishaps on a blind dateMy Profile

  4. Wow!!! Does anyone live in that house on the rock??? Glad nothing bad happened to you and what a beautiful bracelet Demi gave you!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..LookMy Profile

  5. Breathtaking indeed, Delphi sounds really interesting, I hope to visit this beautiful country someday. Such a pity about the bus strike 🙁 All the best for the next part of your journey.
    Sam recently posted..Looks of the Week – 20/10/12My Profile

  6. Hi Tammy, I’m glad to hear from you and that you are doing fine. The economic crisis there in Greece is very unfortunate. But the countryside is so breathtaking especially Meteora. So beautiful! Be safe and enjoy! 🙂
    Pamela RG recently posted..Enchanting GourdonMy Profile

  7. So glad you were safe in Athens and yes, you ARE right about the beauty of Delphi and Acropolis.

  8. Antonella C'est moi says:

    wonderful place!!kisses

  9. I have been in athens several times and the concrete has overwhelmed monument and this is so bad!!

    Francesca R recently posted..Guess my picks!My Profile

  10. i think greece is a wonderful place to live and visit judging from the pictures you posted. wow! would love to visit there some day. you look stunning in that picture tammy. great earrings &bracelets. demi is a wonderful person am sure u enjoyed visiting her 🙂 such a pity u didnt get to see adeola. great post sweets.


  11. Hi Tammy, beautiful photos and post!!!
    I have really wanted to know Greece,I have good friends there …
    Have a wonderful weekend! and my G+…

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
    Marcela recently posted..Chanel- Alta Costura y la pintura de Bruce Holwerda!!!My Profile

  12. Love the way the houses are placed atop the rocky terrain!!!
    Wouldn’t it be scary to look through the window!!! 😀
    Those shoes are so colorful and so cute…

    Bhushavali – Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! recently posted..To an Art Event – Day 2My Profile

  13. Since you travel so much, I guess you’d be interested in my Travelogue as well.
    Its my ramblings and musings on Lesser Known India!
    Do have a look… – Bhusha’s Lesser Known India Travelogue
    Bhushavali – Indian Fashion n Travel Blogger! recently posted..To an Art Event – Day 2My Profile

  14. Great post about Greece dear, I wished the situation was better and you could get to see the beauty of Athens too, I am so so sorry we didn’t get to meet.
    I wish you the very best as you continue your journey, the bracelets from Demi are so sweet and great earrings.
    I pray Our situation in Greece will change so everybody can feel safe to visit this incredibly beautiful country.
    Love you and kisses
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Apple Vinegar for Homemade BeautyMy Profile


    I really love your blog!

  16. What a gorgeous pictures and views!
    So great that you are travelling around the world.
    It’s my dream to go to India, China, Antartica, Iceland etc. !


  17. I did hear that Athens can be disappointing but I’d still love to visit it and see the Acropolis. I love history so this appeals to me 🙂 Waiting to see your new destination xxx
    The Martha from Malta Diary recently posted..Face to face with Africa’s WildlifeMy Profile

  18. Wow. I love the pictures of the monastary. Beautiful surroundings. Delphi and the Acropolis look amazing!!!

    X Jennifer
    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Outfit | Comfy camouflageMy Profile

  19. Wow,such a beautiful scenery! Meteora looks amazing! Love the photo of you,you should post more of them 🙂
    Stefani recently posted..Take me home tonightMy Profile

    • Yup, I will post more on facebook and Google+. I do not want to make the post too will see the best photos in here only:P

  20. let’s not forget that half of the greek population live in athens. thats why the economic crisis is most noticeable here. I lived a long long time ago there, almost two years and I can confirm that athens always was a very dirty city. after the Olympics a lot changed, smog is disappeared and I was really pleasantly surprised pausing there.
    I have to say it – greeks are not aware of the democratic responsibilities .taxes? what’s this?? ;P it was always hard to understand this mentality. but that’s why they have all this problems now. they have so beautiful country but is so difficult to live there…
    beautiful photos Tammy 😀

    Greetings from Berlin

    • It’s hard for me outsider to say anything regarding the situation in Greece. While I am traveling, I have a few conversations with different people around the world talking about this…it’s sad and the German are mad. I can understand but I heard the greece government is very corrupted. Anyway, Let’s hope everything will get better later. It’s a beautiful country afterall:)

  21. beautiful photos…:)
    just me recently posted..New inMy Profile

  22. Hi Tammy, beautiful images! I want to visit Meteora! I like your earrings and the bracelet!
    kisses chris

  23. you always have the best photos, =D and the one with you is so lovely!
    Amina recently posted..Week-endMy Profile

  24. Culture and history of Greece is very rich, I like it! The rock area – So beautiful! It`s also true – their mentality is very special 🙂 You look amazing, Tammy!
    Ako recently posted..Były sobie czasy dwa.My Profile

  25. I am still very curious to visit Greece 😉 Too bad that the BUS company is on strike (( Be safe there, dear!

    Diana Marks recently posted..Coffee LoveMy Profile

  26. So great!!! *_* Those shoes are so cute!!!

  27. great photos!

    sveva recently posted..Egoiste!My Profile

  28. these pictures are spectacular! you amaze me more and more! I love these pictures! good day sweetie!

    carola recently posted..Cheap vs Chic #9 Isabel Marant vs Ankle Boots !My Profile

  29. Great picts. Are spectalucar!!


  30. I love Greece too! And even if i went thenìre many times i never visited Meteora, so thanx for your precious tips!
    Amazing photos, as ever! 😀


    S recently posted..Surfer style: beyond floral printsMy Profile

  31. Amazing photos! As usual!
    CRAVING FOR BARNEYS recently posted..Craving for Miami IIMy Profile

  32. nice post and beautiful photos!
    we really have beautiful places but Athens has unique beauty!
    hope to had a great time!
    maybe we will meet next time that you will come to Greece!

    evi mili recently posted..MY STYLE #19My Profile

    • yea, I agree, athens is unique in it’s own way:)..and yea, would love to meet up with you someday:) Cheers

  33. Thanks for stopping by…Have a great start to the week!
    Sam recently posted..The Little ThingsMy Profile

  34. Now I need to go there!

    Courtney recently posted..Life LatelyMy Profile

  35. Too bad Athens wasn’t all you’d expect from it.

    So fun that you had a blogger meet up! It is so fun to meet the gal behind the blog.
    Erica recently posted..DIY: Tied in a Bow SweaterMy Profile

  36. wow that looks perfects ! Never been there ! your pics are amazing 🙂

    Melolimparfaite recently posted..Mon chouchouMy Profile

  37. I’ve been to Athens countless amounts of times and some of my best friends live there… of course with the crisis things have gotten worse but I wouldn’t say that it’s more dangerous than any other european city at night….
    You took beautiful pictures:)

    M.E recently posted..Tarte fine aux pommesMy Profile

  38. Those last pictures are beautiful! The nature, the mountains: love it. Too bad that Athens isn’t really that special. Well: now you know and you can move on to other interesting places 🙂
    Foodloveandhappiness recently posted..Nieuw op Food Love and HappinessMy Profile

  39. Wow that palace(?) on top of the cliff is amazing! Holy s***! Can you imagine living there, beautiful! Love these photos, such a shame about the crime thingy but glad to hear you are safe and nothing bad happened!


    Sonia recently my s***!My Profile

  40. Well as i live in the center of Athens, i must say that is not dangerous to hung around the centre in the night.
    Meteora is a wonderful place to visit. I went few yers ago on Xmas. It was snowing, making the scenery breathtaking.
    Beauty Follower recently posted..Selective colour: NOIRMy Profile

    • ah..I heard about the snow in Meteora!!! Awesome:)..and I agree, I do not think athens is any more dangerous than other city in the world:P

  41. the pictures are lovely! ad i love teh earrings!! And its such a shame that crisis… i can only imagine how Athens looks…

    Passando para desejar uma ótima semana!

    Liz <3

    Liz Albuquerque recently posted..Look da Semana: And then I Figured…My Profile

  42. Always love reading about your travelling diaries dear. I think being knowing the area and cautious of your surroundings goes for wherever you visit. Would love to visit more of Greece in the future. These shots are beautiful. -xx/Madison
    FASHION TALES recently posted..DIY: Merlot and Coppertone in CapsMy Profile

  43. It’s very sad to hear that about Athens because I always thought Greece would be at the top of my must-see list. But it’s nice that you had a blogger friend who could take you around when it was safe. That building on the top of the mountain is awesome–what a spectacular view!
    Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..Lookbook: Teach Your Boyfriend How to DanceMy Profile

  44. Very cool photos !

    Ola recently posted..Quick safariMy Profile

  45. I think every city in the world is more or less dangerous at night, if you wander like a fly and not pay attention 😀 Very much enjoy your photos and tips ^_^

  46. anything to themselves, these houses on rocks are amazing! fine travel!

  47. wow the landscape there is absolutely amazing!!!!

    lobr snf kiss,mary

  48. I remember my professor telling us ladies that Greece has good looking men HAHAHAHAHA I always remember that now! Thanks for the tips and the photos are amazing as usual!
    sukipooki recently posted..~ random thought – puberty~My Profile

  49. Fabulous pictures, the place is wonderful, you are very lucky 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Lumière d’Automne.My Profile

  50. Great pics! Looks really beautiful, I totally wanna go there!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..My ABC: J is van Jarig zijnMy Profile