Ferry to Mykonos,Greece

Ferry to Mykonos,Greece

I got an upgrade from Salon Class to First Class When I took the ferry From Piraeus to Mykonos today. Why? Below are the crazy and funny story😛

First class ferry seat to Mykonos, Greece
Since last Wednesday, I had been waking up at 5am every morning for Sahara, Salt Flat, Flight, Scuba Diving,etc. I was really exhausted but Still this morning I had to wake up at 5:30am to catch my ferry to Mykonos from Athens. When I got on the ferry, I put my luggage into storage but took my backpack with me. I arrived really early and was the first one to took the best window seat. Then I put my backpack right next to me and went to sleep with my head down on the side. All of a sudden, somebody poke me on my legs and spoke to me in Greek! I don’t understand what she was saying but I know she want me to sit up a bit so she and her friend could kind of squeezed in ! OK, PLEASE NOTE THERE ARE PLENTY OF SEATS ELSEWHERE NOT CLOSE TO THE WINDOW!!!Anyway, I moved up a bit and went to sleep again Then, all of a sudden, a FAT BODY squeezed tight to me and leaned on me!!! I was like–WHAT THE HELL!

Rude Greek on a ferry to Mykonos

Then “this ugly lady” kept pushing further!! I asked her in ENGLISH what she was doing? Obviously she don’t speak english! But she started yelling! and POKING HER FINGER INTO MY EYES!! She pushed my backpack on to the floor and step on it with her DIRTY FOOT! I was really pissed off! I mean, how can people be so rude and uneducated. When I met up with Demi Mist yesterday, she also talked about there were some crazy Greek people out there, I do not believe her, now I really believe in her! I started telling her to back off in English and asked the people from the Blue Star Ferry to tell her to back off!. Then she calmed down a little bit. I was so mad and I took photos of all the people there(because they are all on her side surrounding me and yelling!!) and I told them I might filed a complain about them later.

Crazy Bitch on a ferry to Mykonos

You knew what she did? She punched my computer real hard and started yelling at me! For god’s sake you are such a shame of yourself! Screaming and yelling like you are such an idiot! The manager from the Ferry then came and helped me to talk to her without succeed. Then he took me to the Frist Class Area-haha:P Other workers on the ship gave me cookies, coffee and water and told me they supported me!

First Class in Blue star ferry-to Mykonos Island

After a minute, I was told that the Captain want to see me!! Wow, how great is that! A sailor/worker brought me to the “bridge-this was the second time I was invited by the captain to there, first time was in Antarctica!!!” and met with the Captain! First, he asked me whether I was OK and whether I felt better at where I am siting now. Then, he told me “that Crazy lady” wanted me to delete her photos!. hah, NO WAY! I took a video of them yelling also:P I told the captain I felt I was threaten by the people over there with them touching me non-stop! Seriously, they kept poking me and tapping me! They do not know how to say excuse me! I told the captain if he can showed me that there’s regulation on the boat not to take photos of my own travel experience, then I will delete the photos! Otherwise, please tell her to call a police or go to US embassy to file a report! I told him I want to go to US embassy  because as an AMERICAN I felt like I was threaten by some strangers!! Then he smiled and asked me if I need anything and was I ok again!…..lol

Blue star ferry to Mykonos

If you are Greek and you read this, pls do not mis-understand me:). I think there are always crazy people among every nation-America, China, Hong Kong, and where-ever! I had met some really really nice Greek just these 2 days-Like my blogger friend Demi which I went to the Acropolis with yesterday! She also took me to her house and met with her family:).. UNBELIEVABLE EXPERIENCE:)

acropolis, athens

She gave me a Gift-which I will talk about this later:P….I am so grateful and I am so happy to meet up with her:). This is the first time I met up with a blogger and it was so much fun:) ONE THING I WANT TO TELL YOU GUYS IS-everyone told me Athens is dangerous and had many pick-pocket, well, you just really need to be careful:) I walked around at night by myself yesterday for a bit and it was so NICE. When I forgot my way back to the hotel, I met a VERY NICE GREEK GUY again who took me back to exactly where I need to go! So, how can I not love Greece:) Cus even though there’s so many crazy bitch(including myself:P) exit in this world:) How can you not be happy by having a View like this in your room in Mykonos:P

Edgymix at Mykonos, Greece

And if you see my belt from the above photo, it’s actually the strap from my Prada bag!!! I forgot to bring my belt so I used this method instead:P….NICE RIGHT?

Strap from my Prada Bag
Edgymix at Mykonos, Greece
Cheers everyone and Hope you all Enjoy this post:)

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  1. Oh my Tammy, what an experience. All part of travel adventures. It must be fun to meet Demi Mist. I hope to meet you in person too. I wish you safe travels and better encounters!
    Pamela RG recently posted..Discover BlakeMy Profile

  2. WOW!! I am glad you took pictures and video!! People can be rude!! So happy you met sweet Demi!! And what a great idea with the purse strap!! Brilliant!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..RaceMy Profile

  3. I’m so sorry about all this bad experience on the ship. Unbelievable! I hope from now on nothing bad will happen and you will enjoy yourself!
    The view from your hotel is amazing!
    I’m reading your post with Mike in my arms and I tell him ‘Look! This is Tammy! Do you remember her?’ and he smiles.
    I hope I had arranged something better for you, sorry it was a little boring when we went to the sea.
    Enjoy yourself in Mykonos and take care! Stay away from crazy people!
    Demi Mist recently posted..Gold star – Halloween makeupMy Profile

    • Hey..lol..That’s ok. That crazy lady got me an upgrade on the ferry!!! I forgive her:P..and don’t worry, I wasn’t bored yesterday. IT’s nice to see u HOOD:)..hope to see u again someday:)

  4. OMG! I am so so so sorry for your horrible experience and I really hope you will never have to face that kind of thing again and am so looking forward to seeing you and so glad you had fun with Demi, your pictures on facebook together are so sweet.
    Take care dear and enjoy Mykono!!!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Popcorn for BradMy Profile

  5. Tammy, the important thing is always take the positive and the place is wonderful!
    How lucky you could see Demi!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
    Marcela recently posted..Jean Paul GaultierMy Profile

  6. Hi Tammy! Oh my I’m very sorry about that experience! You must have been very upset for, so sorry for you!:/ Be careful always dear..! I like how you managed the situation:) I just knew about your meeting with Demi and I find it so so amazing! The photos are great, you look so lovely!! Lol for the “belt”!!! Have a nice weekend and take care! A big hug and lots of love<3

    • Hey Lilli…I was so pissed off rather than upset…BUt I don’t keep thing in my mind:P..really:) I always try to stay positive and that BITCH got me an upgrade anyway….lucky me:)

      xoxo muah<3

  7. Hi Tammy, that´s crazy story! I am happy you´re ok! And you´re right , you can find crazy&rude people everywhere…but there´re more good ones:)
    Really cool you´ve met Demi. I´ve already saw a pic on FB. I thought hah I know this girl…ah Demi:) Also great “belt”.
    Have fun,

  8. People can be so rude! I’m glad you are ok and got an upgrade too. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. Some people just jerks. So glad to hear that everything went well, overall! 🙂

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. What an idiot woman. I have never heard something so ridiculous. So rude!
    I’m glad you had a great time after that. Visited Greece many times, and i’m happy i’ve never met this kind of rude people.

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Outfit | I’m blueMy Profile

  11. I love Greece, it´s such a pretty country! And I like your outfit 🙂

  12. Girl how did you manage not to slap her really hard! I would probably not be able to hold back… but on the other hand it’s better that you didn’t cuz now she is the only one getting physical! Hope you had an amazing time for the rest of it

    Elise recently posted..Japan: Kyoto StationMy Profile

    • oh no, I have never ever get into physical contact with a girl before!! I always sorry girl fighting on TV and that’ horrifying!!! I am kind o scared she will slap me though but I keep telling her I would called the police or US embassy and she would be in big trouble! I thought she was scared a little…and she kept asking support from her other friends..BUT hey, I got support from the crew on the ship!!!:)..another learning experience:)

  13. im glad they sided with you that is crazy!

    Jessica recently posted..On the CheapMy Profile

  14. Dearest Tammy,

    So glad you got treated to first class after that rude interaction. Some people, no matter where in the world, just don’t have class. You can never change them, it is a lack on education from their parents. But you escaped it and glad to see you doing fine. Haha, I have often forgotten a belt but you solved it perfect this way. Nice pictures. Great for meeting a blogger friend.
    Hugs to you and Godspeed on the next leg of the journey.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics
    Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder recently posted..19th Century French Cherub Cross PendantsMy Profile

  15. Tammy a bad experience turned out to be a great experience for you!!
    I hope that you will now enjoy Mykonos!

    Francesca R recently posted..Neon detailsMy Profile

  16. I went to Mykonos some years ago, amazing asland!! love it!!
    tatty recently posted..EVENTS FROM MILAN FASHION WEEKMy Profile

  17. WOW! THe audacity! RUde people. SOrry to hear you had that experience but hey you got first class lol:)

    frances recently posted..MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA HM CAMPAIGN PICSMy Profile

  18. wow! If that happened to me on a ferry, I’d be terrified. You did great and you knew your rights.
    Demi Mist looks like such a nice person, I also love her blog. It must be really cool to meet up with her.
    I love your creative idea with the belt. And yes, the view from your hotel room is fantastic! ))
    Safe travels to you 😉
    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Camouflage PantsMy Profile

  19. Holy moly! That lady is crazy!!! I’m so glad that in the end you were able to push through and there were people supporting you too! I want to ask you what you’re holding in your hand in the last photo, is it a tripod?! If so you are so hard working even on your vacations! You look gorgeous in that dress and omg, that bag strap idea is amazing, I’ll have to remember that next time! Thanks so much for the tip! *runs home to see if bag strap fits around waist lol*

    P.S I recently told myself no more trips b/c I need to save for the future but your blog is testing me!!! Hahaha
    sukipooki recently posted..~ the acorn ~My Profile

    • Bingo!..Yup, I am holding my tripod!!! That’s how I took the first photo of myself in here:) and photo will be more sharp i I use tripod cus less vibration:)..Thanks for noticing this cus I am still practicing:) but I really hope I can improve my photos in the near future:)….take care and be adventurous at heart:)

  20. yikes what a crazy experience!! can’t believe she would physically assault you like that!
    anyway beautiful photos, I love your hair!!
    Tiffany recently posted..286. Penthouses and Residences at the Shangri-LaMy Profile

  21. I know every person is different and blah blah, but I reaaaaally don’t like Greeks!!! I’ve had my shares with them and they’re the laziest and craziest and rude people ever! -_- So yeah, this post was no surprise for me 😀 You handled it like a sir 😛 And you’re so lovely on the photo ^_^

    • It’s better Keit to keep your sooooo negative opinion for yourself!
      You can’t name all the Greek people lazy and rude!
      You can find people like these everywhere!
      How would you if feel if I tell publicly that Bulgarian people are crazy or whatever??
      We are all people from different countries and we have to support each other!

  22. I tottaly understand you as Greek as I am.
    I used to argue very often when i was traveling with boats to the greek island.
    But now i usualy try to find a place far away from the fat ladies/babies crying/men screaming…
    Anyway, you came to Greece and I didnt have the chance to meet you 🙁
    Beauty Follower recently posted..1 year after… 96 posts… 520 followers…My Profile

    • lol..I was just trying to find a good spot to sleep and it turn out some fat ladies want to sit there too! Anyway, I just want to experience taking a ferry in Greece and I will FLY BACK to Athens from Santorini…thanks god:)

  23. Antonella C'est moi says:

    what an experience!! wonderful!!kisses

  24. it looks great!

    Christel&Hanna recently posted..Cafe Noir 2My Profile

  25. it could be wonderful!
    I would like to visit greece but in august (when I can for job reason) it is so expensive :S
    juju recently posted..Love at First SightMy Profile

  26. what a lovely pics!!! 😀

    A chic kiss 😉

  27. Your story is funny and sad at the same time!
    Sometimes Greek people are rude but not always!
    Hope to have a beautiful time at my country and it will be my pleasure to meet you!

    • Hey Evi,

      I agree, There’s rude people everywhere!!! Not always greek! I met so many NICE GREEK people in here…trust me! They always helped me:) Would love to meet up with you too:) but I only will be in Athens 16 and 18 after 6pm:( and I will be off to somewhere else:(

  28. Hi Tammy, my goodness, I cannot believe that happened to you. I agree there are unstable people everywhere but you did not deserve to be treated like that by that woman. Can believe she slammed your computer too! Thats just crazy and plain rude. At least you have many positive experiences as well.
    Sam recently posted..Looks of the Week – 13/10/12My Profile

  29. My dearest Tammy,
    I love you. Take care! I’m following you around the world through your post!
    Irene 😀

  30. Wow, you definitely had no luck, but I’m glad you enjoyed your stay 🙂
    Stanislava recently posted..The Davis Restaurant & BarMy Profile

    • Hey, I actually see that differently…I think I am so lucky to have so much support and got an upgrade to first class -o<...lol

  31. villages in greece are so wonderful.. 🙂

  32. Me too, I love animal and I feel this some! 🙂 Specialy dogs and cats!
    Ako recently posted..Nasza klasaMy Profile

  33. I forgot: You have beautiful dress! 🙂
    Ako recently posted..Nasza klasaMy Profile

  34. So pretty!!! wish I could be there someday!!!! xxx
    Street Fashion Paris recently posted..Vintage Paris 3My Profile

  35. love Greece and the Acropolis is so beautiful!

    sveva recently posted..Une Jounée à ParisMy Profile

  36. It”s me again! What an adventure! You know, crazy people are everywhere and you are very courageous and I’m so proud of you! 🙂

  37. Haha you crack me up, beautiful photos!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Things I’ve learned so farMy Profile

  38. Smart thinking with the prada belt thing;)
    Foodloveandhappiness recently posted..Pretty pinkMy Profile

  39. Very nice post, I love your dress 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..My pretty blue coat !!My Profile

  40. Greece looks so amazing! *sigh*

    P.S. Love your purse strap belt… pretty genius!
    Erica recently posted..Sneak peaks.My Profile

  41. Mykos is so beautiful! Also love the outfits you wore.