What to Prepare and Bring for Your Africa Trip

What to Prepare and Bring for Your Africa Trip

Travel to Africa is different than travel to any place else. Needless to say Africa is a BIG continent with different type of Climates in different region.  It can be very hot or extremely cold. It can be really sunny or really gloomy. It can be really dry or really wet!!! Depend on the location you travel and the duration of your travel, below are my suggestion on what to prepare and bring:) I tend to split my Belongings into one Check in Luggage and One Carry one Backpack. Why? Because if the stupid Airline company lose my luggage it won’t be everything I have. I will have all the important stuff with me on my backpack:)

Luggages for Africa

Short-Term Travel for Sub-Sahara Region (1 month or less)

(1) Medical Insurance-medical coverage is the most important part while loss of belongings comes the second! I am not saying Africa is Super dangerous. It’s just the medical system there is not as civilized as western countries, so as the technologies. While I was in Kenya and 2 of my friends got really sick and needed to be admit to the hospital! The first thing local hospital needed was money/medical coverage before they would do anything. The cost was very expensive also. If you have never consider medical coverage while you travel, africa is a MUST for anyone.

(2) Sunscreen, insect repellant(must have Deet), First Aid Kit, basic medicine for pain and fever

(3) Anti-Malaria Drug-Not every places have Malaria in Africa-Do check the CDC site online for details

(4) Inoculations– You have to be vaccinated against Yellow Fever and will need an International Vaccination Certificate to prove this when you need to go to certain places in africa. My example are Zanzibar  and Nigeria. It is also advisable to be vaccinated against Typhoid; Rabies; Hepatitis A; Hepatitis B; Tetanus; Polio and Meningitis.

(5) Visa-depend on where you want to go in africa, certain country require you to get a visa before you go there. Do check within your own country online. Always do research before you travel, african governments are the most unpredictable organizations!! They change their rules very often.

(6) Spending money-US$ can be use ANYWHERE. Euro mostly on the french zone which is mainly West Africa. Do bring Bills in new notes from year 2000 onwards. The bigger notes US$50 and $100 give you a better rate of exchange. I against people bringing Travelers Check for short term travel because it’s difficult to exchange and they charge a large fee. Better to do is to bring CASH and debit card:)

(7) EquipmentCamera, Computer, Ipod, etc, etc

(8) Clothing-Bring something breathable and dry fast. I against anyone who bring too many clothings there cus YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MANY THINGS YOU CAN GET IN AFRICA!! You will be amazed that you could get so many colorful dresses and accessories 🙂 Check out this POST– you will see all the dresses we wore are bought from Malawi, Tanzania or Kenya:P

Accessories you can buy in Kenya

I got a lot of accessories from this “store”:P

Accessories in Tanzania

(9) Scan your passport(s) plus Visa and send to your own email and family’s email. You will find this very useful if you lost your passports

(10) Scan your credit cards(only the CC# and NOT the back side) send end to your own email and family’s email. You will find this very useful if you lost your credit cards

(11) Bring Locks-just in case you need to lock your luggage

(12) Sleeping Bag and Mat-Yup, I told you you will feel cold in some part of Africa and Yup, I normally will camp for a bit while I travel:P…Check out my Camping Experience in ANTARCTICA and you will know how fun(and cold) it can be:P But I promise, the sky in africa is REALLY SURREAL!!

Long-Term Travel for Sub-Sahara Region

OK, every should know I AM LEAVING TOMORROW!!!! woohooo!! My 2012-2013 Trans-Africa Trip Official Start tomorrow !! AND I am all PREPARED!!! So, Other than preparing all of the above, I need to prepare extra stuff like below-

(1) Plastic Bags-I bought tons of Zip Lock plastic bags with me to divide all my essential items-Make up, Medicines, Hair Products,underwears, Tampons.

plastic bag for long term travel

A few extra for dirty clothings later.

Long term travel packing list

(2) Bring what you think you cannot get in Africa-to be honest, you can get almost everything in Africa!! YUP, you will be surprise! The first time I touched ground in Africa I was so surprise how the CITIES in Africa were so unlike Africa!! People are all using Iphone and have internet access through their phone in cities like Accra, Nairobi and Dār as-Salām. Sadly I do not have the time to post more of my Travels but I will make sure I will do it after my Africa Trip:) So, I got below:P..ahahha. Do you guys know the “blue torch” all the way to the viewer’s right is a Filter Straw?!!! Yup, it filter up dirty water if necessary!! I hope I do not need to use it:P

Packing list for Africa

(3) Bring at least one beautiful Dress to make sure you feel pretty:P-The first time when I went to Africa, I joined a tour. Without any knowledge of what kind of clothing’s to bring with me, I kind of figure I should dress like this-A Safari Looking Dude:P

Going on a safari in Kenya

I am NOT saying you should dress like you are in Paris or NYC, but you never know when you will bump into a party or two in Africa just like this😛

Dresses for Africa

(4) Other than that, I also bring Extension Cord, Universal Converter, Computer Cable Lock, Small Microfiber Towel,  a “Cold” towel which you add water and the tower become very cold!!

Long term travel preparation

(5) Head Torch, A monocular, Travel Army Knives and a Retractable Cable Lock With Alarm!! The Retractable Cable Lock With Alarm is INSANE. I tested it by pulling the cable, and it just beep like crazy! I think when I encounter danger, I can just use the alarm to call for help also:P

Edgymix's packing list

(6) Money Belt

My money belt

And Below:P-Bikini, A Day Pack, A Shade Hat😛

packing lists for Africa

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all will continue to follow me through out my 2012-2013 Trans-Africa trip. I might delay reply to every single one of you but my Heart is with you ALL:) Also, I know everyone said that I am a Lucky girl but I really need everyone wish me GOOD LUCK:) CHEERS EVERYONE:)

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    You are so so prepared and I am sure you will have a blast!
    Hope I can make it up and meet up in Met.
    Wishing you a safe trip and all the best.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Rats and Fish bowl Birthday PartyMy Profile

  2. What’s in the Hello Kitty box? the picture you talked about “cold towel”…

    Anyways, Have fun!! Have a blast!!! Most of all, Have a safe trip!!!

    Can’t wait for your story…

  3. This is amazing amount of preperation you had to do before your trip! At first I was all girly and attracted to your Hello Kitty luggage but then when I read through the entire post I realised it is somewhat of a serious matter as far as what you had to pack (for hygiene, health issues etc). I always enjoy reading about your travel stories 🙂
    kiwifashioblog recently posted..First autumn postMy Profile

    • it’s really very intense!! I am so exhausted with all the research i had done!! So, after today, I am going to have FUN:P!!!!ahahah

  4. Good luck and safe travels!!! Praying for you!!!!
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..Feeling a little sluggish???My Profile

  5. You officially have the cutest luggage
    Northern style exposure recently posted..Fully LinedMy Profile

  6. Tammy, my dear, have the safest and most fun adventure ever! I am so excited for you. I will pray for you.

    You are so funny! I can’t believe you will be bringing those nail polish on your trip! Also, those airlines better not misplace your cute “Hello Kitty” Luggage. Bonne Voyage!

  7. Dearest Tammy,
    Looks like you got it all ready for your special trip. Did you pack moist towlettes? They always come in very handy. Smart listing, except for # 10. I would NEVER send a scan of my credit card to any email address. An email is like an open post card. Better have a document with a code in a file on your server. You never know; God forbid that it would cause you trouble by some cyber criminal. Take care and I wish you Godspeed.
    Mariette’s Back to Basics recently posted..8 Antique Porcelain Chandelier Roses in RedMy Profile

    • Ah thanks Mariette, I should have said only scan the front with the cc# on and never scan the back with the security code! I just updated it, that’s what I do and I always put this email to a very safe place:P..and you are correct, the cyber world is very dangerous! I am always scare people will lock into my online bank account or email account so I change password often and have very secure password:P. I don’t dare to have the same password for everyone because it’s so dangerous also:) Thanks for the best wishes also:)


  8. Thanks for the advice, I cant wait to see the pictures from your trip to Africa. BTW that pink skirt you packed up is so cute!

  9. Safe travels, Tammy!

    I can’t believe you were able to fit all that in your suitcase…and that you’re bringing nail polish. 😉 I guess you can take the girl out of the city but you can’t take the city out of the girl!

    I am looking forward to reading about your adventures and seeing the pictures!
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  10. I love traveling, seeing different places …. Enjoy the journey enjoy!! 🙂
    Have a nice day!
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  11. GOOD LUCK, dear! My heart is with you 🙂
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  12. Great tips! And that ‘store’ you’re talking about, we definitely don’t have that here!;)
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  13. look great, we are so bad at packing! but you obviously did a good job.

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  14. I will save this post among my faves! Should I ever go to africa, I know what to bring with me!

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  15. Very wise. I do so. Good lucky.


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  16. Wow! You are really prepared for everything.
    I hope your trip is fantastic! I’ll be thinking of you.
    Looking forward to seeing photos from Africa!
    Keep in touch!
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  17. Hi Tammy! I’m so in love with your hello kitty luggage!!^^ is so beautiful!! btw, I love to read your post, they are so very well written and detailed! You seem so organized and ready to the trip! Can feel your excitment!:P Can’t wait to follow you adventure when it starts!!! Get excited for you too lol!!:P My +1 of course and the wish to have a great day!! Big hugs!!!:***<3

  18. this is super helpful! Hope you have a lovely trip darlin~


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  20. Have an amazing time and take tons of pictures.

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  21. Well then, good luck have an amazing trip and come back safe with a lot of photos and amazing adventures. Love how organized you are.
    Manases Andrea recently posted..One special yearMy Profile

  22. I will definitely remember these tips because I WILL see Africa one day! And a HUGE thanks for that splitting up luggage, I already do that but what I don’t do is put my most important things in my carry on! It’s such common sense I don’t know why I never thought of it :o|


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    Good luck Tammy. Hope you can keep us updated because I can't wait to see the pictures !
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    You are so organized and your Hello Kitty suitcase is soooooo cute! ^^
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  28. Good luck,Tammy! Have a safe trip and enjoy!
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    Always Maylee

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    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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  33. Smart to divide your stuff between two bags!
    I wish you lots of luck and fun honey! Have a great adventure!
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  34. U absolutely right, honey!
    I’ve got my vaccination before my Africa Trip!



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  35. This post – valuable instruction for use, if you have to go to Africa. I admire you, you’re amazing girl! I wish you a pleasant journey, a lot of great experiences, good weather and lovely companions! I will wait for the new interesting posts! kisses and hugs
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  44. You are amazing! I’ve traveled a couple of times by myself, within the states, and I was afraid most of the time. Have a fantastic trip and take good care!

  45. I never would have known about the currency thing, and of course, all those crazy pills you have to bring! Definitely pack all the things you don’t want to lose in your carry on. Great tips! I will use these whenever I travel to Africa.
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  46. Great list, definitely bringing the pills is the biggest MUST! My boyfriends little brother actually got Typhoid while he was in Uganda during his last two weeks so staying on top of medications and vaccines is really necessary!
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