Sigma 18-250mm Vs Nikon 18-200mm Lens

Sigma 18-250mm Vs Nikon 18-200mm Lens

I received tons of feedback and questions regarding My Sigma Wide angle Vs Nikon Zoom lens Post. So, this post I want to elaborate more of my Own Opinion. Below is a photo taken from my Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens. Pls note the Sun was directly behind me while this photo is taken. Photos below are taken in different situations and with different accessories 😛

Edgymix in Gucci coat

So, If you have read this Post, you know my Nikon 18-200mm lens started falling apart after just 5 1/2 months! I went back to B&H store hoping to exchange for the same lens. However, they agreed to give me a refund but needed to charge me for a 15% re-stocking fee! I was mad but there’s nothing I can do because I really do not want to keep it. So, I got back $712 and I thought since Nikon cannot guarantee a good lens and I am going to Africa, why not purchase a less expensive lens! So, below is what I got-

(1) One Vivitar DF383 Digital TTL Shoe Mount Auto-Focus Flash ($99)

(2)One Sirui T-005 5-Section Aluminum Tripod ($130)

(3)One Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM IF Lens ($475)

(4) One Infra-Red remote control($7.99)

AT THE END, I ONLY NEED TO PAY FOR $62 extra to get all these!! Isn’t that amazing????

My gears

I love my Sigma wide Angle lens but I cannot wait to show you how great is this Zoom Lens– Before that, let’s do a comparison!

Sigma 18-250mm f/3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM IF Lens

The Zoom rotate Anti-Clockwise-which is exactly the opposite with Nikon! But since I have a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle Lens, this is actually better for me since they both rotate anti-clockwise! Also, when I first rotate the zoom len, it’s a bit stiff and hard to rotate. But after a day, you will feel the rotation is much smoother and it’s MUCH better than NIKON!! Why? When I first got my Nikon 18-200mm Nikon Lens, the zoom len will extend on its own while I carry it ( If I have NOT lock the lens)! With this Sigma Lens, this will never happen.

Sigma Lens is HEAVIER -but more rigid as well. I really have a better feel with this len than Nikon Lens because at least this Sigma Lens is made in Japan while the Nikon one is made in Thailand! Ofcourse people will tell you there is NO difference because it’s still a NIKON, but my personal experience tell me it’s NOT!

The Zoom Range is Better-ok, you will say Nikon have a 18-300mm Zoom lens BUT the price is $999!! What do you expect me to say???????

Made in Japan-ok, testing time!!!

Sigma 18-250mm shot

Very sharp photo even I enlarged and cropped the photos for details-

Sigma 18-250 zoom len close up

Coat-Gucci Pant-Gucci Watch-Michael Kors, Sunglasses-Chanel,Shoes-Oxtra, Necklace-Chanel

Oxtra Shoes

The weather was So Nice when my “photographer” took above photos! However, it started to get really Cloudy- BEST TO TEST MY Flash!!!!!

Marc Jacobs and Birken bag
Edgymix in Marc Jacob

Bag-Birken Coat-Marc Jacob

tammy in Burberry and Maqueen

Photos become not as clear with gloomy weather and excessive Flash but I like the blurry effect of the above photos!

Burberry dawn jacket with fur trim

Even more blurry when I started to move and My photographer is moving backward also! I really wanna test the difference between photos taken by a camera using a TRIPOD or NOT but I have no time. NEXT TIME!!

Burberry and Mcqueen

Above:Handbag-Alexander McQueen Dawn Jacket-Burberry   Below:Rainboot-Marc by Marc Jacobs Coat-Burberry

IN burberry and marc jacob

Nikon 18-200mm AF-S VR DX Zoom Nikon Lens

The Zoom rotate Anti-Clockwise

The lens weight less than Sigma Lens

Autofocus seems to act faster

Made in Thailand-Let’s do this. Check out below photo I took previously with this lens


And check out this Post-New Jersey Hot Air Balloon festival

To me, both lens are Sharp and Clear, both have autofocus and optical Stabilizer! T/F, for the same price, I Highly recommend Sigma Lens for anyone looking for a moderate price to begin with. Like I said, I am no expert , above are just my personal opinions!

Also, the Main reason I picked a Zoom Len is because I would like to take Fashion photos(what local people are wearing) of the country I will be visiting, as well as animal from far away, the skies and landscape. 18-250mm work the best for me and I think this will be my every day lens! Wide angle is just an extra for me, mainly to take city view, from a tight street and for Landscape. (pls note My previous camera is a Canon T1i 18-55mm camera and a Canon point and Shot:)) There are just too many debate on Canon and Nikon cameras which I will tell you guys my personal opinion later:) and the accessories I got-tripod, flash,etc-I will write more about this later.

At the end, I have to tell you guys my funny story-so, I got charged for a re-stocking fee for around $150 right?? But I found out B&H store mistakenly gave me an extra Sirui T-005 5-Section Aluminum Tripod!!! It’s $130!!!! hohoho…anyone suggest me to give it back to the store ?????!!!!

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  1. Hi Tammy! You know a lot about this theme, I’d like to have you here and help me to pick up one suitable for me!!:P the photos of u are so lovely and I just adore the first, very ladylike and fashionable!! Happy Sunday my friend! big hug!

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    • sigh..I don’t know, I have issue with Canon and Nikon both!! maybe it’s just me! or just I need to get a more advanced one also…ahahah

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    Hey tammy love the pic were you get those boot with fur in the out line

    • hah…I was trying to figure out the brand of my fur trim boot too but I got that online from a website which I couldn’t remember the name!!!!..the brand is G & U @_@…which I think it’s a copy of UGG:P

  8. Hi Tammy, I enjoyed reading! You look amazing, I love first look and the Gucci coat and pants. Your hair is so long and beautiful, may be you can do a post about the hair products you´re using:)
    kisses chris

    • my hair..hmmmm:) I always dye my hair so I need extra rich conditioner all the time and I use some product to smooth my hair.:) I even have to bring those products with me to my trip just in case I cannot find them:P ok, lets do that later:)

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    • some photos are kind of blurry…I want to test my tripod and Infra red remote control. The less vibration you have the more clear is the photos! Also, we were both moving and use bright flash!!just testing photos to show you guys:P..will explain more if have time:)

  14. wow!!! u look fly… all your looks here tammy, u got great high fashion designer collections tammy!!! i got 2 burberry jackets which i purchased from a vintage shop which i found silly expensive but i was told i was too lucky to get it that price lol so am not complaining no more. your post is really interesting i lurv it. good bargain on your lens.

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