My research on how to travel to every single country Pt 2

My research on how to travel to every single country Pt 2

These couple of days I have been super busy researching on the Europe part of my Trans-Africa Trip. Apart from having booked all the flights in between countries previously, now I have a solid plan on what I will do and where I will stay(expect Madrid I still have not book anything yet!)

I have made 30 bookings just this week

This included rooms, intercity flight, Train rides, Ferry, local tours,etc,etc. I had also been running around to obtain a few African Visas which I was told they are very difficult to obtain in the border!! Life have been quit stressful because I have to keep checking the situation in Africa and Middle East to ensure my route is valid and won’t encounter any danger! So first off, after seeing the American Ambassador being killed in Libya and US just issued a warning to people travel to Tunisia , Sudan and Yemen. My first reaction was a LONG SIGH!

ice fog at -48F

Life right now is just like While I was Driving a car during an “Ice Fog” close to the Arctic Circle. I can see NOTHING and I DON”T KNOW nothing about the area!!! What I can do is try to be careful and be Calm!!

-48F at Alaska

However, everything had already been organized in Tunisia and I will be staying away from the capital City-Tunis. So, I hope everything will be fine. IF you are interested in my plan,do check out below posts- I have made several update yesterday because of the political situation in Africa and because I am greedy and I want to go to more places:P

2012-2013-Trans-Africa Adventure

My Research on how to travel to Every Single Country Pt 1

My Pan to Capture the Fashion Style of Every Single Country

First leg of my 2012-2013 Trans-Africa Trip

Revision included-Instead of going to Mali-Africa I will re-route to Guinea, Senegal, and Ivory Cost. I have added Sudan on my list despite the situation but I  hope the situation will be better when I fished the Africa Part in Late April:) I have also add Northern Iraq on my list because I have heard so many nice things about it. So, if you guys want to know what I have been up to and want to know whether it’s possible to go to all this places, do stay tune and keep checking my new posts:) I am sure a lof of people wonder whether it’s safe to go to all these places…RIGHT?:P

OK, Below are my 2 cents on some of my research so far

(1) Greece-This country have a lot to see and I regret I will only stay there for 9 days! If you guys plan to visit this Great country, do allow 2-3 weeks to explore. I will explain more once I get to Greece in October.

(2) Tunisia-This country is actually a tourist paradise for most European and I have quit a few friend have been there for “vacation” yes, I mean vacation because there are a lot of “resorts” there and the beaches are just like paradise. I will tell you guys more once I hit Tunisia:)

(3) Malta-This small country is REALLY SMALL- I plan on doing a lot of activities there including Scuba diving with the Giant Tuna:) I will give you guys more information later and my review:)

(4) Portugal-I LOVE portugal and I have been there before. IT’s a beautiful country with lots of outdoor activities. I hope I can have time to tell you guys more about this great countries. I am going back because last time was mostly sightseeing. This time I plan on doing everything I can including canyoning, hiking, Blokarting, etc, etc,….I cannot wait:P

(5) Getting Mauritania Visa in NYC– The consulate in NYC is small but the staff is Really really helpful. At first my friend told me I should get all my African visa through a Visa company but they charge a huge service fee. So, I attempted to do it myself. The staff explained everything to me on what I need to mail to Washington DC for the Visa and they even tell me to go upstair to meet with their Consul. We talked about the the political situation in Mali and other african Countries and it’s a GREAT TALK! If anyone want to apply Mauritania, I suggest you can do it yourself:)

(6) Getting Nigeria Visa IN NYC-Nigeria consulate in NYC is huge and grant!! But i like small country better cus at least i can talk to their consul!! And at least they won’t give me hard time! Now i need to go through a visa company and for an american passport its freaking $300 include shipping!! Anyway, for anyone who want to apply for a Nigeria visa, you can either apply in NYC or Washington DC. You can apply online and submitted all the documents in person. However, it will be easier to get a visa through a visa company.

Today, I also feel like I am soaking in a Hot spring while it’s -33 fahrenheit outside:P. Although outside its’ freezing cold, I still feel warm inside:P

-33F at Chena Hot Spring

The temperature outside was so cold that water will turned into ice immediately 😛 …around my eyelashes, hair and nose!!! If you want to know more about my stories in the Arctic while IT”S -59F outside!! Do check out my ARCTIC POST🙂


Cheers Everyone:)

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  1. This must involve a lot of planning. A a WHOLE lot of money! :-)) All the best!
    OutsideTheGuidebook recently posted..THE best place to stay in Porto, PortugalMy Profile

  2. Wow Tammy. Be careful with everything. You are experienced, but it is indeed a good idea to double check the situations in the countries you are going to visit. I must say that i’m to scared to visit some of these countries ;-).

    Great photo’s in this post!

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Trend | Wild wild westMy Profile

  3. Hi Tammy! Lol you made me smile:PPP Btw, I can imagine how much you must be busy with all the organization! This plan is stunning and Im getting excited with u too!:D Lol for the Arctic photos and post!:S brr I will be died at your side as I suffer the cold sooo much!!! Happy sunday dear! Lots of love and kisses to you!!:*

    • yea…it’s really too cold….my feet and fingers got numb after just a couple of minutes outside the car and I was with think glove-sss..and think boot plus socks!!! holy@_@

  4. Dear I like so much your blog, if you like we can follow each other!!


    thechilicool recently posted..Crime fashion sneakers – feel the groove!My Profile

  5. OMG! That’s ice??? Wow!! I hope that you will find the perfect route!!

    Francesca R recently posted..My beloved accessories: shoesMy Profile

  6. Hi Tammy this is soo much work wow! I´m really excited about your trip and all the cool places!
    kisses chris

  7. Antonella C'est moi says:

    great post darling!!!kisses

  8. Wow, that’s amazing! Have fun! Can’t wait to read all about it! Those pictures are amazing too, I can’t even imagine being somewhere that cold!
    Francesca recently posted..Homecoming!My Profile

  9. I can see the ingenuity and good taste that inspire you to do this job.
    Clara Turbay recently posted..ARIADNA ALBERO POLSERES COLLABORATIONMy Profile

  10. omg! you re the weirdest friend i know on earth, goodness look at you freezing! your hair WOW!!! honestly you amaze me. you one crazy frnd i knw on earth lol. so you gonna tour all these places? u joking. i love ur spirit, keep going dont stop tammy you gonna go very far in life with much success.
    much lurv from kimbim

    • ahaha, There are so many weird people in this world and I happen to be one of them?!!! ahahaha:P I warned you guys already—EDGY:p

  11. Hi TAMMY!!! how are you?? so long time i don’t stop here ;(
    unbelieveble post 😉 very curiious about the next africa posts,
    but how can you travel in that place?? so scary that icy road!!!
    how can you restist in that water??
    kisses, amy

    amanda marzolini recently posted..Rubrica sartoriale: la camicia a modo mioMy Profile

  12. Your blog is awesome! ;)) I love this post! 🙂 You follow each other? I hope your answer on MY BLOG … And then I’ll follow you BACK !!!!!!! XOXOXOXO

    A big kiss from Brazil !;):):)

  13. amazing pics and your trip is probably going to be awesome!!
    Christel&Hanna recently posted..Miele CatwalkMy Profile

  14. How can you even remember all these places you are going to visit?
    I couldn’t organise all this!
    And how did you survived this cold weather?
    Demi Mist recently posted..Diary of Bliss : Third weekMy Profile

    • ahahah, I have to write it all down and print up all my schedule!!!!!Trust me, I am very bad at this too and I did missed my flight and screw up previously:P..but I will try to be careful this time:) Hope to see u in Greece:)

      and The cold weather…ahaha, it’s just my finger and feet felt numb while staying outside for too long..I wore face mask also:P..but people there wear Tee shirt while it’s -33F outside!!!! I was like…WHAT??

  15. Omg that’s crazy! Your hair freezing up like that! Thanks for the info and oh my goodness, 300$ for the visa?! >< Thanks for the input on the various countries you're going to! I've always wanted to go to Greece =P

    P.S And swimming with giant tuna?! I can't even!!! Must be amazing!

  16. I really look up to you! I’m eager to read all your trip experiencies!!

    CRAVING FOR BARNEYS recently posted..Craving for CrisMy Profile

  17. Amazing pictures !! 🙂
    Caro* recently posted..Pink Baby !!My Profile

  18. Hi dear, thats a lot of planning and organizing, wow, you are very efficient at travel arrangements, I hope the best for your safety, I know how difficult some countries can be. I am actually so surprised that you needed visas for African countries, any idea why? Your tips are always interesting and useful. If you still haven’t found bookings in Madrid, try the Vincci Soma Hotel, its really lovely and in a very good location.
    Sam recently posted..Zara Fall Footwear 2012My Profile

    • Hey Sam….YEA!!! Almost all african countries America/British/Australian/Chinese need visas!! Chinese(hong Kong) one actually require less visa but still a lot of country we need visa:) I already are multi-national but still I have been running around for the visas —-cus I want to do it myself to safe up some money:P…..And I was told I should not switch passports cus they will suspect me of my purpose to be in Africa:P… I need to stick with my US passport which the Visa are the most expensive!!@_@…and I need a new passport to do this trip cus they african visa are HUGE!! They sometime take up 2 pages(but normally just one page:)) You are south african, you probably do not need a lot of africa visa..right? Oh, the reason..ofcourse are they think foreigner are rich and they want the MONEY!! and they think American are richest so they charge them the most!! and Also, when they come to the US, we charge them, so ofcourse they charge us back!!!!
      And for the Madrid part….I am still waiting for my friend to let me know whether I can stay at her place:)..don’t worry, I will be fin:)

  19. BRRRRR first for the cold, how did you survived that?
    I adore your spirit and strength on all this planning, I already said enough to you about Nigeria, I really pray for the situation in African and Middle East to improve and not affect your trip.
    You were the first person that came to my mind when I heard what happened in Libya, praying for your safety dear and I am sure you will be good and make a success of this trip.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..OOTD: Am still a kid and its still summerMy Profile

    • Thanks so much Adeola!!! I really need the prayer:P…and yea, I know we have discussed enough of the visa issue on facebook!! ahaha….And yup, I survived the cold:P

  20. You are in my prayers and safe travels my friend!!!
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  21. Thanks for the comment & follow!!! Following you back on Bloglovin (#255) xoxo

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  23. I hope everything works out for you and you’ll be safe! You are very adventurous and brave! We are very happy to be traveling with you through your blog!
    LA By Diana Live Magazine
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  24. This is absolutely great post!

    Have a great week!


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  25. Hey Girlfriend! What a fabulous blog you have here! Very inspiring and makes me want to travel. I would love to follow one another and am now following you via bloglovin. I hope you will follow me back! Also would you like to follow each other’s Facebook pages? I’ll wait for your answer on my blog! Love Barbie xxx
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  26. Just be careful and planning is the key. Please make sure to check about the latest political situations in each country in Afria and the Middle East. But must be an exciting trip! Can’t wait for you to share it all in your blog.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Weekend in Lake ComoMy Profile

  27. i’m sooo gonna check the artic post!! and im gonna love to see greece!!! ive always wanted to go there!! Spec being a historian, you know :DD

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  28. oh amazing!
    where can i follow you ? i can’t find the followers 🙁

  29. so glad that you will come to my country,Greece!
    great post!

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  30. love your blog! we can follow each other if you want! i already follow you! i hope you follow me back 😀
    Great post!
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  31. Wow, the artic looks a bit too chilly for me! I’ve never heard of ice fog before.

    Be safe in your upcoming travels.
    Erica recently posted..DIY: Monogram Brooch PinMy Profile

  32. Wow, your travels are just so amazing. Can’t wait to see your pictures from the next part of your trip. I’m lucky if I even travel to another state, let alone another country. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  33. Thanks for the info! 🙂

    Thank you for your wishes on my earlier post:)

    Maybe you have time see my New post- Blog Anniversary + 500 followers giveaway

    Join my Blog Anniversary GIVEAWAY & WIN an Antique silver pair of owl earrings by AMOURX

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  35. Burrrrr! It looks so cold!

  36. Good luck on your Africa trip. It definitely sounds like an awesome adventure. Just remember to stay safe!
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  37. Whoa that looks COLD! Forget that hahahah I don’t think I could handle it! Definitely an experience though, WOW!
    Hope you have an amazing time in Africia, take lots of photos!!! <3

  38. Good week, dear!!

    thechilicool recently posted..Insta – life #23My Profile

  39. I prefer hot place, love the sun!!
    tatty recently posted..FIRST DAYMy Profile

  40. your vacations have always been so adventurous!
    I remember when I was planning everything for my Eurotrip (totally different from yours as I didn’t have to worry about visas/safety and all lol) but I remember how much work and research it took to get everything booked. hope your trip goes smoothly!
    Tiffany recently posted..280. London | Notting HillMy Profile

  41. OMG wow that last image of the icicles forming on you is freaky but amazing! I have no idea how you even managed to get of the springs out without literally freezing over LOL, such an incredible image. Great tips once again!


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  42. wow! a great post and an amazing place 🙂

  43. oh god this place is fantastic but it’s too cold for me!
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  44. it’s incredible and wonderful what you are doing. Good luck in your trips and I’m sure you will be safe. can’t wait to see the pictures 😀
    I’m now checking the arctic post <3
    Love, Lali
    Lali pops of colour
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  45. I love your posts Tammy! Can’t believe what you’re up to, it’s so cool! How do you get time off from work to travel so much? Hope you’re gonna have a great trip, be safe and please let us see and know what you’re up to: can’t wait to read all your posts! 😀
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  46. damn … but trip! I am heading to Athens in a few weeks and if I stumble into a must visit i’ll share is 🙂
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  47. Wow! Your blog is always so exciting! Thanks so much for the traveling tips! Awesome hot spring pictures! That must have been so cool!


  48. Wow, that’s so great! All those travel plans and bookings. Maybe I missed it: but what do you do in life (I mean work) and how is it possible that you have all those free days? I’d like to know, because I have to work there then too! 😉
    Foodloveandhappiness recently posted..Proef Eet 2012My Profile

    • I used to work for different Fashion companies in NYC:) Now, I work for myself:) I guess no boss will let their staff to be gone for 10 months right:)

  49. Tammy, dear… you are amazing! I love to read your comments <3 thank you thank you!!!! I will try to show more german fashion!!! Thanks you so much for this idea!!1

  50. Tammy, I admire you for your courage and all your travel! You are fantastic girl!
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  51. Greece is so wide, so divers, some even call it five continents in a country…to really explore it you need at least two weeks.