How to travel safely as a Solo Female Traveler?

How to travel safely as a Solo Female Traveler?

What is your travel habit? Do you normally Travel with family? With Friends? or by yourself? Isn’t it dangerous to travel by yourself? Will you get bored while traveling alone? I will answer you question ONE by One:)

Mostly I traveled by myself –and life on the road can be CRAZY. Remembered I told you all I have a really crazy stories on my Russia-Siberia post? After I left Siberia for Moscow, I boarded the Trans-Siberia Train to Moscow:) At first I was expecting a lot of Tourists on the Train..BUT that’s not true….

Trans-Siberia to Moscow

There’s tons of Mongolian Vendors and Russian Vendors sneaked into the train and tried to sell goods at each and every station during the train ride! So, when I first got on the train, there’s 3 Russians in the Same Compartment as me-One Russian man and a mother with her son. First, the Russian man tried to talk to me but I was so sleepy so I kind of ignored him and went straight to sleep. All of a sudden, I felt like someone sweeping my back.YUP, SWEEPING!. At first I though it’s a person just passby and touched me accidentally, but then I found out it was the Russian man that was touching me!! I was so scared and yelled at him and the mother also yelled at him! My first reaction was I couldn’t stay in the same compartment with him anymore! So I grapped my valuable belongings and ran out! I tried to talk to the conductor to let me stay at another compartment. But obviously Siberia is So different from Moscow or St. Petersburg….not a lot of people speak English! So, I ignored her and searched each compartment to check if there’s other travelers. Luckily, I found 2 Swedish girls who we met in Mongolia previously  and their compartment have one empty space. There’s one Russian Girl that stay there. So, I told them what happened, and one girl helped me to go back to my previous compartment to bring my luggage over!

My Advice, if you experience something bad happened—DON’T PANIC. Go outside to look for help ASAP. There’s always other travelers nearby or some good local people who are willings to help you:) If the situation is not good, stay clam and don’t show that you are scared of them! I always pretent to be clam and Buff them! 90% it worked. Luckily I have never experience any situation that involved GUN or Knife. You MUST always know where you are going!! Then you can enjoy your travel safely:)

AT Moscow red square

Always be SUSPICIOUS and METICULOUS-cus you never know what you are looking at:P

Russian Bathroom in St.Peter

Do you believe the bus above is a TOILET??!!! em yea, it’s in St. Petersburg:).. so awesome:)

Always Carry a MONEY BELT and HIDE your valuable -If you are going to EDGY places like where I will be going, a Money Belt  is a must. You can put your passport, credit cards and money inside and hide it under your shirt. It’s the most reliable thing for me so far:) Even if you are in a crowed subway, you won’t be afraid somebody can steal your stuff:) Below are the subway in Moscow and I am NOT saying it has a lot of thief there, I just want to say it’s the most amazing subway I have ever seen!!! The subway in NYC SUCKS!!!

Moscow subway

TEAM UP with other single travelers-when I said I normally traveled alone might not be correct. When I traveled, I have a lot of chances to meet friends from around the world or locally.If you are traveling alone, it’s always better to pair up with other travelers so you can help each other out and have each other as a company. To be honest, I believe there are MORE good people than BAD people in this world. But still you got to watch out and be smart:)

russia-st. peter

I think a lot of people, esp Girl- still prefer to travel with friends. But I have to tell you travelling with parent(esp my parent) can be a lot of fun too 😛  This happened in Iguazu National Park (Argentina/Brazil).

Iguazu Fall

The famous Iguazu Fall lie between Argentina and Brazil which is inside this national park. BUT except for the Fall, there’s also do birdwatching in this magnificent area! I went there with my parent in 2008 and I have a blast.

Other than I didn’t need to pay a penny for the whole trip:P..I have a Comedian(my father) by my side!. When people were saying how beautiful the birds were, he pointed to each and every single bird and told people different techniques to COOK THEM!! He pointed to a parrot and said maybe to “steam” this guy taste really good! Then pointed to a Flamingo and said they might taste good if deep frying them!!! There’s a bunch of other people heard what he said and was laughing to dead…including me!! OH BOY, My dad is the greatest person in this world!!!

Iguazu national park

So, what will be your choice? Travel with friends? alone? or with family?


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  1. dear Tammy, i admire you so much for the amazing knoledge and precious suggestions and tips, me i’m suspicious, because in every single big or little trip i’m alone, i’ve learnt a lot travelling and as you i like to know knew friends during trips 😉 it’s easier than people commonly think 😉
    Thanks so much fo rsuch kind words on my blog i’t s a pleasure reading your comments!
    hope one day to meet you during a travel 😉
    kiss, amy
    THE FASHIONAMY ★ ★ ★ ★ ♥♥♥♥♥♥ BLOG
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
    amanda marzolini recently posted..Idee accessori, Winter Femblu CollectionMy Profile

    • yup, meeting other travelers is easier than you think, also, sometimes local people might come up to me too, but I am kind of skeptical about this so I normally declined(unless they are really cute:P..j/k). just need to be cautious and if suspect any danger, stay clam and think of the best way to leave:)

  2. Oh tammy this is very well written and useful post that every single woman shold read, I have a lot of friends who travel alone!

    < Francesca Romana Capizzi recently posted..Rome VFNO 2012: PinkoMy Profile

  3. Hi Tammy, really cool post! I was scared at the beginning about this russian man, but you reacted cool! I also believe that there are more good people than bad:) I like travelling alone, just last week I met so many cool people!
    I´m excited about you trip!
    kisses chris

  4. You’re so fearless!
    I could never travel alone. I can’t even go to another city alone!
    I also believe that good people are more than the bad ones.
    Demi Mist recently posted..Free Firmo glassesMy Profile

    • yea, Demi, I am but sometimes, I do get scared! I have too many stories and too many experience :P…like one time in Malawi, I bought so many stuff….as you guys know in my Heart Heat Africa page. So, I want to mail some stuff out back to NYC because there’s no way I could carry it. So, there’s one local African guy who said he could took me to their village post office. So, I followed him alone…then I found that I was in the middle of no where in a forest with this guy….I look around I see no people, I think we walked for around 10 mins….then I asked him, how long it will take to go to that post office, he said 10 more mins! but then I think , it someone hide in the bush and mugg me that I would be a very bad situation. So, I said I need to turn around and go back to the beach front hotel I am staying! Right after I got back to the hotel, people asked me they saw me went with this black guy alone to the brush and they were kind of worried!!…and I said I want to go to the post office!!..and they suggested me never do that again:P..yup, I think a girl should never have done that even though afterward the hotel owner told me the african village is very small and everyone know each other! they won’t do anything! BUt still, it’s not very smart to do that!! …I mailed all my stuff out after I went to the city in Malawai:P

  5. Oh, I think you’re very brave! I would never have dared to travel alone! I love the solitude sometimes, but only when I’m at home))) I was very interested to know how you traveled to Russia. I’ve never been to Siberia. and your adventure be dangerous! but well, that all ends well. I think the metro in Moscow is the most beautiful in the world))) like + 1! all the best!
    DianaDaron recently posted..Charming animal motifs on a sweaterMy Profile

  6. Oh well, creepy guys are everywhere, no escaping from them -_- You handled that like a bad ass, good one! I love to travel both alone and with a company, depends on the company though 😀

  7. All of the above. I have travelled with my friends, love travelling with my family and also alone. Although I travelled to London by myself. Does that count? Maybe I have to get used traveling by myself just like you. When I travelled alone to London, I had so much fun, visited all the places I wanted and did a lot of things. The only hard part is eating alone in a restaurant. But that one I overcame too. Honestly, I had no time to be lonely. I would like to try it again…. I agree with all of your tips on this post. So true from an expert traveler like you. By the way, your dad is so funny! TGIF! Have a great day!
    Pamela RG recently posted..MFW: Prada Fall 2012My Profile

    • U know when I traveled, I seldom have time being alone:P….really, I think I am too talkative and crazy:P…BUT, I like to eat by myself sometimes, cus my friend always said I eat too fast and eat like a dog:p..ahahahah I am always in a hurry!!!!this trip I prefer to have “my” time so I can update this blog:P

  8. You had susch an interesting travel.
    Usually i travel with friends, few times alone.
    Beauty Follower recently posted..Coat StandMy Profile

  9. Hi Tammy! Oh that man sicks!!:S You do right and have all my admiration for how you handle the situation! Very well written, thanks for your tips, I will keep them in my mind for sure! +1 for u dear! Have a great friday!! Big hug!:*

  10. very cool tips and pics. OMG! the toilet bus. ST. Pete’s was always a quirky place in my opinion. btw, you have no idea how proud I am you liked Moscow subway.
    and I pity I didn’t know you back than 🙂
    as for traveling: I love it with family (my family is a lot of fun), my hubby or alone. In fact I dislike travelling with friends for a long time/distance, there are too many issue we have to handle that way (being late, spcial food etc.)
    Lyosha recently posted..Soft KittyMy Profile

    • wow…Moscow is too grand!! and st. Petersburg too!! How can I NOT like them! And sorry, I didn’t really posted those beautiful photos of Moscow because I am sure you guys can find beautiful photos somewhere else, so I focus on EDGY stuff…as always:P..but I will show you guys the beauty of Africa …for sure:P

  11. Good tips! Pretty scary what happened in that train :O But luckily you are smart and knew how to handle that 😉
    One thing I have been wondering for a while, where do your cats go if you’re traveling the globe? 😮
    Liliane recently posted..Winactie reminderMy Profile

    • Good questions, my close friends already asked me this!! ahahaha. One of my friend will take care of this:P

  12. I traveled a lot, but everytime i was with my family or friends, i’m abit scared on travelling alone…
    But if it could happen sure i’ll remember all your great tips, you are really smart and brave!


    S recently posted..Surfer style: beyond floral printsMy Profile

  13. Great tips! I think I might be too scared to travel to a new country by myself, haha. 🙂

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. You are amazing! These are great travel tips you gave, but very scary!! Stay safe! Love hearing about your travel adventure.


    Josephina recently posted..Material Wrld – "NYC Bloggers We Love" Feature!My Profile

  15. I, like you, believe there are more good people than bad people, but as you said, it’s better to play safe in this situation, especially when you travel alone.
    lalipops recently posted..Hello Kitty loveMy Profile

  16. A lot of great advice here about traveling alone, especially as a woman. Kudos to you for doing it.
    Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..On My Mind: September 2012My Profile

  17. I totally love this post, such a smart and helpful post for all women who want to go travelling!
    Bree recently posted..The SeasideMy Profile

  18. Tammy this is so interesting. There are peoplewho are always traveling–I think it is in their DNA somehow. I had a friend so, so many years back who was always somewhere else exotic. She used to rent a room in our house between trips (and there was always another trip somewhere). Whatever money she made went to travel. Like yourself she came back with so many colorful and entertaining stories. This was before the Internet. You keep us all posted as you go along. Great post…
    bridechic recently posted..TODAY YOU’LL FIND ME. . . .My Profile

  19. Tammy this is so interesting. There are people who are always traveling–I think it is in their DNA somehow. I had a friend so, so many years back who was always somewhere else exotic. She used to rent a room in our house between trips (and there was always another trip somewhere). Whatever money she made went to travel. Like yourself she came back with so many colorful and entertaining stories. This was before the Internet. You keep us all posted as you go along. Great post…

  20. Very useful post for every woman who wants to travel alone !!!


    thechilicool recently posted..Jennyfer Shopping Experience – my outfitMy Profile

  21. This is a great post. I generally travel alone quite a lot for work sometimes with one other, but on holiday I usually travel with friends of my bf. There’s so much to be cautious about during travelling, especially for a woman. xo
    FASHION TALES recently posted..Rebecca Minkoff: Inspiration From The RunwayMy Profile

  22. This is really useful post but I would never travel alone. I think everything is more fun when you have at least one person to share experience with 🙂
    Stefani recently posted..DIY shirtMy Profile

  23. These are great tips. I’ve never actually been brave enough to travel alone.

    I have used a money belt before… not the biggest fashion statement (I mean a fanny pack under your clothes… lol!), but it definitely gives you a sense of security.

    P.S. Ick! That guy on the train gives me the creeps. Glad you were able to get out of that situation.
    Erica recently posted..Treaty times!My Profile

  24. Those are some great tips!!! Stay safe my friend as you prepare to leave soon. LOve the pictures and how funny is your dad???
    Jennifer Peterson recently posted..SpeechlessMy Profile

  25. Thank you for sharing all your advices!! I really look up to you!!
    CRAVING FOR BARNEYS recently posted..Craving for ElenaMy Profile

  26. You are so brave to travel alone, don’t think I could do that, especially after hearing your train tale, thats pretty scary! I love traveling with family and friends usually. Please also take extra care on your African tour, it really is a dangerous place.
    Sam recently posted..Looks of the Week – 22/09/12My Profile

    • Thanks Sam!!…BUT, isn’t South Africa is very dangerous too?!?!..I mean jo’burg have many muggers!!! isn’t it?? Which city you live in? You always go outside with friends or what?

  27. Post interesting and inspiring!

    A big kiss to you! 🙂
    Andréia Salim recently posted..Mais brilho: agora nos olhos!My Profile

  28. haha~…my dad does the same thing too. I think when i traveled alone, i most worried being spot and follow to my hotel room…Any advice on how to avoid that? And how to find other single travelers? Thanks Tammy for sharing your great story 🙂

    • hah, I never worry being spot and follow to hotel room:P..I only worry someone will steal my belonging on a train or bus:P…and you know what, I used to stay in Hotel room..but being told by a friend staying in hostel is more fun , I stop doing that( EXCEPT THIS TRIP!! I booked mostly hotel for this trip because I am bring expensive gears with me this time). Previously I normally stay in Hostel and it’s SO easy to meet other single traveler in a hostel. People will come up to you and say hi or you can go to them and say hi. Last time, I travel to istanbul, I have NOT done any research at all, just went there and followed other travelers! iT’s a funny story cus we met others and went partying all night! Then at around 4am at night, people asked me where I stayed, and I looked around for other people who stayed at my hostel, they were all gone, and I forgot where I stay and have no information at all on hand!!! hah, but I was with a bunch of people so one guy was kind enough to take a taxi with me to a random hostel, use their computer to log onto my email account and find out where I stayed!! I am crazy, do no follow what I did!! sometime, I just wander around a city without knowing where I am cus I am kind of fearless:P….but after I start this blog, I think I have the responsibility to tell people how to be safe instead of risk their life! this time, I research a lot, so I can explain to you guy, esp I am going to relatively dangerous places! Also, even i stayed in hotel this time, I won’t be bored if I do not meet other travelers, cus I have tons of stuff to do with my photos and this website….and communicate with you guys:))..ahahah:)..xoxo

  29. You always have such a intresting articles!!! Well done, my girl!

    Have a Great Weekend!


    Nicoleta recently posted..Statement NecklaceMy Profile

  30. Nice advices dear.It’s fun to see my native city (St.Petersburg) through your eyes;) Thank you for your comment lovely and the idea to ‘like’and follow each other on facebook. I’ve just liked your beautiful page;)



    Alexandra recently posted..My looks: for the FallMy Profile

  31. Beautiful photos and post!!! I love Iguazu!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend! and G+…

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥
    Marcela recently posted..Welcome Autumn!!! and the II part of Londres Fashion Week!!!My Profile

  32. These are great tips. As a person who has travelled all around the world, i trust u completely!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    miss Margaret Cruzemark recently posted..Au jour le jourMy Profile

  33. Great tips.=)
    Kashaya recently posted..Läppstift från KA’OIRMy Profile

  34. Dear Tammy, are you absolutely positively crazy person! I love your blog and you. Thank you so much to schow me virtually a lot of interesting places in the world.
    I mentioned your blog out as a very interesting. Good night!
    Ako recently posted..Podwójne wyroznienie.My Profile

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    I love your blog, I always visit now.
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  36. haha funny stories! I travel a lot professionally and often only by myself. but I’ve many friends and acquaintances everywhere so I’m not totally alone there. but I’d never choose to be alone on holiday or so. because I need to spend some time with my family I love and it’s not always possible because of my job.
    we’ve something in common Tammy – my dad is also a great travel companion! lol

    Greetings from Berlin

    Clothierin recently posted..Alto Adige – the Other Side of ItalyMy Profile

  37. These are very, very helpful tips! I don’t know if I’d have the courage to travel completely alone (I’d consider going on a tour without anyone else that I know, though). Most people I know never leave their hometown and I definitely don’t want to be like that. I admire you for having courage and being adventurous. Your dad also sounds like a really cool guy! 🙂
    Victoria recently posted..A Band-Aid Fixes EverythingMy Profile

  38. OMG!!! You was in Russia???? Great…
    I was never in Russia even I was born in Kirgistan 😉
    I think one day I will go for a trip to this counry…
    xoxo Lola <3

  39. I’ve never really thought about this, I’ve traveled on my own before but I’ve always had family or friends I was meeting up there. I don’t know if I would consider going somewhere alone, alone in a country with ‘known dangers’ etc so this has been really helpful in opening my eyes a little! :o)

    Have a great weekend Tammy,

    Sonia recently posted..versace: on the runwayMy Profile

  40. Hello dear, sorry for what happened on the train: you were very brave! I couldn’t travel alone, I am too easy to scare and naive verging on gullible!
    That picture of the fall is breathtaking, the power of nature overwhelmes me. I’m madly in love with my father too, and yours sounds so cool!! xoxoxo
    Coco recently posted..Create the look – Purple touchMy Profile

  41. Brrr, the man in the train. That’s not a nice experience :-(.
    Great post, and it is so great of you that tell your experience. People (i 😉 ) learn a lot from it.

    I’ve never travelled alone. I’m so scary some times, especially when there are some type of animals (snakes) at the place i’m staying. A jungle trip wouldn’t be my kind of holiday.
    I always travel with my boyfriend, or sometimes with friends/family for short citytrips.

    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Oh…. BOYMy Profile

  42. Good weekend, dear!


    thechilicool recently posted..Jennyfer shopping experience : my purchases!My Profile

  43. Wow… Such an amazing place
    I envy ur trips 😉
    Vidhi Gandhi recently posted..Geek ChicMy Profile

  44. Very cool post! I am still scared to travel alone, so I would travel with somebody… You are so amazing not being afraid of traveling alone!

    P.S. Your dad is very cool 😉

    Diana Marks recently posted..Interior Decorating InspirationMy Profile

  45. wow! wow! wow!!! amazing post tammy i really enjoyed this one, omg goodness am so scared now, when u said someone was sweeping at ur back omg!!! that guys needs a dirty slap lol. that fall is awesome and the toilet bus. look at that subway too Whao!!1 i have never seen any fab one like that goodness!!! that’s so hot 🙂
    your dad is such a funny man and am sure his gonna be a good cook aswell.
    am addicted here 🙂

  46. I mostly travel alone , I love getting to meet new people.
    But I have travelled with my parent so much and it is super amazing, free trips and great shopping you don’t pay a penny for lol.
    I also travel with my sisters, we all hilarious and always have fun travelling together!!!
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Rats and Fish bowl Birthday PartyMy Profile

  47. Great tips! I love traveling alone. Errr… well I love traveling enough that I’m willing to travel alone if I can’t find a travel partner. But, it is nice because you can do whatever you want, whenever you want — plus, you can meet lots of interesting people… which usually leads to lots of interesting stories to share! That said, as a fellow female traveler, we gotta be careful and stay safe! Wishing you all the best in Africa!
    JustWanderlustBlog recently posted..Kicking Off Our Maui FakecationMy Profile

  48. For me so far: always with friends or family. I’ve never travelled alone, don’t know if I would really like it. But I have thought about it!
    Foodloveandhappiness recently posted..Mais oui, fromage!My Profile