I have seen so many photos about Beijing and Russia lately which make me wanted to Post about my Trans-Siberian Journey back in 2009 NOW:) This post is about my leg from Mongolia through Siberia all the way to St-Petersburg, with several stops in between. I have so many unforgettable memories and so many crazy stories during this trip. When I first boarded the train from Mongolia, one American and One Russian were already there in the same cart with me. The American used to work for United Nation and he even showed me his UN passport which were NOT supposed to be seen by others:P They were really great companions of my joruney. We talked about our travels and we ate and drink:) Below are one of the stop where local people tried to sell us smoked fishes:)

Tran-siberian train
smoked fish in Siberia

It tasted so good:)…esp with Russian Beer:)

eating fish on tran-siberia train

We even tried something Raw…… delicious:)

Raw smoked fish in siberia

After I arrived the first siberian town-Irkutsk, I met up with 2 local friends:)

Edgymix in Siberia

One of them work in a local school and teach English there:) He knew I’m from New York so he FORCED me to help him with the English exam there:P

Teaching english at siberia

OMG, I have never been a teacher, and now to be an english teacher??!!!..MY ENGLISH IS NOT THAT GOOD:)) and it’s Freezing at YOUR SCHOOL:)

Teaching english in a russian school at Siberia

But it’s a really great memories because the student kept asking me question and were so grateful for my help:) I LOVE THEM, RUSSIAN are the most friendly and crazy people I have ever known:P After that, I was wondering around town:) Great find:P

irkutsk russia

Then, I was invited for dinner and tried the JAM WITH TEA:). YUP, I was told that Siberian people love to make Jam and put them in their tea..correct me if I am wrong:) It tasted SO GOOD:)

Jam And Tea from Siberia
home Make dinner at Irkutsk

And check out the pet they have-..umm..cockroaches???!!!!!@_@. Yup, they keep them in a fish tank!!!

Pets for Siberian People

This “couple” is JUST SO CUTE!!! Don’t ask me what a “couple” is!!:P

Friends from Siberia

Check out the other PETs they have in their house in Irkutsk! @ hairless cats…LOVE IT:)

hairless cat at siberia
Eddymix at Irkutsk

Then I headed to Lake Baikal-the deepest lake in this world…..with my Flip flop!!! It’s aound mid-APRIL and it’s freezing over there. When I got to lake Baikal, everyone was asking me how can I travel to SIBERIA with FLIP FLOP!!…ahhhh!!!

fish market at Lake Baikal

And I encountered Gloomy weather…again!!!

Lake Baikal

After that, I continued my journey to Tomsk, which there is NTH special about this small town:)

Siberian town

And continue my journey to Moscow and St.Peter.


My crazy stories regarding Moscow and St-Petersburg will continue in my next post:)..stay tune. Here is a photo of my room on the Trans-siberian train. DO you think you can survive there continuously for 3 days??
Trans-siberian Train

Cheers everyone:)

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  1. Great post, would loooooove to do that!! Love the pictures and you’re hilarious: traveling through Siberia with your flip flops on haha! Have a great day!
    Michelle @ The World is a Book recently posted..Sins of BackpackingMy Profile

  2. This is the only time I will opt for UGGs, you are so brave for wearing flip flops in Siberia.
    Great pictures and I will pray I can live and survive in that cabinet for 3 days woow!
    You have two awards over at my blog dear
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Sunshine and AwardsMy Profile

    • hah! It’s tough to survive in that tiny compartment!!! There was NO SHOWER FOR 3 WHOLE DAYS ALSO!!!..AND NO MEAL CART!!!! I really do not understand why there will be no meal cart!!! We always have to wait for a stop and stock up food and we are always OUT OF FOOD!!! and BEER!!!ahahah, PLEASE, CAN THE TRAIN HAVE A MEAL CART from now on???

  3. Ahahah I love this post but I don’t love russian pets XD!!!
    Shopping Lady recently posted..Hello Kitty Deluxe Collection 20° uscita: InfraditoMy Profile

    • I love hairless cat, i want to have one in the future:)..but the cockroach,,,,,ahaha, I think I will pass also:)

  4. you are funny!!! love your photos of your travel ! cat russian is very strange!
    kiss !

    • I LOVE RUSSIAN PEOPLE, they are truly very friendly!! It’s just my friend are really crazy ….like me:P Great experience I have over there:)

  5. Oh the flip flops thing made me burst into tears!
    It must have been an incredible experience!!!

    Francesca R recently posted..So hippy!My Profile

    • OMG, you have no idea….I can’t even felt my toe after the trip to Lake Baikal!! thanks I have the SMOKED FISH!! Yummy:)

  6. Pet cockroaches? I would die of fear if I was there.
    And the cats are scary too!
    I hope you enjoyed being a teacher.
    Demi Mist recently posted..Beauty tip 4 – LipsMy Profile

    • ah…..It’s mad fun, I had to ask them lots of questions because it’s an exam!!! Unforgettable:)

  7. Love the pictures and the hairless cat is amazing! =D
    Amina recently posted..Pata PataMy Profile

  8. Another great post! I am a follower!
    Helena Resende recently posted..Porto MonizMy Profile

  9. it seems like an amazing journey! You changed my impression about Russians in a good way. Even tho I am an animal lover, cockroaches? that is so creepy lol. and the cat scaries me a little .
    But still, this was an incredible post! I loved it.
    lalipops recently posted..Lali’s ShakeMy Profile

  10. Very interesting photos! Some a little scary lol

    • Opps..sorry, I will try not to post so much scary photo:P…cus afterall my blog is EDGY-MIX:P….I though everyone can find beautiful photo of Russia elsewhere…so…ahahahahah, I want to post sth difference:)

  11. What an incredible journey! Your photos are so stunning – except for the cockroach one – that was gross LOL!

    Have a lovely day!

    Sonia recently posted..blueberry truffle tartletsMy Profile

  12. antonella c'est moi says:

    You’re funny…beautiful photos…kisses

  13. Wow, what an adventure! Have you read the book by Paolo Coelho titled “Aleph?” It was about his Trans Siberian train trip. Those cats are quite scary. Good thing you love cats! But this travel adventure must be memorable for you.
    Pamela RG recently posted..Bespoke Shoes by Caroline GrovesMy Profile

  14. I love this post!! can’t wait for more! I LOVE Russia & have always wanted to go on the Trans-Siberian railway! seems like you had an incredible experience..
    ahhh cockroaches! & jam with tea..sounds interesting lol
    Tiffany recently posted..275. The GabardineMy Profile

  15. Cool images and lovely story! These cats are funny:) 3 days in this train…wow
    kisses chris

  16. another cool post of you 🙂 the cats reminds me one of the Friends episode when Rachel brings the same cat home and Ross asked her “why is it inside out?!”” :))))

    just me recently posted..Flower thong sandalsMy Profile

  17. Ohhh my,always having amazing pictures!Love,looove!;)

    Borjana recently posted..MysticMy Profile

  18. Great post. I think the cats are a bit scary :-S.
    You were travelling on flip flops?? Hahahaha, to Russia on flip flops is a nice combo ;-).


    My Scrambled Style recently posted..Outfit | Leopard loveMy Profile

    • @-@..Everyone asked me don’t have sneaker with me….um..the answer is NOPE!!! I have high heels but no sneaker….ahahaha:P

  19. Cockroaches as pet?!!! oh my god!!^^ Im terrified lol! they are my huge fear!!:P Tammy love your blog, is one of my fav to visit, you made me want to travel!! Kisses dear!!:*

    • ahaha..I am so glad , I think people should travel’s a great learning experience:)

  20. omg! Cockroaches as pets? [sic] you kidding me yukk! jam with tea oh No! i mean hell NO! lmfao, amazing!!! never ask if am gonna try it 🙂 that room is so tinny how did you manage for 3days? never seen a hairless cat in my life lol this is so strange ”eyes popping”
    oh, look at that multicolored building at moscow so cute, never seen anything like that before. very strange post but i really enjoyed it.
    addicted to your post tammy

    • I don’t know, I was bored to dead that 3 days. I finished reading 3 books and kept talking to other traveler and kept taking pictures….and KEPT EATING!!! But still, we are so bored cus there’s just too much time to KILL!!!!..but I survived and it’s a great experience:)..some incidence happened also, will be in next next next post:P

  21. Wow! The cat is so funny 🙂

  22. What an awesome trip! I just couldn’t eat that raw fish, how was it?
    St. Peter is breathtaking, hopefully I can visit one day!

    Paola recently posted..White FlowersMy Profile

    • I actually love eating the smoked fishes!! it’s so good trust me, esp with beer:) I was eating those smoked fishes all the way till st. peter:))

  23. I envy you, you saw so many beautiful places
    malenka recently posted..Wypoczęta, ale zabiegana..My Profile

  24. I read your post with big attention and interest. Russia is a beautiful country, full of contrasts;
    It is our powerful neighbor. In Poland, I live very close to Belarus (former Soviet republics). The people are very friendly, but the the regime system was awful!
    Many people suffered of it in Russia and Poland. Lot of people from my area were deported to Siberia for political reasons. I do not like the regime system in Russia but I like people.
    I admire a great country and its diverse nature! regards 🙂 P.S. great pictures!

    • ah..thanks for giving me all information…always:)..I heard about that too….and not sure whether this got improved!!! I really want to find out:)..I love RUSSIAN PEOPLE TOO:)

  25. I’ve never eaten a fish like that. Scales and everything still on it…. interesting.

    And you’re an English teacher!!! 😉

    I’ve always wondered what it was like to pet a hairless cat. So strange…
    Erica recently posted..DIY: Wedding ‘Shower’ Photo BoothMy Profile

  26. Hi Tammy!
    amaxing and orignal trip!!! i dream about a trip in russia!
    so curious!!! i ‘ve knew mny russians in egypt;) and i can speak russian a little;)
    i’ve never seen an hairless cat!!!
    funny!!! how is is skin?
    kisses, amy

    amanda marzolini recently posted..Market in august, chapter 2, i did it again!!!My Profile

    • Their skin are SO SOFT!!! and so warm when you hug them cus it’s direct contact!!! I want one….esp need one in winter time!!!! They make great choice:)..and you know those cats are VERY EXPENSIVE TOO!!!

  27. Oh wow this looks like a lot of fun! I’ve been to Beijing but never Russia!!

  28. what an experience dear! The train and meeting new people is exciting, and to have to teach suddenly? And that roach pets, OMG! LOL Great post dear, I enjoy reading every single one of them

    Following u on fb too, lets keep in touch and have a wonderful week dear

  29. Hi dear, what I enjoy most about your travels is how you always get involved with local culture and people, I am sure they are just as happy to befriend you. You must have met the most interesting people along your journeys.
    Sam recently posted..Friday FrillsMy Profile

  30. wow! I would never survive on that train!!! =) Great story! You are just super cool!!! Can’t wait for your next post about Moscow and St Petersburg 😉

    LA By Diana Live Magazine
    Diana Marks recently posted..Fearless FashionMy Profile

  31. Okay those cats are so ugly they are cute!! Great job teaching too!!! Looks like a great trip

  32. such a beautiful place! great photos!! and the cockroaches??? oh my.. never thought it could be a pet 😀 hehe!and the hairless cat! so awesome!!
    Have a sweet and brilliant day!!
    Greeting from ヽ(^。^)ノ

    (●^o^●) Visit my blog?
    and let me know if you like to follow each other (just making friends) But if you don’t like, it’s still ok 😀 no problems at all (*^。^*)

    Pinky recently posted..Cute stuffs, Kadayawan Festival, Japanese Tunnel History and Pizza Bread RecipeMy Profile

  33. What a beautiful journey!!! I love Russian classic literatures!!!
    Street Fashion Paris recently posted..The oriental street styleMy Profile

  34. im following you on bloglovin kisses
    ligia recently posted..TRIBAL TREND / TENDENCIA TRIBALMy Profile

  35. wow! What a great assortment of photos – I know it’s not the cat’s fault for being hairless but that was so strange seeing a hairless cat! I really want to visit St Petersburg it looks so amazing and I can’t believe people keep live coachroaches … eww!

    Tien xo

  36. Hmmm….Siberia is not one of my favorite places…I mean look at the cat and all this stuff they are eating…….
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

    miss Margaret Cruzemark recently posted..Youth in revolt: Bregje Heinen by Serge Leblon for ELLE USA, September 2012My Profile

  37. oh I really love your blog!So amazing post!love the pics from other countries:)
    check if you want my super new fashion blog!

    vicky recently posted..What is hidden in this box?My Profile

  38. omg, Tammy! I think you just freaked me out with the pic of the hairless cat!
    JustWanderlustBlog recently posted..Random Vacation Photos From The BalticMy Profile

  39. Haha! such photos! no wonder that people get freaked out;) I’m from russian but I got scared as well, especially that cat…brrr! haha! well you definitely made quite an impression about Russia…I hope not everybody sees only that side of the country…



    Alexandra recently posted..Travelling: Thailand – Chiang MaiMy Profile

  40. What an amazing adventure!! And omg, the cat…I had never seen one like that first I thought he was hurt or something. That’s kind of weird that he doesn’t have fur…I still can’t get over it.
    Victoria recently posted..Fabulous FindsMy Profile

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