Obsession- Car Racing

Obsession- Car Racing

I love Cars, especially super car:P..But who don’t?! I also love car racing event and like being in fast and furious movie. Luckily I have been to some street racing events. Also, went to see some shows like Initial Drift, Demolition Derby and Tractor Race. The feeling was super exciting. Join me by checking out below’s photos:)

NJ drifting race

Can you believe I met a Drifter from HONG KONG!!!!

Dirfting car from Hong Kong
Hong Kong drifter with Edgymix
Hello Drifter

Awesome drifting Skills!!

Intial drift

Demolition Derby is all about smashing other people’ cars until they won’t move!!

Demolitian Derby at Warren County

I heard from people that people can get their hand and fiber chopped off if they are not careful!!.Scary:P

Demolitian derby race at New Jersey

The event ended at night!!!

Dermolitian Derby final at NJ

Street Racing!!! I wish I can have one of those cars!!

street racing

This is my DREAM!!!:P

pangani zonda
pagani zonda chrome link

Went to a Tractor Race:P

Edgymix in Tractor race
Mud bog race
farmer tractor race

And lastly check out the amazing Balloon Glow event. The Balloons will glow according to the music.Awesome:)

Balloon glow
Balloon glow

Cheers Everyone:)

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  1. Peggy Shu says:

    I want to see the drifting show too!!! Look amazing.But I will be scare of the street racing, seems like a lot of gangster there!!!

  2. Woww beutiful pic. , you look so good on that tractor =D haha =D
    Amina recently posted..Pokusaj 1My Profile

  3. thank you for stopping by The Fashion Hive!
    Love this post I hope to go some day. Im always open to trying new things!

  4. Beautiful pics…great post..kisses
    antonella c’est moi recently posted..falabella stella mccartneyMy Profile

  5. wow, awesome pictures!

  6. hi dear Tammy;))
    you seem always around for interesting events;))
    i’ve never been at an event like that;))
    what will be your next event;)??
    have a nice day, amy

    amanda marzolini recently posted..Con Ringo al fiume Ceno / With Ringo on the river CenoMy Profile

  7. Wow, I love these images. The balloon event is amazing:D The tractor race pic is really cool:D
    xx chris

  8. Super! Thank you very much, beautiful!

  9. Very cool post! Your life is so interesting 😉 Great photos!

    Diana Marks recently posted..Tea at Ted BakerMy Profile

  10. WOW!This is amazing!;)

    Borjana recently posted..The look of loveMy Profile

  11. i love car racings too!
    amazinh photos!

  12. Wow, great pictures! Looks like a fun time!

  13. Fabulous post !! 🙂

  14. You are so adventurous!
    I am on holiday now that’s why you don’t hear from me a lot.
    I can’t see that button on your site. Let me know if I can follow you.

  15. Looks like fun, great pictures! Especially love the hot air balloon ones!
    vintagelillies recently posted..Anchors AwayMy Profile

  16. I am so glad we have something else in common, I love fast cars too and I am a huge Nascar fan. Me and the honey go twice a year to the races and you have no idea how all of that is so fascinating to me. Great post and thanks for sharing…xoxoxoxox
    Berty Morales recently posted..Ring LeadersMy Profile

  17. It sould be so fun and interesting!!!
    So lucky!
    I went to a F1 Race at Monza, but at the end it was pretty boring… guess adrifting show is way more fun!

    S recently posted..Surfer style: beyond floral printsMy Profile

    • wow..I would love to go to a F1 race someday!!! Yea drifting show is pretty cool. Try to search for an event like that, I am pretty sure you will find one:)

  18. Pretty cool pictures Tammy! Love it 😀

  19. This looks so awesome! Love the noise as well haha 😉

  20. I admire your sense of adventure. I am following your blog on bloglovin. Have an adventuresome weekend!

  21. Oh my god, soooo much fun! Love this. Wish I were there!
    Jen recently posted..SpottyMy Profile

  22. Oh, gosh, my husband is OBSESSED with cars. He’s an engineer and even designed race cars in school. He loves this stuff!!!
    Erica recently posted..DIY: Updated Topsy Turvy PonytailMy Profile

  23. Great pics, amazing the Zonda and sure you had a great time.
    Keep it up the good work!!!

  24. OMG!!!
    I want your life (lol).
    The cars are a great work of art, I love cars and will love to drive as many fast cars, if Ithe chance is given to me sometimes.
    Adeola Naomi recently posted..Summer in Greece Part 1 (Photos)My Profile